Erica durance and tom welling dating

'Smallville': Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and castmates move past the finale – Screener

erica durance and tom welling dating

ERICA DURANCE: I don't have the exact dates, but it's probably in the next some of the show's long-time producers, along with Tom Welling. Possibly. Many have stated that she has although none of the accusations have been proven. Erica herself stated that it was due to her everyday workout routine . Tom Welling and Erica Durance photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

While Clark is certainly at the center of the show's universe, there are a lot of other key characters whose history in the comic books are just as significant. Chief among them is Lois Lane herself - Clark's journalistic acquaintance-turned-friend-turned-love, who was played by Erica Durance in the show. This new iteration of the character stayed true to the comic books and even had her mingle with other iconic comic book characters like Oliver Queen.

An assistant and former love of Dr. Swan's, Crosby also cares deeply about the presence of alien life on Earth and tries her best to preserve it. After Reeve's passing and the subsequent removal of his character from the program, Kidder decided to walk away from the series even though they had offered to extend her part. Tom Welling told Carson Daily that he actually went to Los Angeles and sat down in Brett's house to talk about the role, but he didn't want to take things further because it would mean the show had to stop.

Welling revealed that they both "knew scheduling would always be an issue" but went forward with the talks just for fun.

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Ultimately, Matt Bomer was cast as Superman in the projectbut the actor's good fortune went away when the film was transformed and subsequently recast. Lionel, a character who didn't have much of a backstory in the comics, went on to become a central character in the show.

Instead of just being presented as Lex's father, Lionel was presented as a multifaceted man who always has a trick up his sleeve. While fans may guess that the villain turned hero was always supposed to be a major part of the show, it turns out Glover was originally only brought onto the show to appear in a few episodes.

Glover did such a good job that the showrunners expanded the role and kept him on for a majority of the series.

Additionally, Glover went on to play the father of another menacing, silver-screen villain. Instead of using his genius for good, he obsesses over Superman's presence on the Earth and wastes a tremendous amount of resources fighting the Kyrptonian instead of making the world a better place.

'Smallville': Tom Welling, Erica Durance, and castmates move past the finale

Michael Rosenbaum did a great job bring the complex, serious character to the big screen, but that doesn't mean he's been type-cast playing villains. In fact, when she was younger she had academically inclined goals that would have kept her far away from the world of acting. Ultimately, that show was picked up to series and all of the goals she had previously set for her self faded away. John Schneider, the actor who played Jonathan Kent, Clark's father, was supposed to see the couple coming downstairs and say a line, but he told an audience that he wasn't too fond it.

He told the producers that he thought Jonathan would think "not in this house, that's not gonna happen, I'm gonna take him to the shed and beat the snot out of him.

erica durance and tom welling dating

Instead of Jonathan asking if they were safe, Martha asks instead, so it's still just as awkward for Clark either way. Despite the show's wide reach, only Chloe Sullivan and Clark himself appear in every season of the show.

erica durance and tom welling dating

Lois Lane, played wonderfully by Erica Durance, doesn't appear in the show until season four - complicating the Clark Kent and Lana Lang narrative the show had spent years setting up. The show has had some big-name performers appear on the show over its ten-year course. Amy Adams appeared in the first season as a girl who starts using a kryptonite-laced protein shake and Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, appears in one episode as Pauline Kahn. While there is some tension between the two of them in later seasons, Clark's decision to use his abilities and save Lex's life after his car crashes into the river starts a friendship between the two young adults who come from starkly different backgrounds.

erica durance and tom welling dating

If it wasn't for Clark's incessant need to keep a secret from Lex about his alien heritage, there's a chance the two could have grown to become best friends, but the mistrust ultimately pulled the two iconic characters apart. In the pilot episode, Clark has to perform mouth to mouth on Lex after he pulls him from the water.

erica durance and tom welling dating

Still, many fans muse to this day about what was going on behind-the-scenes to merit the decision to leave a successful show. I liked my scenes with Tom Welling, but I felt like the show was, for me, done when I left in season 7. Gough and Millar eventually sued Warner Bros.

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They settled for an undisclosed sum in Plus even certain guest stars caused some trouble. Reeve appeared as Dr.

erica durance and tom welling dating

Justin Hartley, who joined the show toward the end of its run, played Oliver Queen a. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in a tragic accident after starring in the first film franchise; George Reeve died of an apparent suicide years after playing the character, and Lee Quigley died at age 14 after playing the baby version of Kal-El in the film.

After "Smallville" wrapped, he desperately wanted to veer toward film roles but never saw success in that arena. Other members of the core cast have struggled to land major roles since the show wrapped as well. This excellent featurette discusses the care taken by the writers and producers of Smallville while casting legendary DC comic book hero characters such as Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate to the television show for the first time.

The featurette also reveals challenges regarding how difficult it was to translate comic book costumes to the small screen without them looking hokey or cheap.

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For instance, real feathered wings were created for Hawkman that had a fifteen-foot wingspan. This featurette is a wonderful look into the process of creating Smallville as a show, as well as a tribute to the care and thought that goes into treating this historical comic book material with the respect that it deserves. To my eyes, Smallville has never looked as dazzling as it does on blu-ray.

One can only hope that if there is a Justice League film coming to the big screen in the next few years, DC Comics will allow Tom Welling to reprise his role as Superman, with Erica Durance as the phenomenal and lovely Lois Lane.

Even better, there should be a Smallville feature film created soon with these actors, reprising their wonderful characters.