Koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

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koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

After dating Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, onlineradiobg.infoar has got his hands on Sonakshi refused to be on Koffee With Karan without Shahid India Today Online: New Delhi; February 4, ; UPDATED: February 4, IST. By The Telegraph Online Koffee with Karan airs tonight at 9pm on STAR World Rajkumar team of Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha are Karan Johar's Kapoor): This is the first time you're here without the girlfriend. First he came with Kareena Kapoor (now Khan), his then girlfriend. Karan Johar's Valentine's day bash for singles: Sonakshi Sinha, Bhumi.

K Jo welcomes her in the show.

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Sonakshi says I am little bit cautious this time, as last time I was linked up with Ranveer Singh as I praised him on this show.

Karan says its lovely to see you in totally different light. Karan says you have been given a good performance in Lootera, but you are not a size zero type of girl.

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Is there any conjunction about your personal life, who is Sonakshi Sinha dating, no one knows, you are really clever. I wanted to get married since I was 16 and wished to have two children, but its far off dream now. Are you that Gharelu types? We also think so about you!! How was it working with Shahid?

Great, I did not know him before, but he thought I have an attitude problem and he did not send his hello to me. Karan then welcomes Shahid who has been in the industry for ten years. Sonakshi and Karan hug Shahid.

Sonakshi refused to be on Koffee With Karan without Shahid - Movies News

Shahid likes the couch. How does it feel to be without a girlfriend? Common to every man!! Have you erased Priyanka and Kareena from your memory?

koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

Nope, but I have some bad memories which I wish to forget. You had two solid exes. What about sexual freedom? Its family show Karan!! It can be even there when I m with my girlfriend in any relationship? Does that mean you can make up with anyone being in any relationship?

Is your status clear with Aditya Chopra?

koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

Have you ever wept at any corner seeing your flops? Its time when you have to tell yourself about the thicks.

TV Review: Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha on 'Koffee With Karan'

You have to believe in yourself, I m good at what I do. My focus is to make people I work with happy. Where you relieved when you read about box office review of Rajkumar?

I saw a message from my producer about the success and I got little emotional. Is it true that men take longer. Sonakshi and Shahid laughs falling on the couch. Does he take longer than you Sonakshi? She reaches before I do.

Put him before the mirror and then see. Shahid and Sonakshi pull their legs on the show. I also love how she's proud of her curves, and it was interesting when she said she's had fans who love that quality about her saying it makes her more real and relatable.

koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

The actress was extra cautious with her answers this time round, probably because her gushing over Ranveer Singh the last time she showed up on the show got tongues wagging, so fair play to her. And by her own admission, she is quite the good 'gharelu' girl but seemed ever so slightly annoyed that Kareena Kapoor referred to her as a 'housewife' when she was on the couch a few weeks back.

Shahid Kapoor on this week's episode was a revelation! On his previous outings on the show, the actor has been a little guarded and diplomatic probably because Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, with whom he appeared with previously are such big personalities themselvesbut this time round, Shahid threw caution to the wind and let loose, and I loved that he somehow managed to shed his goody two shoes image, which has been associated with him for a while.

I prefer this newer, bolder, risque chap that we had on the show this time around.

koffee with karan shahid and sonakshi online dating

Apparently, it was the first time that Shahid had appeared on the show without someone he was dating, but that clearly doesn't ring true anymore, since Shahid is supposed to be dating Sonakshi, and this only seems to have come about a bit after the show was shot.

Which is just as well, because we would have had a whole show where host Karan would have just grilled them on being an item, which in itself is getting a little old and boring now. Shahid was very candid about his equation with both his exes, and that made for a change too. It's getting a little old with all these celebrities denying their link ups and affairs, it's the 21st Century for Chrissake, just let your hair down and own up!

When Shahid rest on Sonakshi's lap

It was interesting how the actor said he's a little awkward with Kareena and has no friendly vibes with her, where as him and Priyanka get along just fine and even hang out together.

Shahid's subtle dig about going through his girlfriend's text messages didn't go unnoticed either — was he referring to when Kareena allegedly cheated on him with Saif Ali Khan during the Tashan days I wonder? The actor was also forthright about his flamboyant, casanova image that seems to be making headlines these days — right from casual flings in Goa, his sexual fantasies, his wild time in Ibiza and giving up movies for sex, the actor didn't hold back at all and I absolutely loved that about this week's show!

According to the Shahid, he would never date an actress again, because he's learnt from his previous mistakes, he was unemployed for a while, and the issues between him and Aditya Chopra over Shahid walking out of Shuddh Desi Romance seem to have been resolved too.