Lancifer and meekakitty dating

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Replying to @TessaViolet @meekakitty. This boy MISSED OUT Honestly this is giving me life, and it's *almost* enough to make me join a dating app. 1 reply 0. IT'S CHILL - LANCIFER FEAT MEEKAKITTY OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO. (we'll probably have to pick the date for you based on our routing but. Tessa Violet Williams born March 20 better known as Tessa Violet and " It's Chill" (Lancifer featuring Meekakitty) (); "The Break Up.

It's not me; it's you. Yeah, the more I think about it- it's definitely you. But it might be me Cause me decided to date you. When we went out on our first date You said you don't eat anything with a face. Then for the next 18 months I ate sausage made from rice and walnuts.

lancifer and meekakitty dating

Now that we're parting ways Newflash! Fish have a face.

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Unless it's in a Newton, No! He doesn't want another fig! It's you; It's you. No doubt about it- it was always totally you. Now it's up to me And me is now dumping you.

I hope that I don't receive any hate because this was all for her. If you would like to show your appreciation could you please go on my gaming channel, and just check out some videos just a click and a like would make my day.


Night Shawnalon Shake It! Thank you and goodnight. I post pictures and make speaks and stuff all the time. Bring me the gifs. There's even an owl one. Long version of this making of can be found here: She just started her channel and she's awesome!

Who would have known that I could like a boy like you Tall dark and Slytherin, what's a girl to do? Nanalew viral video "Sail" which has amassed over million views.

On September 24,Violet appeared in a music video by Family Force 5.

lancifer and meekakitty dating

The song was a remixed version of "Cray Button", and featured Christian rapper Lecrae. Music[ edit ] In Spring ofwhile Violet was staying in Canada, she began sending demos of her songs to Reuben to get his opinion on the album's potential. Originally going into the LA studio for a weekend to try production on a track "Rose Tyler's Song", another fandom-based song this time Doctor Whothe trio explored production on one of Violet's non-comedy songs "Sorry I'm Not Sorry", which later became track 7 on the record.

Violet speaking at VidCon on June 28, InViolet released her album Maybe Trapped Mostly Troubled and for the first time broke away from the username "meekakitty", releasing it under the name "Tessa Violet". The album explores love, love lost, and themes of anxiety, self-worth, and co-dependency.

Tessa Violet

While the fourth track "Make Me a Robot" boasts EDM influences and autotuned vocals, the final track "Now That We're Done" is a single mic, one take folk song with simple guitar, vocals, and body drums.

Despite the variety in production, the songs are tied together through melody and guitar. It was well received by fans. The EP contains five songs, including the single, Dream, which had a music video released for it on September 16,