Big langston and kaitlyn dating

WWE News: Big E and former WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn reunite

big langston and kaitlyn dating

kaitlyn, wwe. AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler have been dating for a w Big E Langston- I think you shouldn't marry Dolph. +. AJ Lee- What is. Big E biography with personal life, married and affair info. the ring name Big E, which is shortened from his previous name Big E Langston. Earlier, he was also seen expressing his love for WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn. We reported last month that former WWE “Diva” Celeste “Kaitlyn” Bonin had split with her husband, PJ Braun. The couple got married in

On the November 18 episode of Raw, Langston received his postponed championship match with Axel, defeating him to win the title. Big E later became involved in a feud with Rusevwhich led to consecutive bouts at Payback [48] and Money in the Bankboth of which Big E lost. Woods told the two that they could not "get ahead by kissing babies and shaking hands", and that it is "their time". New Day then transitioned into villains after fans responded negatively to the group.

big langston and kaitlyn dating

After a successful title defense against the Prime Time Players on the September 14 episode of Raw, New Day lost to the Dudley Boyz by disqualification at Night of Championsretaining their tag team titles in the process. The New Day during the WrestleMania Axxess in April saw the start of what would eventually become a face turn for New Day as the crowd was starting to get behind them. Despite this, they still worked as villains in their Royal Rumble win against The Usos.

This would later be confirmed and what would eventually become a best of three series would take place, starting at Roadblockwith The New Day scoring the first win.

They went on to face the League again at WrestleMania 32where they lost after interference from Barrett. The feud ended the next day on Raw, where New Day retained the tag team championship against Sheamus and Barrett.

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It makes sense that the trio travel together too since they rarely ever appear at any WWE event without each other, so they will all always be heading to the same destination. With Jennifer being brought into the show, it seems it was decided that she and Big E would make a good couple because he was then used on the show as well.

Big E and Jenni's relationship only lasted a few dates and two episodes while Jenni was living at Natalya's house and it made the friendship between Big E and Nattie become quite a strained one.

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Obviously, it didn't work out between Big E and the youngest Neidhart family member even though they did only really go on a couple of dates, but you know what they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The duo teamed together during their time in WWE and fast became best friends.

big langston and kaitlyn dating

CM Punk still lists Kofi as one of his best friends now more than three years after he left the company. It was thought that Kofi would be punished by WWE for being such good friends with CM Punk when he left, but luckily he escaped punishment and later became one of the longest reigning Tag Team Champions.

The duo doesn't get to spend as much time together as they did during their time in WWE, but it seems they still find time out of their schedules to catch up. After being brought in as a referee, he was then used as the Raw General Manager and then a wrestler before being released from the company. It seems that Brad was in a relationship with Paige for much of his time with the company and when Paige's Cloud was hacked and all of her videos shared to the world, one of the videos featured both Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox sharing Paige in a sex act.

big langston and kaitlyn dating

And it was rumoured to have been filmed just after the episode that the trio made of UpUpDownDown was recorded. One of the best friendships is between Big E and Paige, who were featured on an episode of Total Divas where Big E allowed Paige to continually slap him in the chest because that's what friends do.

Paige has also uploaded many pictures of the two friends on Instagram, which shows just how close she is to The New Day member.

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This is why it came as such a shock to many of the WWE Universe when it was revealed that Xavier Woods was the star who was in her leaked videos and not Big E. During his entire run in WWE, Kofi has only ever dated one woman and decided to marry her in Kofi married Kori Campfield in a private ceremony back in which was attended by very few wrestlers and only the family of Kofi and Kori, something that Kofi probably enjoyed giving the fact that he is mobbed by fans wherever he goes these days.

Kofi's wife is not a big wrestling fan and doesn't usually attend many WWE shows to support her husband. The couple has been together now for more than a decade and in that time they have welcomed two sons. Sadly, in this age, there are also people who feel the need to hack other people's phones and reveal personal information that was never intended to be shared with the public. Xavier Woods was a victim of this along with his friend Paige, and as part of the hacking, there was a video of the duo and Brad Maddox that is definitely not safe to be viewed on an episode of Raw.

It seems that in the time between April and May Paige and Xavier were much closer that friends. Luckily, Xavier didn't marry until the following year.

WWE News: Big E and former WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn reunite

Kofi has two children, the first of which he welcomed back inand WWE announced on air that Kofi had recently become a father and the second he welcomed in Once again, missing an episode of Raw to be there for the birth of his child. Both of Kofi's children are boys and his youngest named Orion Kingsley Sarkodie-Mensah is the only one that Kofi has allowed the public to see. He was part of an episode of UpUpDownDown when Kofi joined teammate Xavier and the two battled it out over video games.

The couple remain very private about their relationship with Jess preferring to live out a normal life while Xavier becomes a global star with the other two members of The New Day. There are not many pictures of the couple online either, but Xavier's wife does have Instagram were she often shares some interesting updates.