Big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

'Big Brother' USA Danielle Murphree talks Shane romance, Dan, more. The third placed Big Brother contestant on her fatal flaw. By Jennifer. Expect the unexpected as I rank every Big Brother contestant through Season: 14Placed: 14th (Expelled)Did it surprise anyone when Willie. Shane Meaney was a HouseGuest on Big Brother On Day 69, Shane became the replacement nominee when Head of Household Danielle decided to .

Not the brightest bulbs in the pack, the pair would definitely be entertaining to watch.

My Four Biggest Mistakes of Big Brother 14

A three-time veteran of the show, Pierzina 6,7, and 14 was a powerhouse and dominated competitions. This pair would definitely fight for their chance to win and would show the audience, once again, girl power. Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur Although not on the same seasons together, both these men would make for the ultimate duo. Levasseur 16although busy filming a tv series, would be able to take the skills he learned as a cop and apply that to the race.

Gheesling 10 and 14 may be able to take his wit and determination around the world. Labeled as two of the most iconic players in history for their genius and manipulative nature, the men would sure secure themselves another win and prove why they earned those labels. Kirby 2, and 7 was known to woo women and watch it work in his favor.

The former winners would dominate the race and charm their way to the end. She dominated competitions and the pair made it to final two together. Although they would probably argue, the pair would be determined to make it to the end. Nakomis Dedmon and Diane Henry Dedmon 5 and 7 came up with the backdoor strategy and changed the game completely. Henryalthough not a competition beast, would work well with Dedmon and they would be another girl power team.

Maslow and McGrath were allies in the house. Anyways, I think your biggest mistake was the Kara thing because she could have easily been your Memphis if she were to not showmance with Shane. Overall, your game was great. Too bad no jury member watched Season 2.

If they all had watched it, they probably would have respected you a whole lot better.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

Garrett I know Britney was a big threat in this game, but I wish you would have convinced Frank to put someone else up. I would have loved to see you two work together until the end. Lloyd Unfortunately, it had to Britney for it to work. It sucked to see Brit go, but strategically, I appreciated the move.

Nance I bought the kindle addition of your book and loved it.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

You are the best player ever and you were a genius In the art of manipulation. Does Danielle forgive you? Dan Gheesling Thanks so much Nance, I appreciate that. Christian Dan, Me and my cousins have a few funny sayings that we always repeat randomly for laughs…. Shane would have voted out Ian and I believe Ian would have voted for you in the jury.

Thanks in advance Dan. Lazzi Thanks to you BB was the best season ever. Did you ever consider it? It was never an option. So freaking hilarious that I had to watch it over a few times live and then again while reading this blog. Thanks for being you!

‘Big Brother’ Pairs that Should Appear on ‘The Amazing Race’

Thanks for all the support Jenn! You made it exciting and fun for the live feeders!

Thank you Dan and great job! You are awesome Dan! Thanks for making BB 14 an amazing season! Your whole demeanor during that conversation was so funny. This was a really great analysis, Dan. Katrina That Joe moment was so funny!! I laughed so hard. I still laugh when I think about it! Jake Im 14 years old Dan. Im a pretty big fan of yours. But I think I can play the game, just a bit better.

Dan Gheesling Thanks for the compliment Jake! Welcome to the Renegades buddy! Katie ObsessedwithBB Ahh, so good.

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

I remember watching that Joe incident on the feeds and I just knew it would make the show. So it would have been funny even if he did find out. This must be a mistake.

Good luck with everything. Dan Gheesling Thanks so much Kiersten! Kate Good calls Dan. I agree with underestimating the jury. Either way, so proud that you got runner up! I was even at Ford Field for my high school team the night your team went to state finals as well, I wish I could have met you had I known you guys were playing that night as well! You made BB14 awesome for us, thanks.

My Four Biggest Mistakes of Big Brother 14

Dan Gheesling Awesome Jo! Thanks so much for the support. What has been your favorite part of Punch It In so far? Lori may I offer another possible mistake? You can rank this as high or low as you want. I still think, had you done this, your jury speech was all but written. Anyway, you still won BB14 in my book.

Had he taken Danielle…no speech nesessary. It would have also made it a whole lot easier for him to play future Big Brothers as he would have been considered loyal-to-the-end type.

Which seemed like he was until paranoia set in. In part due to production wanting to keep Ian in…I think I bet they were asking Dan alot of questions about Danielle and Shane….

Bo I agree too. I give kudos to Ian for playing the end game perfectly and getting the W though. Up until then, Dan and even Danielle were better players than Ian, in my opinion. Paula Dan, I think the fact that you were a previous winner, worked against you.

Plus, Ian was well liked. I thought early on in the season, that if you wanted a chance to win, you had to be in the finals with Mike Boogy. Mike was not well liked and I think you would of won. Ian throwing the challenge: I know you were shocked that Ian agreed to throw part 1 … but Ian was all but out the door and You Saved him. I think you should have asked for More from him. You should have told him that he had to throw parts 1 AND 2 … and that you or Dani would take him to final 2!

Nevertheless, Aweson game and YOU made my summer! Nevertheless, Awesome game and YOU made my summer!

big brother 14 shane and danielle dating kevin

That clip with Joe was great, especially the first time around. Personally, I said your biggest mistake was miscalculation on the jury. I was going nuts willing you to open your eyes! He plays on a level like you and Dr. Will, and respects the game like you both do. Would the outcome have been different? Taking your own player? Thanks for giving us all of your insight on the game.

'Big Brother' Pairs that Should Appear on 'The Amazing Race'

Dan fan till the end! She had a good edit and the reason for that is because she was mostly a nice person. If she really was that bad production would have made her a villain.

When you told Boogie that Frank would have been evicted after the reset.