Dating website music taste and intelligence

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dating website music taste and intelligence

Dec 2, Pennycook used a website that would randomly generate these pseudo- profound sentences from a string of words. Building Smart Web Applications Toby Segaran shopping, suggesting interesting web sites, or helping people find music and movies. finding people who share tastes and for making automatic recommendations based on things that. I remember when internet dating was a joke. I don't know You trade taste in mov— ies for taste in music. You trade intelligence for looks. Everyone knows that.

I am just a guy from the Internet. I am not responsible for your health and am not telling you to follow my advice blindly. Here we will just list the highlights. Even minor sleep deprivation sleeping 6—7 hours ; circadian shift changing sleep time by 1—2 hours a day from one night to the next ; or reduction in Deep NREM or REM sleep reduce our intelligence in the following ways: Severely lowered emotional control, stress resilience, willpower and focus.

Significant increase in procrastination. With consequences like worsened mood and lower energy. And smaller testicle size yes, really. See chart above — the more you sleep the better your hormones get. They tested this by giving people rhinoviruses and depriving some of them of sleep. Significantly worsened ability to remember what you learned the prior day AND worsened ability to learn the next day.

Significantly worsened cognition and ability to see creative non-trivial solutions.

dating website music taste and intelligence

I have a grandma with Alzheimers. And I would personally cryofreeze myself the second there were any indication I had it. If cryofreezing were not an option, I would prefer to die. Besides pretty sure most of us will know the above to be true from personal experience. I for one feel like a moron in the afternoon after undersleeping.

In other words, sleep is a major opportunity for intelligence enhancement. It impacts many other things. And for most of us, sleep quality is poor. First a bit of important theory: Sleep is driven by two independent functions: If these are not in-sync with each other, sleep quality declines. So sleeping better means spending more time asleep, in the right sleep phases, at the right and consistent time of the day. The first thing to do is measure. Peter, other leading health-optimizers and I recommend the Oura ring.


The reason we prefer this particular device is that it gives far more accurate data than all the wristbands. Skin thickness, skin color, and contact tightness are all more favorable on fingers in terms of blood flow analysis. This means we spend 8. Aiming to get to around 8: Same sleep time every day. When every day our sleep time shifts by hours, we are effectively living in a permanent state of jetlag. This de-synchronizes our sleep pressure from our circadian rhythm and destroys certain parts of sleep, especially deep NREM sleep.

This is very high already. We can see the rough reference ranges everyone quotes for different ages above. This indicates highly restful sleep. All this life-long To sleep better: Pick a sleep time where we spend 8. This is incredibly hard in modern society and is the 1 thing that makes our sleep better. Use blue-light-blocking glasses for 3—4 hours before going to sleep. Do not drink alcohol. Even a small amount degrades REM sleep which is the key part of sleep focused on intelligence.

So those of us who drink basically shift our sleep quality to monkey sleep and we can speculate as to long-term impacts of that. By the way — those studies about the benefits of red wine are bullshit, sorry. Do not drink coffee or tea for 9 hours before sleep time if a fast metabolizer or at all if a slow metabolizer.

Caffeine half-life is surprisingly long. The distinction is purely genetic and based on gene rs Sleep in cool temperatures 18 degrees Celsius; 65 Fahrenheit and try out hot or cold showers before sleep. Low body temperature helps get into deep NREM sleep. I find that ice showers make me fall asleep very fast counterintuitive. Make sure our bedroom is totally dark and quiet. Use earplugs and sleep masks. Even sounds that do not wake us up actually make our sleep worse.

Consider not eating heavily for at least 3—4 hours before bedtime. Sugar and carbohydrates reduce quality of deep NREM sleep. Yet another reason not to eat that shit. Do not use sleeping pills. These are different things. Consider meditating or otherwise turning off before bed. Each night of bad sleep permanently damages us and we can never fully recover that damage. Part of the damage is to the apparatus of sleep itself, which over time makes us stupid and ages and kills us. Many of us do not want to make the changes to our social lives, dating etc.

It is a matter of priorities. You want to go to the club, or you want to not have Alzheimers. Makes memory crap [ 1 ]. Interferes with hormonal systems [ 1 ]. It ages and kills us in many ways[ 1 2 ]. In other words, constant stress makes us fucking stupid. Anything we can do to reduce it is a big win.

dating website music taste and intelligence

Here are the specific tools I found useful for this: Reduced propensity to react to stress. Life just feels a little better all the time. It is also proven to enhance growth of new neurons in adult brains [ 1 2 3 ]. Escitalopram is extremely safe even in large doses [ 1 ] especially for me because I have genes that are associated with significantly higher positives and lower negatives of this specific drug. There are also studies out there that claim even the latest, best antidepressants are bad for you [ 1 ].

