Callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

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callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

Callan McAuliffe (born 24 January ) is an Australian actor. He starred in the American Birth Date, January 24, (Age 17). Birthplace, Sydney, New , Flipped (film), Bryce Loski, Sharing lead credit with Madeline Carroll View Mobile Site. Watch this superpowered preview of the Saints-Vikings NFL Game!. Flipped! Such a good movie! Callan McAuliffe is an amazing actor for being so Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe as Juli Baker and Bryce Loski in Flipped. 3. 11 Types of Kisses to Step Up Your Makeout Game Callan McAuliffe: It's a romantic, coming-of-age, teenage love story CM: Not when we were actually rolling but I did want to bond with [my co-star] Madeline Carroll, so, I was at the mall with some of the other CG: So, do you have a girlfriend now?.

Oh yeah, to help the relationship so we could bond and stuff. All the kids, we'd go out to dinner or go see movies together and things like that. When you were like 10 or 11 were there any girls you hung out with who you still see as friends? Or, is there one you regret not staying friends with? Well, when I was 10 and 11 I was in an all boys' school.

After that I was in a coed school but that's all just silly crushes and things like that so I didn't really make too many girlfriends there. But, I'm still friends with most of the people that I was ever friends with. I've got a Facebook page with a secret alias so I can keep in touch with anyone I need to.

Are you homeschooled now? I'm still trying to complete high school but we'll see what happens. If time becomes a huge restriction, I probably won't be able to.

callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

I'm doing it back home in private school. What is your best subject? Either English or Science.

callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

I'm really into that biology sort of stuff; animals and nature but I'm horrible at math! I'm great with multiplication, addition, subtraction type things; the basics, but when it comes to the really complicated stuff, it just goes right through my head.

Callan McAuliffe in Flipped Kidzworld: If your picture were in a class yearbook, what would the caption be? But I told jokes that are so bad that they're actually funny. Madeline's character Juli really comes after your character Bryce. Has it been your experience that girls are more aggressive than boys when they like someone? I think girls would be more brave with being open about it and asking the guy [out]. Most guys, someone would have to push them toward the girl. I remember when I was in like year 4 and 5 [in Australia], you'd have to have a group of your friends pushing you, literally pushing you toward the girl they knew you liked.

It was kind of funny. Tell me something funny that happened either on set or off. There's a good one. The cast all went to the mall for a day to hang out in Michigan and a few of the guys and I were browsing through a video store to find something to watch. There was this cardboard cutout Robert Pattinson figure, full-sized. Madeline might like this. Then we stuck it outside her door and knocked and ran away.

She then had it sitting in the corner of her room the entire shoot. We'd be watching a movie in her room and there would be this really scary silhouette sitting in the corner. She definitely liked it but her brothers threw stuff at it. Was there a "Swear Box? Yeah, a Swear Jar and it was twenty dollars!

A considerable amount so that kept the swearing to a minimum. I never had to contribute but I just didn't swear in front of anyone who could tell on me. I think I'm owed about bucks for not telling on people. Who was responsible for the most bloopers [mistakes] on set? Probably me because of the American accent. Oh, that sounded a little Australian. Was it hard to learn the American accent?

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I just sort of watch TV and pick it up. It's easy to mock [copy] somebody. In one of the auditions, they brought me in to read with her and, from the start, I thought she was fantastic. She was a really good actress and we got along straight away.

callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

Were you nervous about playing a romantic lead, at your age? It was just a fantastic role to play, and I was really stoked. And, it was my first American film, so anything was fantastic. What was it like to work with someone the caliber of Rob Reiner?

Callan McAuliffe

How does that enrich your acting? He was a fantastic man. He was so jolly and such a nice guy, and he knew what he was doing. It was just a great experience. What was your reaction when you saw the movie for the first time? Were you happy with how it turned out?

Callan McAuliffe Exclusive Interview FLIPPED, I AM NUMBER FOUR | Collider

I hate watching myself, as do a lot of actors. I really enjoyed it. Can you talk about what that film is about and who you play in it? I have to get a bit of diversity in there. What was it like to sign on for something like that? I was just excited to have landed another role.

callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

Pittsburgh is really nice. I really like it.

callan mcauliffe and madeline carroll dating sim

Is there anyone you wish you had more scenes with? One of the people I wish I got to work with more is Kevin Durand. Caruso been, as a director? What has the experience of working with him been like, in comparison to Rob Reiner?

Everyone is really cooperative and kind on the set. We just get the fantastic set. Have you gotten to meet Spielberg or Bay? I really want to, though. Were you a fan of their work? But, I definitely love Transformers. Do you enjoy doing physical action work? Are you in a lot of the action in this film? Sometimes your foot placement is off, so you have to go back and do it again, and you get really tired.

Had you been a fan of the sci-fi genre before doing this? But, I do enjoy most of the films that I see that are sci-fi.