Charlize theron and will smith dating

Who is Charlize Theron Dating, Her Partner, Boyfriend and Net Worth

charlize theron and will smith dating

Charlize Theron had her breakout role in The Devil's Advocate. They include her co-star Will Smith in , Jeremy Renner and Keanu Reeves both in It seems the secret to Will Smith's happiness, healthy Hollywood marriage and off his feet when he started dating wife Jada Pinkett Smith in the mids. wife Charlize Theron was talented in the lip-locking department. I fell in love with co-star Will Smith on set, admits Charlize Theron Stuart and Charlize started dating after they met on the film Trapped and.

He needs to be loved, but only knows how to create havoc. Charlize plays it cosy, yet she stares at Hancock with piercing energy.

charlize theron and will smith dating

It seems an oddly straight role for Charlize. For a start she allows herself to be gorgeous. When we meet, in a vast luxury hotel outside Los Angeles, she looks like a s porcelain figurine: When I ask why she likes to play against type, destroy her beauty, she laughs: I ask her what made her want to play the role of the contented wife, Mary. I put myself out on a limb to create the chemistry between two characters.

We see a woman who has the perfect family. She has to choose between husband and child, and unrealised love. I need the fire. I am lucky to be in a job where I get to explore things that might resemble my own life or issues. I believe that women are much more layered and conflicted than we generally present them in cinema.

When she met her boyfriend of seven years, Irish actor Stuart Townsend on a movie called Trappedshe took a year off, because love was more important. So is the conflict in Hancock — where a happy woman in a stable relationship is made restless by a new passion — really about her own seven-year itch?

Not that I know of! Charlize is aware that an out-of-kilter work-life balance is what could stifle a relationship and makes sure she takes time to do things with Stuart.

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She has met and worked with many attractive men, so what was it about Stuart that made the connection special? Someone was looking out for me.

charlize theron and will smith dating

I never had a fantasy about getting married. And the more I lived in the US and had friends who were gay or lesbian, and watched them struggle in this society where you can only get married if you have the right kind of love… I think love is love, and we should all have the same rights. Does it exist because life becomes too complicated without it, or are we programmed, like swans, to mate for life? If something happened tomorrow we would be ecstatic.

So little in life is mysterious, except love. So I try to hang on to as much mystery as possible. How can we go through our lives not wanting to have any element of surprise?

charlize theron and will smith dating

She was born in South Africa inin a farming community near Johannesburg. She had a hands-on mother, Gerda, who ran a construction company, and her father Charles was a mechanic, who taught her to drive when she was It was a troubled, complicated marriage. One night, when her father came home drunk from a party and found himself locked out, he began shooting and threatening to kill mother and daughter. While they cowered in a bedroom Gerda found her own gun and shot him dead.

Charlize was 15 when it happened. My parents were very different people, but the thing they had in common was a great lust for life. However, there is more to determining success in every sphere of human endeavor than meets the eye such as dedication, strong-willed and focus which she does not lack either.

From her days as a model to her stint in dancing down to when she joined the tinsel town where she got established as an A-list actress added to a burgeoning production career, she has amassed a fitting amount in net worth.

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Furthermore, she has several homes and is a wise investor. Charlize Theron also has humanity close to her heart and donates much of her wealth to philanthropic courses Who is Charlize Theron Dating?

Her Partner, Boyfriend Charlize Theron has always had a point of delivering outstanding performances in her career for which she has won thousands of hearts. And here it is starting from Craig Bierko in the s to the most recent.

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Craig Bierko Charlize and Craig image source When the blonde beauty was just setting out in her Hollywood career, she dated actor and singer, Craig Bierko from until The duo met in and dated from then till they went their ways in She met the Irish actor, Stuart Townsend on the set of the film where they played an on-screen couple.

However, it seemed the chemistry went beyond the silver screen into their real lives.

charlize theron and will smith dating

They were together from then and even lived as husband and wife in Los Angeles and Ireland, though no nuptial took place until they decided to call time on the affair in much to the dismay of their fans.

Along her dating profile, Charlize Theron took an intermission to launch into a new aspect of life — motherhood — by adopting two lovely children. She adopted her first child, a son named Jackson in March Three years later, she went the adoption way again when she brought home a girl, August in July