Kim possible and ron stoppable dating

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kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Kim's father is Dr. James Timothy Possible, a rocket scientist. long Bonnie has actually known Kim and her best friend (and later boyfriend), Ron Stoppable. Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their However there were some incidents even before they started dating which hinted they .. Kim Possible: You do me proud, Ron Stoppable, by just being you . Along with her best friend Ron Stoppable, his pet naked mole rat, and . So The Drama, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable finally started dating.

Now let's move on to their relationship. While they were friends, they had a tight bond and cared for each other. These two people honestly had a real friendship with each other that I can say felt genuinely real since I have my own guy friend.

They either felt jealous or rooted for each other's crushes.

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Now moving on even more to season 3, there were major clues that Kim and Ron were destined to be more than just friends especially in the episode, Emotion Sickness, which shows Kim's emotions being manipulated to the point of falling in love with Ron.

Ron did not realize that Kim's emotions were being manipulated at all and was confused. Wade's reaction said it all, that kiss was out-of-nowhere but Ron clearly liked it.

Though Ron was also very worrisome of the whole idea of Kim and himself being a couple. He did try to convince himself that it was ok. Ron was always anxious of the idea of dating KP because if they broke then things would be awkward but it isn't a mystery that Ron wasn't totally against the idea of himself with Kim.

She is beautiful and fierce.

Ron Stoppable/Relationships

Now all Kim Possible fans know that those two end up getting together at the end of So The Drama with that one beautiful first kiss. And in season 4, they started dating.

kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Their relationship was even stronger and the two of them were an even cuter couple. Ron truly cared for Kim and vice versa.

I saw their relationship bump up to a whole other level already and saw their love for each other develop. And when I saw the posters of how Ron got out of the friend zone with Kim, I agreed and giggled about how it was true. Then I stumbled upon this tumblr post, which made me start to rethink some things.

kim possible and ron stoppable dating

If you can't read the dialogue, it was from the season 4 episode, Homecoming Upset, where Ron and Bonnie won the titles of Homecoming king and queen, which to Kim's dismay meant they spent a lot of time together doing many activities for the community.

Anyway the scene was when Bonnie forcibly kisses Ron and Kim walks in. Ron tries explaining himself by saying Bonnie kissed him and which Kim replies, "No kidding.

It took you twelve stinking years to kiss me".

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Which is not only hilarious but gives us a big clue. I hope you like the story!

Disney owns Kim Possible and all of its characters, I don't. The seventeen-year-old had been exhausted from the events the night before, but a good night's sleep had cured her fatigue.

kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Slowly, she opened her emerald green eyes, a smile meeting her face. She could not stop thinking about the previous night before.

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Dancing under the disco ball had brought along the two's first official kiss as a couple. Kim knew that she would never forget it. Stretching, she rolled over in bed and accidently crashed to the floor. Lost in her thoughts, she must have misjudged the edge of the bed. Suddenly Kim was aware of snickers coming from her doorway. Lifting her head, her eyes rested on her twin brothers, Jim and Tim.

kim possible and ron stoppable dating

Their shoulders were shaking with laughter. Kim chased them but suddenly stopped when she reached the top of the stairs.

A thought had just occurred to her.

kim possible and ron stoppable dating

How would she face her parents? She hadn't thought about that since the night before. They had said that they were okay with it, but that was about it.