Mine and tatsumi dating advice

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mine and tatsumi dating advice

The Akame ga Kill! manga and anime series features an extensive cast of fictional characters. The visuals of the characters were designed by Tetsuya Tashiro, while their stories were created by Takahiro. The story focuses on Tatsumi, a young warrior who joins an assassin group . Tatsumi is enraged and plans to carry out Mine's goal to come out on top. Tatsumi and mine dating Free Love Dating With Beautiful Persons. Mine:My boyfriend is to tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do Tatsumi:NO TO ALL OF THOSE. Lubbock:Hey Tatsumi, I need relationship advice.

When Budo battled with Tatsumi after his Teigu evolved, he notes Incursio's progress and realizes that his opponent may have done the impossible by somewhat fusing with his Teigu. Budo is killed by Mine during their rescue operation on Tatsumi.


The group is led by Syura who gathered world-class criminals gathered from various regions under the Prime Minister's orders, and most of them carry a Teigu, although some of them are strong enough to fight without a Teigu. All six members enjoy abusing their new found authority to satisfy their own urges of bloodlust while justifying their actions under the pretense of investigating the whereabouts of Night Raid - the reason for their existence. Unlike the Jaegers, Syura shows no camaraderie towards the members of Wild Hunt.

He is indifferent to their deaths, instead valuing only their usefulness in combat. When Run managed to discover irrefutable evidence that Syura released Dr.

He regards the Empire as a toy and uses Wild Hunt to promote unrest in the Empire. While he respects his father and they have an amiable relationship, sharing the same corrupted personalities, Syura desires to surpass his father and become emperor.

Prior to making himself known, Syura released many of Dr. Stylish experimental Danger Beasts to kill before the Jeagers managed to wipe out most of them. After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Wave and enduring a scolding from his unimpressed father, Syura swears vengeance against Wave. Syura brags about his relationship with the Minister to his victims and enemies so as to intimidate them into submission, but is nevertheless a skilled fighter, having learned various martial art styles throughout his travels.

He wields the Teigu, "Dimensional Formation: Shanbaraa pendant that allows him to teleport anyone within its trigram circle symbol over large distances. His Teigu was destroyed when Izou slashed through it to kill Lubbock. He wields the Teigu "Ace Solution: As he is the one who killed Run's students, Run swore vengeance against him and succeeded in killing him with his own flame orb.

His Teigu was retrieved by Night Raid. A singer, and rather lewd young woman, she was convicted of being a witch by a witch hunt.

mine and tatsumi dating advice

Her family was burned to death, but she survived with a shattered psyche. Her Teigu is "Earth Shaker: She was shot by Mine and her Teigu was retrieved by Night Raid. Unlike Champ and Enshin, however, Cosmina possesses tremendous vitality, and survived long enough for Dorothea to utilize her alchemy to save her, but suffered brain damage while her heart was stopped.

She was modified into a spider-like centaur creature by Dorothea. She was later killed when Tatsumi bisects her. She joined Syura in the hopes of meeting Dr. Stylish to combine her alchemy with his altered body. Her Teigu is "Blood Collection: Abuzodekkua set of fangs that allows her to drink her victims' blood in a vampire-like fashion in order to strengthen and heal herself, something she greatly enjoys doing.

Her alchemy proves instrumental in saving Cosmina's life, though it cannot save anyone who has already died. It was also due to alchemy that Dorothea appears so young: She was killed by Leone who crushed her with a boulder. He wields the Teigu "Moonlight Sword Dance: He is killed by Akame and his Teigu is retrieved by Night Raid. Syura has noted that as long as Izou is present he can make it up for Wild Hunt's lost military strength, even with Enshin and Champ dead and Cosmina recovering.

He kills Lubbock when he tries to escape from the palace after being captured. He is later killed by Akame. All members of the unit are children raised since childhood in the arts of assassination and Akame was a member of them, ranked no. He did not include Kurome amongst the seven as she finished in eighth place, and he did not want sisterly affections to interfere with their combat efficiencies.

