Bailey and ylona dating advice

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bailey and ylona dating advice

Juan Karlos Labajo is a Filipino singer-songwriter, guitarist, television personality and . And so his co-teammates Kyle Echarri and Bailey May were the only ones left Labajo later on went to the confession room to have some advice from Kuya. Kuya asked how his relationship with his brother was, and he told him that it. See more ideas about Ylona garcia, Philippines and Cool hairstyles for girls. See more. Ylona Garcia and Bailey May Star Magic Ball, Ylona Garcia Outfit, Prom Dresses, .. Enhance your beauty with practical advice from Ylona's go-to make up artist, Eman de Leon. .. GoalsGood RelationshipsCute Relationship Goals. Bailey May, Ylona Garcia admit 'dating' each other. READ HERE: 4n1Hh9.

And so his co-teammates Kyle Echarri and Bailey May were the only ones left in the group. Labajo shared some of his expectations and said that he is excited to be part of the reality show. They were flown from Manila to Vietnam becoming the show's first time out of the country experience.

Although, Jinri, JK, and Hideo were the only ones left due to their visa and immigration conflict. In that morning, they were chained and blindfolded inside the living room in the Big Brother Vietnam House, making the housemates to unchain them within 30 minutes. Luckily, they were successful with their task.

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Labajo later on went to the confession room to have some advice from Kuya. He cried for a little inside the confession room because he felt like he didn't have any worth since he was the youngest among the celebrity housemates. Kuya told him to be more open to his housemates since they were his second family.

bailey and ylona dating advice

Labajo didn't say anything about it and both Nonong and Chacha gave him the offer to control the puppets, but he refused and stuck with playing the guitar for the music of their water puppet show.

After their successful task, the three of them talked again until Labajo admitted that he was feeling ignored with his suggestions by them. Also, he followed Kuya's advice to be open to them. On July 15's episode of the show, Kuya asked Labajo in the confession room about his personal life. He then shared about his past in Cebu, how hard it was for him and how he felt about it.

After Kuya asking him about his mother, he teared up and told Kuya how regretful he was because he wasn't able to spend much time with his mother like how others kids do with theirs.

He also shared that he was present during his mother's death.

bailey and ylona dating advice

Kuya told him that his mother is very proud of him, regardless of wherever she is. Kuya also told him that he has come far from where he was, and that he will experience more as he grows older so that he should live his life as a child since he still is. After the Big Jump Challenge, Labajo was in the confession room.

bailey and ylona dating advice

Kuya asked how his relationship with his brother was, and he told him that it was a neighborly type. He admitted that he was jealous of his mother's second family since his mother spent more of her time with her family rather than with him. He also mentioned that he and his two younger half-brothers weren't close, making him say that he always wanted a sibling. Although mentioned earlier, he wasn't close with them. He cried but Kuya told him that he's still young and he has the ability to spend his time with his brothers because dreams can be reached.

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Lucky 7 Teen Edition, he guested during the SwerTeen Ball, surprising Vivoree Esclito, one of the housemates who didn't have a partner that time. AlDub, undoubtedly, is the biggest celebrity couple of Having a loveteam inside the house increases your chances to survive until late in the game, just like Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger Games or Shuya and Noriko in Battle Royale.

bailey and ylona dating advice

Bailey-Ylona for the teens and Tommy-Miho for the regulars. It surprised me a lot that Tommy and Miho were able to thrash Roger, my prediction to be Big Winner, in the votes.

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I thought Roger had it on lock but I guess love trumps all. You agree that he or she is blessed. You know this person deserves to be blessed. A boy who had nothing and busted his ass to achieve success is a solid backstory. Do you get me? By this time, every new housemate has some sense of how to win the game. Viewers generally felt that she was authentic.

bailey and ylona dating advice

In watching Miho, viewers had a sense that there is no reel or real personality. What you literally see in Miho, is what you get.

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I guess it helped that Miho had a tough time communicating with her fellow housemates. It helped viewers ignore her words or the fluff and just focus on her body language and facial reactions.