Chong and peta dwts dating

Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Peta Murgatroyd 'Is His Girl,' Says Source |

chong and peta dwts dating

Jan 23, Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Peta Murgatroyd 'Is His Girl,' Says Source. Jim Smeal/ Tommy [Chong] would tease her about it.” “She couldn't care less about making things official or being called his girlfriend,” says the source. Are Peta Murgatroyd and James Maslow Dating Peta Murgatroyd, James Maslow , . Peta Murgatroyd partners withTommy Chong for Dancing With the Stars'. Nov 18, Tommy Chong, 76, sees surprising run on Dancing With The Stars come to an His dance pro partner Peta Murgatroyd even dropped to her knees in .. DM me': Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard hunts for a date with a sultry.

I'm not sure if it's the best idea to have a live singer on stage with the dancers. Personally I found it a little distracting. What does everyone else think? Fortunately, Lea and Artem's tango is sensual and eye-catching enough on its own that this isn't a problem.

chong and peta dwts dating

Lea continues to impress with her incredibly assured legwork. Julianne tells them both to lighten up and that Lea "sticks it" every time.

Bruno loves the "right touch of evil" and the aloofness Lea conveyed and then falls out of his chair. Len says it started off hot but lost chemistry as it went on. Carrie Ann gets cut off. Derek is so good at designing these routines that it almost makes me angry.

Dancing With The Stars' Tommy Chong gets kiss from partner Peta Murgatroyd

This seductive, diabolical tango belongs in a Broadway show, not in a broadcast reality competition. Whatever focus problems Bethany was having during the week seem to have disappeared. Bruno says they were "the embodiment of the flames of passion.

Julianne says she'd like to steal the choreography for Derek's summer tour, but says the content shone through the theatrics.

Peta said she was proud of Tommy as she fought back tears Fans had also feared another contestant might be heading home, with former The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro suffering a back injury he feared would end his dancing.

But the actor won rave reviews after battling through obvious pain to finish two dances - and almost getting a perfect score with three 10s in his final dance. Fans saw how Alfonso in rehearsals hurt himself practicing a series of lifts.

Tommy Chong sees Dancing With The Stars come to an emotional end

Every moment just started to hurt more and more. Alfonso Ribeiro was in tears also as he fought off back pain during his routine After his first dance, a tango to OneRepublic's Love Runs Out, Alfonso admitted it was his 'I'm hurting' smile' as he walked away from the dance. As the judges started hailing his bravery, host Tom Bergeron said: Work through it and get into that final,' Len encouraged him, while Carrie Ann said: Go safe, but go hard.

Alfonso and pro partner Witney Carson have had high scores all season 'I've known Alfonso probably seven or eight years,' Quayle said. And I think he's gonna do it.

Tommy Chong sees Dancing With The Stars come to an emotional end | Daily Mail Online

You do whatever it takes for what you love, and I love this,' Janel said. Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish felt good about their chances They were joined in rehearsals by Val's brother Maksim, and Janel admitted: He admitted he started playing the instrument aged five - and laughed as a picture of a younger, chubbier him playing one was flashed up on screen.

chong and peta dwts dating

Following them on the leaderboard and also scoring a perfect 40 for one of their dances was YouTube sensation Bethany Mota and pro partner Derek Hough. Bethany Mota and Derek Hough got a perfect score for one of their dances That perfect score went to a contemporary dance using a picture frame as a prop.

As Derek and fellow pro Sasha Farber pretended to chase after Bethany, they all ended up sitting on a bench, with Bethany leaning forward just as Derek went in for a kiss - smacking lips with Sasha instead. Derek, Bethany and Sasha Farber enjoyed a light-hearted moment on the dance floor But Carrie Ann admitted she was 'a little underwhelmed' by the dance.

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