He refers them as his "children" and they in turn referred him as "father". He remains paired with her when they go on their next mission: While Mine kills Iokal with one shot the remaining members of Night Raid are left to deal with his bodyguards.

Tatsumi and Mine retreat as her job is done and Tatsumi is not strong enough to face the bodyguards. While leaving he learns why Mine fights against the Empire. One of the Guards, however, escapes and attacks Mine, and Tatsumi latches on to the attacker, telling Mine to take the shot at close range.

When she starts to object, he tells her he has faith in her. Mine kills the attacker, and is about to accept Tatsumi before he hits her on the forehead, complaining that she nearly killed him as well. The two return to the hideout, having grown a bit closer after this experience. Tatsumi is then paired with Akame and ordered to recover a Teigu from the serial killer Zanku The Beheader. He learns from Akame about the weapon relics known as "Teigu".

He is then tricked by Zanku who creates an illusion of Sayo to lure Tatsumi to him, and he is separated from Akame in the process. While Tatsumi holds his ground against Zanku, the serial killer uses his Teigu Spectator to give him the upper hand, and he proves too much for Tatsumi, Akame however, arrives just in time to save Tatsumi, and defeats Zanku with her superior speed and will.

The pair return with the Teigu to the hideout. Still unable to accept the death of his friends, Tatsumi is found at his friends' grave site by Akame, who tells him to help her get dinner ready.

Sheele comforting Tatsumi He then is placed under Sheele, who at first disliked him, but is unable to recall why. She trains him by making him swim in heavy armor. He learns why she fights against the Empire and why she is in charge of training he enjoys the last reason. Later at a Night Raid meeting, Najenda had him try on Spectator, and the Teigu rejects him as a user, but not before Tatsumi uses its special ability to see Sheele, Mine, and Akame in their underwear. He asks if there are Teigu that can bring the dead back to life and is deeply hurt when the other Night Raid members tell him that there is no such Teigu.

Sheele notices that there is deeper reasoning to this and finds him at the graves of his friends, trying to hold back tears, stating that he had hoped that there was a Teigu able to bring the dead back. She hugs him and tells him that it is okay to cry. Sheele comforts him, holding him in her arms.

He thanked her for her kindness, and from that point the two became closer. He is finally able to let go of his friends and accepts their deaths. Next, Tatsumi is placed with Leone and sent with her to the Capital to complete a mission.

mine and tatsumi dating advice

He learns that she is very popular in her home district. The two are separated when a gang of men she had swindled out of money come after her. He then meets Seryuwho helps him find the bar he was ordered to find, and reunites with Leone there.

They enter the targeted building and witness a gang kill a drugged prostitute, a girl that Leone knew from the streets. Together, they eliminate all the gangsters in the building. When he asks Leone what will happen to the girls, she replies that it isn't their problem, but then tells him that she knows a doctor who will look after the wounded girls if she asks him to. Tatsumi notes her kindness with a smile and she "marks him" as hers. Tatsumi wonders how the other team Sheele and Mine are doing.

Mine returns to the hideout, sharing the bad news of Sheele's demise at the hands of Seryu Ubiquitous. Tatsumi and the rest of Night Raid are devastated and enraged. Tatsumi begins to leave to get revenge on Seryu, but is stopped by Bulat, who tells him to stop acting childish. He is told to help Akame with cooking dinner while Mine recovers. Still in distress himself, Tatsumi wonders how Akame can stay calm and collected when one of their comrades has been killed.

The two complete their mission, slaughtering them, and as they are leaving, Tatsumi hears a child's voice calling for his father, who was a child to one of the brothers. Angry at himself, Tatsumi leaves quickly. The next morning, Tatsumi attempts to clean the bloodstain from his sword while thinking about how the boy only saw the Kobores brother as a good father, instead of the villain he actually was.

