Is beck and trina dating

Beck teaches Trina a Lesson? Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

is beck and trina dating

Robbies help to ej are beck and trina dating emma forrest and colin farrell dating playlist. #beck oliver for ariana.! not to laugh, and recruits tori tie trina. Mishap. Beck finds out that Trina is spreading rumors about them dating and tries to teach her a lesson about lying. Things work out a little differently. Trina dating Beck was having the same effect. Suddenly Trina was a joy to have around the house, her parents were amazed at how helpful.

Do you remember when you were being mean to Tori, and you pretended that she hit you in stage fighting class and got her into trouble?

Beck teaches Trina a Lesson? Chapter 2, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

She didn't tell on you, and took the punishment, and do you remember why? She said that we all have to go to school here and if we are constantly fighting none of us will enjoy it. Tori is still the same now as she was then. The others may surprise you too. So, what do I do first? Tomorrow, come and sit with us at lunch, it will be like old times.

Well, you could apologize for being, you know, you these last few weeks. Then tell them about the play and ask them to be in it. Ok, I will see you tomorrow. The next day Jade made an effort. Her first victim was Andre Harris. Jade was standing by her locker when Andre walked by on his way to his. Good morning, Andre Andre jerked his head around and almost walked into the wall. Um, hi Jade, how's it going? Jade smiled as she walked past him: Tori Vega was standing in front of her open locker choosing the books and note pads she would need for the morning.

Having made her selection the closed the door; she stared straight into the smiling face of Jade West. Hi there Tori Jade: Care to walk to class together? Jade opened the door and let Tori go in first. After you Tori walked in, but turned slightly so she could keep an eye on Jade. Once she was safely inside she turned forward again to find a seat. Jade sat down next to her. Jade was nice to everyone in every class that morning; she even managed to refrain from commenting on some of Sikowitz' antics during his classes.

Finally lunch time was approaching and Cat met up with Jade. I think so; I have been trying to be different all day. I know, I have heard, but now comes the big test. Do you guys mind if Cat and I join you? Everyone at the table looked at each other in surprise, and then looked back at Jade.

Sure you guys, have a seat. Jade has something that she wants to tell you! What is it Jade? Listen, guys, I may have been a bit difficult, the last few weeks eyebrows shoot up around the tableor maybe a little longer. I just wanted to say that I am sorry, and I was wondering if we all could be fr…fr. Jade are you trying to say that you want to be friends with all of us? Jade puts her head down and very quietly says Yes. There is a stunned silence around the table.

People are looking at each other, almost not sure whether to believe it or not. No one is saying or doing anything, finally Jade stands up and turns as if she is about to leave.

I knew this was a bad idea.

Are beck and trina dating

Cat spreads her feet apart and puts her hands on her hips. She is actually looking angry, if that is possible for Cat. Come on you guys! Do you know how hard it was for Jade to apologize to you and then to ask you to be her friend? It was very hard, this is Jade we are talking about, and yet she did it.

You always claim to be nice and kind, but someone is reaching out to you and you are ignoring her. There was some more embarrassed silence, then suddenly Robbie began clapping, then Andre, then Tori finally even Beck and Trina.

Curtsying Thank you, thank you! Ok, what is going on here!

is beck and trina dating

Well, we don't know about you, but we think that Cat just gave a masterful performance as a friend trying to get another friend accepted, and we were just applauding the effort. So wait, you knew all about this then? Cat told us last night; including the part about you needing us to put on your play for your project.

Cat, I can't believe you set me up like this! She told us what was happening with you and we kind of talked her into it. So you guys know everything, and you still want to help me, why? Because I have really missed you. But wait, you are dating Trina now, and you guys look so happy.

Isn't Trina going to be hurt if we get back together? Trina, you want to handle this one? Jade, these last few weeks with Beck have been the happiest in my life.

Jade being with Beck has done wonders for my self esteem. I am not worried now about being the best actress or singer, I know what I can and can't do and I am happy with that.

I won't tell you that dating Beck wasn't great; I think you know he is really a special guy. She gets close and whispers to Jade And I can't think of anyone better to be my first. But I still don't understand, then why… Trina: Jade, Beck and I had a great time, but I could tell that he was not over you, and after a week or so he started knowing it too.

We were trying to make the best of it, but were really trying to find a way to fix everything and make it right. Then Cat came and talked to us about your problem, and the solution was apparent But if Beck and I get back together, that leaves you with no one. Wow, you really have changed; the old Jade West would never have worried about something like that! But don't worry; remember my original plan about spreading the rumor that Beck and I were dating just to get guys interested in me?

Well you should see the line-up of hot guys that want to date me now that they know Beck and I were dating; my calendar is booked until next year! So, what do we do now? Well if you don't mind a suggestion, have him throw you up against a wall, tear off your clothes and make love to you, it worked for me!

Time to go home and throw some ice water on you. Sorry, no time, my first post-Beck date is tonight! My RV has a nice wall in it. Do you want me to make you some dinner? Would you make me a chicken? Oh, yes, yes I'll make you a chicken. This was supposed to be the part where Beck kissed her and then walked away, but Beck kissed her, then pulled her tightly against him.

Her lips were soft and delicious, her mouth was slightly open with surprise and Beck could not resist exploring it with his tongue. Trina began to respond, and as she wriggled closer to Beck, he felt her large soft breasts pressing against his chest. The plan did not call for Beck pulling Trina's blouse up and over her head and tossing it on the floor, nor did it call for him releasing the catch on her bra and discarding it, leaving her massive breasts free and loose, nipples hard and erect.

Beck pushed Trina up against the wall and began to kiss down her neck and nibble at it in places. He brought his hands up and began to play with Trina's breasts catching her nipples between his fingers and rolling them around. Trina began softly moaning, and could feel herself starting to get very wet. Beck began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples, which inflamed her passion even more. Trina's breath was coming in gulps now, and her tight stomach muscles were flexing and relaxing to accommodate it.

