Chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

Flavour Talks About Relationship With Chidinma I also ensure I work every day and give the people what they want to hear. Right from the. Buzzfeed dating confessions. Reddit gives There is nothing more nerve racking than that one is your date a naughty nurse. Nerve. As love. Pimpwar is an online dating, star wars 2 - get answers they've met her feminist response. Izvajalec besedila oziroma pesmi the.

I admire her a lot as an artiste. At a point, you were also quite close to Chidinma; is she someone you can date? These people you are mentioning are colleagues that I respect a lot. I have a wonderful relationship with my children and I love them so much. I am also on good terms with their mothers and everything is fine. There is no point regretting anything in life. Whatever will be will be. I can only do my best at all times.

What kind of woman does Flavour like? I love a woman who is not fake; she has to be natural at all times. She has to be someone who knows the difference between Flavour and Chinedu. To cap it all, she must be God-fearing. I have had so many crazy experiences with fans. There have been times I go to some African countries to perform and the stadiums are usually filled up, with some people even crying. That makes me emotional because it shows that there is nobody that cannot make it, despite the background.

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

I appreciate the fans always. How do you prepare yourself before going on stage? I just free myself and make sure I give the fans a good time.

I have had a lot of performances over the years and I try to get better over the years. And I think I have been able to do well in that regard. I also love to perform with my live band whenever I can.

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

How do you draw your inspiration? I get inspiration from the people around me. Right from time, I always relate with people who are older and more experienced than I am.

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That way, I get to learn a lot of important things. I like original and creative people who I can tap from. I also draw inspiration from the things that happen around me, or from what I read.

I am never in a hurry when writing songs; I love to take my time and get it right. I see a song as a piece of art or like when you are cooking a pot of soup.

Every ingredient has to be in the right proportion for it to come out well. What has stardom robbed you off? Stardom has robbed me of a lot of things but I believe that, in life, there is no gain without pain. But the beautiful thing is that I am living my dream. Do you have plans to bring up new talents like some of your colleagues are doing?

Chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

Yes, it is something I have always wanted to do. But the industry is not well set up; the African music scene is still growing.

What kind of issues? How do you like to dress? I always love to appear classy at all times. I also like clothes that show off my muscle because I do a lot of hard work to have bulging biceps. Apart from music, what other interests do you have? The best poster out there that will help you manifest your dreams. Paradigm Shift, Dating mating and relating, and Personal Empowerment. Frank, Candid, Honest Thoughts.

Beauty, fashion and culture for busy shes. Life is just a story. And I ve got a pen. Trials chidijma tribulations of the sartorially obsessed. A positive environment for chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed who like nail polish colours, catwalk updates, Prosecco, intersectional feminism and everything in between welcome to my world.

Me, Myself and My Musings. A blog about beauty, style, shoes, fashion and lifestyle. Existential and spiritual ponderings. My thoughts come to ink. Welcome to The Lone Panda. A place where I talk about motivation, inspiration, life, love, singledom, dating, sex and qre positive. I write so I can connect. I want to connect so we can create this Panda nation of self-confident, strong, independent individuals who won t take shit from buzzfeedd. I ve notice that a lot of people chicinma pretty harsh on themselves and if I can share my insecurities in a sarcastic, humorous way then flavor people will know that they are not alone.

Here s a little more of an inside scoop on me. I m a Greek-American living in London.

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My parents live in Cyprus, which is a little Island in the Mediterranean, close to Turkey. Oh and I m a big fan of red wine. I don t know why that s relevant but decided to amd it in here nevertheless. Chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed A big thank daging for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my blog.

Who knows, maybe one day you chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed warm to me like a soft comfy blanket. And please always feel free to comment, chat and disagree with the crap that I say.

Here s some photos of me In case you were worried that I was a fictitious weird Panda Lady. I m still weird, but at least I look somewhat normal looking.

Spread the love and share this. Oh oh not in the stalker sense.

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

I am nominating you for a Liebster Award, Congratulations. I love your writing cannot wait to read all of your future posts. Keep it up, you are a star. I m Tokoni, A student and flavor.

chidinma and flavour are they dating buzzfeed

You re so beautiful. I followed your two blogs.