Cameron mathison and rebecca budig dating

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cameron mathison and rebecca budig dating

Cameron Mathison is co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, the most watched but I try to do that sometimes on just a regular day or a date night. I'm having breakfast on Friday with Rebecca Budig who played Greenlee. Oh, what a beautiful blast from the past. Rebecca Budig and former co-star Cameron Mathison reconnected recently. It's no secret that they. In a shocking move, Rebecca Budig will return to the role of "All My going to have to rent somewhere - or crash on Cameron Mathison's [Ryan] couch." to L.A. that logged him more miles than any other contestant to date.

It's a great place for dogs. You just played Tom Cavanaugh's wife on Blue Bloods. It's tricky because his character, Mickey, is in the witness protection program. Now that's the Greenlee we remember!

cameron mathison and rebecca budig dating

Why didn't we see you on the AMC reboot? Yes, and I expressed interest and then they never came back to me! I really, really miss Greenlee. But, then, none of my men were there.

They didn't have Cameron Mathison. They were never going to get Josh Duhamel. What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing. Jordan was my brother on AMC and now he's a big movie star. So what were they gonna do with me? I'd be all alone! Did you watch it at all?

cameron mathison and rebecca budig dating

I did, and I wasn't crazy about it. But I really wanted it to do well, because I love the show and I love the soap world. I still keep in touch with people.

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I just had lunch with Alicia Minshew. I'm still close with Linda Dano. Mark Consuelos was a guest on Better to plug his Alpha House series and he looks so fantastic. I was, like, "What is he drinking? Are you keeping up on the surviving soaps? I check in on General Hospital to see Finola Hughes, who is kicking ass! I love my Flannery! Oh, and Greg Rikaart, of course! Weren't you and he next-door neighbors in California? I kept my place in L.

I love him but he steals s--t from my house all the time, okay? I have this really cool vintage ice-cream sign that he's always swiping to decorate his parties. He comes over when I'm gone and steals pots and pans, he steals benches, he steals everything! Whatever he needs, he just lets himself in!

Spotlight: Former All My Children Stars; Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison Reunite!

I love the fact that Hallmark is one of, if not the fastest growing cable channels out there. Other channels are shrinking, and Hallmark is growing like crazy. I try to be a good influence and be a positive influence on people, and I really feel like the messages in these movies do that. I love to surprise my wife, and I love to try to do things that just show how much I think about her and how much I appreciate her and how grateful I am. I just try to do what I can in that way.

Have you ever wanted to return to a daytime drama? Part of me misses it a lot. Part of me is very grateful that I had … it was tough. I would absolutely consider it in the future.

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I would love to try and do a little story arc on a show. Are you still in contact with some of the All My Children cast? I do that often. I talk to Melissa Claire Egan all the time. What do you like the most as an anchor on Entertainment Tonight?

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These guys work around the clock to turn stories. As far as specific work responsibilities, this has groomed me into a totally different host. I love the challenge of live TV. We had the Grammy Awards, and I had to learn and prep for that, and that was a big challenge. You studied engineering after high school, so why did you decide to get into show business? I just stumbled across this opportunity for modeling just to make a little extra money.

cameron mathison and rebecca budig dating

I tried that, and it led to some commercials. Commercials led to some acting classes, and I finished my degree while I was still working as a model, doing commercials and trying to break into the acting world.