Iris and barry dating services

Sorry, Iris and Felicity: Why Fans Will Fall for Barry's New Love Interest on The Flash! | E! News

iris and barry dating services

Will Barry Allen and Iris West finally become the couple destined for marriage on The Flash? Though the duo have been on a rollercoaster of. First of all, let us just say we love Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West ( Candice Patton). We love them together, we love them individually. Linda is on the scene and immediately starts dating Barry, so it's interesting for Iris to watch and deal with her feelings for Barry as she watches.

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When it comes to Caitlin Snow's love life, we know two things: She's attracted to really ridiculously handsome men who also happen to have superpowers -- luckily, Barry fits both of those requirements. And now that she's had a stretch of time to grieve the loss of Ronnie Raymond for the second time Poor girl can't catch a break! Hmmm… we have a feeling Caitlyn will definitely be kissing a speedster this Christmas -- the question is: Fans officially freaked out last season when we were given a glimpse into The Flash's future and saw that Iris' surname on her byline read West-Allen, so is Iris ever going to react to this marital news?

I think she knows that it's a possibility, you know Eddie told her that's what's on the paper, so I think in some way she'd deeply aware that that's a possibility. That's what's so great about this show is we kind of have that hanging over our heads.

iris and barry dating services

That date, what is it Hopefully we're still on the air and we can see that come to fruition," she said with a laugh. Despite the fact that Barry is in the beginning stages of a romance with someone else, Patton believes that Iris and Barry are more of an endgame couple.

So I think it's nice to know that at some point all of the sexual and romantic tension can kind of come to a head. Who do you think Barry belongs with: However, it didn't take long for the time travel to catch up with him and Barry began forgetting the events of his previous life and risked losing his ability to remember he was The Flash at all.

He freed Reverse Flash to help him back to his old timeline, finding everything to be the same as when he left it except for the fact that Joe and Iris no longer speak to each other.

iris and barry dating services

The Flash premiere proves speed isn't Barry's greatest power "What's hard about that is that we've watched two seasons of the West family being such a tight-knit unit," Patton told TVGuide. Iris and her father don't have a great relationship. That's something that Barry is going to struggle with and obviously he'll want to fix it in whatever way he can.

iris and barry dating services

That's something that will have to be addressed in the next episode when Barry finds Iris again. It'll be really interesting to see what she remembers and what she doesn't about that specific event," Patton confessed.

Everything you need to know about The Flash Season 3 Yes, it's like Season 1 all over again, and when Barry and Iris were finally on track to being together and then time-travel rerouted their romantic destiny.

iris and barry dating services

However, Patton promises that there's a lot of Barry and Iris cuteness to come just like the unbelievably adorable meet-cute they had in the premiere. It's really fun to see. It's personally my favorite part of shooting the show. If you like that aspect of our show you're going to be really, really pleased," Patton said.

iris and barry dating services

So, while Barry and Iris might be far apart right now, fans should remain optimistic.