Leone shows up and tells him that he could scrub the sword for his entire life, but the stain of blood would never fade. While she tries to cheer him up, he asks where she got her Teigu and why she fights the Empire. While he finds that her reasons give him strength, he is still troubled.

Later that night as he goes to eat, he witnesses Akame preparing Sheele 's favorite food to offer to her grave, and Tatsumi tells her that he admires the way she can remain so unaffected, and that losing a friend is something that he will have to get used to like her. Akame grabs Tatsumi, and tearfully tells him that she will never get used to losing her friends. Tatsumi realizes that she was just as affected as he was, and swears to her that he will never put her through the pain of losing him.

He begins training with Akame with a new determination, unwilling to stop until he becomes strong enough to live up to his promise with her. He is interrupted by Bulatwho offers to train Tatsumi so he can become stronger, Tatsumi accepts and goes with Bulat to Mt.

Fake, where he and Bulat fight against tree beasts as part of his training. The two bond as they put their lives on the line battling the danger beasts of the mountain.

When the two return to the hideout, Night Raid has a meeting to discuss the Prime Ministerwho has begun to order his political enemies to be killed, simultaneously using Night Raid as a scapegoat and blaming them for the assassinations. Najenda also notes that Esdeath has returned to the Capital, having finished with her campaign against the Northern Tribes.

Lastly, Najenda notes that she has lost contact with the Night Raid away team, and worries that they have been wiped out. Bulat and Tatsumi are then assigned the task of protecting another of the Prime Minister's political enemies, who is aboard the cruise ship, "Ryuusen". Tatsumi Calling Incursio for the first time Tatsumi and Bulat arrive at the luxury liner and board, Bulat uses Incursio's stealth ability to scout out the area for potential attackers.

The Three Beasts arrive at the same time and begin to search for their target.

Anyone besides me hope..

Tatsumi learns of Bulat's past, and the reason why he fights the Empire. Bulat then must retreat to the interior of the ship as the time limit on Incursio's stealth ability had been reached. Bulat then leaves for the interior of the ship, leaving Tatsumi in charge of watching for the assassins.

While he is gone, Tatsumi is weakened by the Teigu Scream 's music, and the crew and most of the guests are put to sleep. Tatsumi is attacked by Daidarawhose Teigu gives him a major advantage, but Tatsumi is able to hold his own until Bulat shows up. Bulat tells Tatsumi to watch his battle closely and memorize his movements, as the other members of the Three Beasts arrive.

Bulat evades their attacks, leaping high into the air, knocking out Nyauand quickly uses Neuntote to cut Daidara in half, killing him instantly. He then begins to fight with Liverhis former superior from his days with the Empire. Still able to fight, Nyau attempts to play Scream to give Liver an advantage, but is stopped by Tatsumi.

While Bulat fights Liver, Tatsumi keeps Nyau from interfering, but is unable to keep him occupied for the whole fight and Nyau defeats him, stopping Bulat from landing the killing blow on Liver. While Bulat ends up defeating Liver, he is poisoned and wounded.

Tatsumi grabs Bulat and attempts to escape with him, but is stopped by Nyau who uses his trump card, growing to full adult size. Bulat entrusts Tatsumi with his sword, saying that it is Incursio's key and to use it. Tatsumi's will is so strong that the Teigu's core evolves to match him. With this new power, Tatsumi kills Nyau in one punch.

Bulat succumbs due to his wounds and the deadly poison that Liver used in their fight. Tatsumi sobs as his friend and mentor passes away before him. He then takes the rest of the Teigu along with him back to the Night Raid hideout. Some time after this event, Mines injuries were completely healed, and she immediately began to train in order to become stronger and avenge Sheele.

She finds both Akame and Leone helping Tatsumi and Lubbock train, sitting on their backs as they do pushups. Tatsumi tells her that he is training so he can use Incursio more effectively, and to be able to use its stealth ability for a longer period of time.