Beck left her now hyper sensitive breasts and licked a straight line from her breasts down to her shorts, his tongue tickling her stomach as it went.

Trina was losing control rapidly, and did not even try to stop Beck as he unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

Trina was a tiny piece of nylon from being totally exposed to Beck, and in a second her panties were gone and Beck's tongue had found its way inside her. Beck was devouring Trina like a starving wolf attacking a steak, his tongue lapping up her juices and probing her insides, consistently stimulating her clitoris and bring her to the very edge, and then Trina let go, her body was racked with spasms and she found herself in the throes of a massive orgasm.

Trina's knees became weak and Beck had to hold her up, until she finished. She fell forward exhausted and Beck caught her and laid her gently down stroking her hair tenderly. Trina could have stayed there forever, basking in the afterglow and feeling Beck playing with her hair.

The sound of a door opening and voices snapped them out of their trance. The next class was coming! Trina got a surge of adrenaline and quickly gathered her clothes and threw them on, and then she and Beck made their way out the side door and off to their next classes. Beck could not concentrate the rest of the day, nor could Trina. The end of the day came before either one of them knew it, and soon Trina was on her way home and so was Beck.

Trina began to scramble to get to prepare dinner for Beck. Trina's domestic skill were as lacking as her singing and dancing, however and three hours later she was still stuck with a partially frozen turkey and no the chicken she had promised.

Beck on the other hand was getting ready in his RV when he realized that he had actually made love to Trina, and to be honest, he had kind of liked it. He was ready to throw his prior plan out the window and enjoy an evening of a home cooked meal with a beautiful girl, and maybe continue where they left off. Beck though, Andre and Robbie were not aware of the change in plans and were going to go ahead with the original idea and make a fool out of Trina.

Beck tried to call Andre and Robbie, but there was no answer! It was getting late now and Beck had to get moving. His only hope was that he could get to Andre and Robbie before they got to Trina and call them off. Trina had failed at cooking the turkey and popped it into the microwave, hoping that it would be ready on time.

She had just taken it out and put it on the table when the doorbell rang. That must be Beck, she thought. Trina ran to the door throwing off her apron as she went. One last attempt to straighten her dress and Trina opened the door. Instead of Beck, though, Andre Harris was standing there! Andre was familiar with the Vega household, having been there many a time with Tori and with Trina when they rehearsed for the Showcase so he thought nothing of walking right in.

Andre hi, uh, Tori is not home! I know, I am not here for Tori. Well, I have a date tonight and… Andre: I Know, with Beck!

Is there something wrong with me? Am I not handsome? Do I not have a happy-go-skippy personality? Yes, of course, but Andre reaches out and hugs Trina closely, Let me show you the joys of Andre…. Andre dips Trina, bending her over backwards as he sings, Let me love you…. Suddenly Beck is standing at the open door. What is going on here? Trina, bent backward, has a perfect view, although upside down of Beck at the door.

Andre lets her up and faces Beck Andre: What's going on is that you were just leaving! I have a date with Trina, we are having chicken. Actually it might be more of a turkey now…. Puts his hand over his heart, dramatically: Turkey is my favorite!. Yo, Trina likes me! Maybe I'm about to change old Trina's mind. Don't tell me what to do, you. Ok Boys this isn't very nice….

is beck and trina dating

I always felt you were anti-Canadian Andre: Yeah, well what are you going to do aboot it? Hit me with a hockey stick? Hey scuffle for a moment then Andre and Trina sit down and Beck is still pacing: Will you tell this punk nut that you like me?

Trina made a chicken for me! Don't you listen to her? Trina made a turkey. Why would you want to date a Canadian that doesn't know one food bird from another? I have an idea, why don't all three of us eat the turkey? No, you pick me, or you pick him!

Grabs Beck's shirt Well maybe I'll just pick you up and throw you out the door! Standing at the door with flowers: He sniffs the air Did someone microwave a turkey? Who are those flowers for? They better be for Beck! I hear some guys in the locker room saying that Beck had asked you out, so I thought I would ask you too. Leaps to the door and grabs a shovel off the fire place and starts swinging it as he chases Robbie in the house, followed by Beck.

A Major fight ensuew with all three of the boys involved until Andre gets Robbie down on the other side of the Island away from Trina's view. He picks up a teapot and prepares to swing it at Robbie. Beck is holding Trina, back so she won't see what is about to happen to Robbie and Andre swings the pot down with appropriate sound effects, as if he really was hitting him.

Trina panics and breaks free from Beck and runs to the garage to get her father for help. Trina enters with her dad, telling him about the horrible fight, but as they look around for the bodies there are none. Vega sees the boys by the couch and walks over to them. We are doing a puppet show! But they were just…in there….

Just do me a favor, when you go away to college, make it somewhere far away…. He exits, shaking his head. Sticks his king puppet up to Trina: Trina, have you learned your Lesson? Meow The boys all dance around Trina and then run out the door leaving her standing there, confused and hurt.

The boys all got together outside. Beck, your plan was great; did you see the look on Trina's face? It will be a long time before she spreads another rumor… Beck: Looking down at the ground.

Yeah it went really great. What's wrong, didn't everything go the way you wanted it? Not really, where were you guys after school, I was trying to call you off?

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Call us off, why? Because, this afternoon at school, Trina and I sort of connected… he blushes furiously Andre: You dog, you…you and Trina…? Yes and I was trying to call you guys off, I really wanted to have a date with Trina tonight. Well why didn't you just stop us. Because, once everything got started I didn't know what was best. Andre had already started things and I just got into character and went with it.