Dating rims and tire

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dating rims and tire

NB 13x7 REV SPOKE WIRE WHEELS STRAIGHT LACE ALL CHROME RIMS LOWRIDER X1 L. ITEM DESCRIPTION MODEL: SPOKE STRAIGHT LACE CHROME SIZE: 13x7 BOLT PATTERN: 4x, 4x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 6x 15x7 STANDARD SPOKE WIRE WHEELS STRAIGHT LACE. Tech Tips: How To Read Motorcycle Tire Date Codes pertaining to the tire's width and height as well as the size of the rim, making it easy to. How to check the date and place of manufacture of tyres? The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) clearly specifies that.

Below are several examples showing how to check the date code and what happens when the tires get too old. All of these tires just happened to be handy at the time of this post. Here is an example to show how to check the date code. This is a new tire of course.

Notice the picture on the left, you can only see the OT of DOT, but notice there are 7 letters and numbers and then the date code "" means that this tire was built in the 49th week of The right side picture is the same tire's DOT code on the other side.

Not only is the date code missing, but the last three digits are gone too.

Tyre’s date of manufacture – DOT code explained »

This is actually pretty common, but more tires would have all 7 digits on the other side but not the date code.

Here are a couple of examples of older tires and what happened to them: Notice the first tire's date stamp reads so this tire was built in the 42nd week of The second tire has an extra circled set of digits after the date code that readthat is not the date code, the date is the one right at the end of DOT number that reads They moved deep into the Greek peninsula where they joined with the existing Mediterranean peoples to give rise, eventually, to classical Greece after the breaking of Minoan dominance and consolidations led by pre-classical Sparta and Athens.

The spoked wheel was in continued use without major modification until the s, when wire-spoked wheels and pneumatic tires were invented.

dating rims and tire

Early radially-spoked wire wheels gave rise to tangentially-spoked wire wheels, which were widely used on cars into the late 20th century. Cast alloy wheels are now more commonly used; forged alloy wheels are used when weight is critical. The invention of the wheel has also been important for technology in general, important applications including the water wheelthe cogwheel see also antikythera mechanismthe spinning wheeland the astrolabe or torquetum.

More modern descendants of the wheel include the propellerthe jet enginethe flywheel gyroscope and the turbine. Cast alloy wheel on a folding bicyclewith a pneumatic tire. Mechanics and function[ edit ] The low resistance to motion compared to dragging is explained as follows refer to friction: Bearings are used to help reduce friction at the interface.

In the simplest and oldest case the bearing is just a round hole through which the axle passes a " plain bearing ". Now give the object 4 wheels. The normal force between the 4 wheels and axles is the same in total N.

dating rims and tire

From the last 4 digits, the first two are the manufacturing week and the last two are the year ex. A tire should not be sold older than 6 years. From the Manufacturing Plant to Your Vehicle When you evaluate the age of your tire to determine its condition, take into account that most tires were manufactured outside of the country, mainly in Asia. Once manufactured, they are warehoused at the plant in containers for a couple of weeks, until they are shipped by boat. They then cross the ocean to get to the Port of Montreal.

Between the boat and the Canadian suppliers warehouses, count another few weeks for offloading the boat, port custom clearance, loading the trucks or trains, transport and finally warehousing.

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All things considered, the freshest tires sold on the market will be a few months old. Most of the time, they will have been manufactured from 4 to 9 months before they are sold. Unfortunately, suppliers will not empty every product line in all sizes every year.

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