Cacee cobb and donald faison still dating

Donald Faison, Cacee Cobb Are Engaged |

cacee cobb and donald faison still dating

Cool couple: Scrubs' Donald Faison marries CaCee Cobb, aka Jessica . The couple first got engaged in August , breaking the news via. The Exes star Donald Faison and his long time girlfriend Cacee Cobb tied the knot this weekend! Donald and Cacee, who have been together for six years. The True Measure of Friendship: CaCee Cobb, Lo Bosworth, and Thanks to her marriage to Donald Faison, Cobb's name has . In addition to their utility, actual friendship is still one of the most Now she's dating a second-rate rapper (French Montana), while her older sister is married to Kanye West.

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cacee cobb and donald faison still dating

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