Gretchen and jeff age difference dating

Gretchen Rossi Gets Millions From Dead Fiance Jeff Beitzel - Reality Tea

“Oh and and his name was Jeff, not 'old guy',” Gretchen Rossi replied, show behind, Gretchen Rossi has continued with her relationship with. Real Housewives of Orange County stars Gretchen Rossi and “We said, May 24, 'cause that's the date we had picked,” Rossi recalled to Jeff Lewis Live. Though Smiley had children from a previous relationship, Rossi. Gretchen Rossi, who is thirty-years-old, attended the funeral of Orange County” has lost her fiancee, Jeffrey Beitzel, to leukemia. season and it appears that Rossi's relationship with Beitzel is going to be a major part of the show. Date All other stock awards (# of shares of stocks or units) Number of.

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gretchen and jeff age difference dating

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gretchen and jeff age difference dating

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