Bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

Justin Vernon Still Dating His Singer Girlfriend? Or Too Busy With Tour To Be Looking For Love?

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

Kathleen Edwards is currently on tour supporting Bon Iver and the dates are listed below. For a complete listing of Bon Iver's tour, click here. GRAMMY-winner Justin Vernon, the genius behind Bon Iver is with his girlfriend Kathleen Edwards, a Canadian singer-songwriter and the. Bon Iver's GF Kathleen Edwards Jokes About His Penis Size She also happens to be the girlfriend of GRAMMY-winner Justin Vernon, the.

So I don't ever feel like that I'm trying to jump on the coattails. While Jay-Z and Beyonce enjoy equal fame, it would be hard to imagine either of them with anyone else who wouldn't be outshone.

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

Gavin Rossdale and Bobby Brown were each massively famous at one point in their careers, for instance, but both became better known as the husbands of Gwen Stefani and the late-Whitney Houston, respectively. Perhaps the king of this category is Sonny Bono, who despite being an elected congressman might as well have had "Cher's Ex-Husband" engraved on his tombstone.

Sometimes a couple of differing levels of fame but who also move in different circles, like Elvis Costello and Diana Krallcan avoid being subsumed by the other.

Kathleen Edwards

But for a couple like Kathleen and Justin, the media can't help but bring the latter into the story. At the end of the day, this isn't an example of sexism but simply a celebrity-obsessed culture where the more famous half of a musical couple will always get the column inches.

And, to be fair, though Vernon picked up a pair of Grammys this year, including Best New Artist, his fame was initially due to his relationship with Kanye West, having sung on the rapper's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. Edwards' personal relationship with Vernon, which developed after he came on board as co-producer for Voyageur, is not Edwards' first musical coupling.

She was previously married to ex-bandmate Colin Cripps, but because he was less famous than Edwards, she never risked losing top billing on her own work. In fact, their divorce is also Voyageur's primary subject matter. Ironically, Vernon was familiar with Edwards long before she knew who he was. Me and [drummer] Sean [Carey] in my band listened to her records endlessly.

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And that didn't happen. One day, she happened on an old, unremarkable box of a building on Stittsville's main street, with ratty blinds pulled down and moldy insulation tumbling out of the ceiling.

Signing a lease, she gamely hoisted a sledgehammer herself and started ripping apart the old to make way for the new. It's not too much to apply the metaphor to her own life.

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

They had been building up, for years, maybe, without her knowing. Her first album, Failer, was recorded in her house when she was just It landed her on David Letterman — the first of several appearances thereas she became a Late Show favourite — and she quickly became one of this country's brightest young musical lights.

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

And not just here, either: On the strength of Failer, Rolling Stone magazine singled her out as one of the Top 10 young artists to watch. In the ensuing years, she opened for Bob Dylan, toured with Bryan Adams, was nominated for multiple Junos and Polaris prizes and rubbed shoulders with the music industry elite.

Late nights and new cities were the day-to-day as she criss-crossed the world, touring constantly. At the same time, things were getting harder to pin down. But there's another side of me that wants to feel quiet and settled.

Kathleen Edwards - Wikipedia

She wrote much of the album in a haze that she's not sure she recognized at the time. I was really unwell. I didn't really know what was happening to me. She circled back home and looked around. It was different, that much was sure: Subdivisions and strip malls, commuters and anonymity.

For the first time in ages, she had time to think.

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

And what her mind settled on was building something solid, in a community of which she could be part. Fame is not acceptance, it doesn't validate you as a person. You know what means something? And for the moment at least, she wouldn't change a thing.

bon iver and kathleen edwards dating