My medical team is skeptical of those studies. Conclude that the AD group has a small difference in some kind of risk, and PR this to gullible media.

How to biohack your intelligence — with everything from sex to modafinil to MDMA

This is bullshit, not science. My doctors take SSRIs themselves and make no money from prescribing them to me. So I trust their conclusions. There appears to be no good reason not to be on lithium in this dose range. I meditate 30—45 minutes every day with a combination of mindfulness and freestyle-notation.

My friends and I have a private Slack community where we keep shared meditation journals, and discuss them with a talented meditation coach.

My meditation time is unstructured — a habit of meditating when in the back of a car, with a bit of free time, or just when bored. We can be completely non-religious and do not need to believe in any mystical bullshit that meditation is sadly surrounded with. Once we are good at meditation, it provides very concrete applied hacks we can use.

Here are some I use every day: Emotions are sets of specific bodily sensations [ link ]. Once they manifest, they are reinforced by loops of thoughts about them. So when you want to easily get rid of an emotion e. I can dismiss negative emotions in 30 sec — 5 min. This is easier to do with eyes closed, is a trainable skill, and is quite hard. The reason this is useful is that it lets you dissociate from your own emotions and ego. He knows very well that various bullshit happens all the time, it is just a regular day.

It is already easy for me to control my emotions. Ruthlessly remove negative people from life. There are people who make us happy and energized and inspired, who we absorb new skills from, who we look forward to seeing. There are others who make us drained, who fill us with their own insecurities, fears and negativities.

Even if the latter are our bosses, relatives, friends, spouses, we should cease spending time with them. It is not on us to fix other people. Hard enough to fix ourselves. Additionally, I saw material enhancements for stress resistance from things described in other sections.

Last important point on stress: Stress and fear increase the size and power of the amygdala the part of our brain where fear is generatedwhich in turn makes it easier for us to be stressed and afraid.

And it is detrimental — lots of scientific evidence for that refer to all the studies listed above. We can get better, but it takes time and effort. Actively work on keeping stress levels low. It makes us significantly smarter. This section is male-oriented. That is what I know and optimize for. I just hire fashion models to fuck in order to save time on dating and focus on other priorities. I think of sex as something similar to exercise, meditation, or food.

Another physiological need to be addressed in a time-efficient way; another tool to enhance health talking about safe sex obviously and intelligence. There are many reasons why sex is useful for intelligence: If we do not get it, we spend a lot of time thinking about it. Pursuing it, watching porn etc. Society is sexualized and ties the male ego to having sex with beautiful women. Doing so makes the ego content and easier to control.

dating website music taste and intelligence

Sex leads to favorable hormone profile changes that enhance mood, and reduce stress [ 1 ] and even help sleep [ 1 ]. Funnily enough I even noticed a very clear correlation between sex and my own deep sleep levels, and anything that improves deep sleep is very valuable.

There is evidence that sex boosts our neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Dating takes a lot of time. Much of that time is wasted. On people who are not a good fit.

On idiotic things like swiping on Tinder or going to clubs screws with sleep. Sex quality in monogamous long-term relationships tends to degrade [ 1 ]. People start cheating or become frustrated. MLTRs can be great if we are together with someone who is a true friend and shares our values — I was in a MLTR that truly made my life better and it might happen again.

But MLTRs are not a good solution for sexual desires. Human biology is not monogamous. Just straight up paying for sex in one-time cash meetings off the Internet is unpredictable quality and frankly emotionally-unpleasant.

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Researchers then divided those play counts by the number of fans those streams came from to confirm metal fans returned to support their favorite artists more than any other genre. Pop was a distant second. Additionally, this led to "changes in the harmonic and melodic language of heavy metal, and new modes of musical pedagogy and analysis. But beyond the music sounding the same and sharing similar standards of excellence, metalheads and classical fans also share similar temperaments.

They're also committed to their loved ones. It's definitely the least scientific of any of these studies, but it does offer some insight into the metal mind. The survey asked participants the type of music they listen when thinking of their illicit lovers.

dating website music taste and intelligence

Fans of metal made up the smallest percentage of these errant thinkers. In an extraordinarily elegant passage, Metal Sucks' Emperor Rhombus explains the finds as evidence that "metalheads are grateful. After deliberately provoking their participants by having them describe angry memories from their life, researchers had participants cool off by either listening to their favorite metal or silence.

The metal listeners became as tranquil as tattooed Buddhas. Metal fans are stable and confident, which is sexy.