Lubbock adds that he and Tatsumi are now the only men left in Night Raid, so he should better start getting serious. Najenda arrives to tell everyone that she is leaving for The Revolutionary Army HQ, in order to hand over the Teigu that Tatsumi gathered. Before leaving, she places Akame in charge, and offers Tatsumi some words of comfort, telling him that he is strong. Leone tells Tatsumi that Bulat had faith in Tatsumi's abilities, and was sure that he would someday become extremely powerful, surpassing even his former mentor.

Najenda informs the team of their newest mission, which is to assassinate the empire spy Bolic. Unfortunately, they can't do anything at the moment as the Jaegers are actively hunting them.

Najenda develops a plan to lure them outside the capital and battle them head on. On the day of the confrontation with the Jaegers, Mine notes how similar in looks Kurome is to Akame so she wants to spare Akame the pain of having to kill her sister only for her shot to be dodged.

During the battle, Mine attempts to take out Kurome again only to be intercepted by Natala and Doyathe pair have an intense shootout with Mine coming out the victor. Mine is then swallowed whole by Kurome's final puppet, the Kaiser Frog.

Blasting holes into the frog's body, she is safe from its stomach acids. Both units are forced to retreat after Bols uses his trump card. The pair is able to blend in with population where Mine notes Tatsumi's grown. The group clashes with three of the four Rakshasa Demons head out to some ruins of the city leading to an extended stay in the city.

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While gathering information outside some ruins, Mine and Tatsumi are ambushed by Seryu and Suzuka. In their second battle Mine tells Seryu that the irony of Seryu's morals, stating that although she claims to fight for justice, she is no different from any evil person. Mine plans to take her down without mercy. As they battled, she nearly destroys Koro's core, so Seryu has him transform into his berserker form. During this moment, Mine is momentarily defeated until she recalls her past as well her memories of Sheele and Chelsea.

As Seryu and Koro descend upon her, the surge of emotions allows her to unleash Pumpkin's trump card and bifurcates Koro as well as Seryu. Mine told her she made her mad which cost her the battle so Seryu's final act was to detonate the bomb inside of her body in a last-ditch attempt to kill Mine unfortunately, Mine is unable to finish Seryu due to Pumpkin being overheated.

Mine attempts to escape, but due to her injuries, she cannot move far enough in time. The bomb detonates, which finally kills Seryu and Koro and Mine is saved at the last second by Tatsumi. A month after her battle with Seryu, she spots Tatsumi about to leave with Lubbock and volunteers to go with him. While investigating they once again meet up with the path of peace leader who sits down to talk with them.

He tells the pair about how he came to power and Tatsumi tries asking him if he can sense human darkness.

mine and tatsumi dating advice

He admits that he can sense some darkness in some of the leaders but since they helped the organization reach as far as it has he has chosen to trust them. Before leaving, the path of peace leader casually comments that Mine and Tatsumi are closer than they were before and that they should treasure the moment. The day before they attacked Bolic, Susanoo prepared everyone's favorite dishes.

Mine received a strawberry parfait. Mine tries to offer Tatsumi some but he was too busy being distracted by Leone to notice her.

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The team is split into two groups. One group who acts as a diversion and the other who has to assassinate Bolic. Mine is put into the latter. Afterward Mine and Najenda bath together and Najenda tries telling Mine that she should try to confess to Tatsumi before it's too late but Mine decides that it would be better to confess after the battle so that her will to live will be slightly stronger.

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Run ambushing the assassination team While riding the manta to the cathedral, the assassination team get ambushed by Run who kills the flying manta that they were riding on. Run attempts to shoot the team down while they are still falling but Mine manages to graze him with her pumpkin while Akame blocked the feathers. After they land on the ground, they are attacked by Wave who is able to fight all three of them at once. Mine and Akame managed to escape from Wave while he is distracted by Lubbock.

After a getting a decent distance away Mine ambushes him and sent Wave flying, effectively taking him out of the fight. Akame and Mine join the others, where Akame eventually assassinated Bolic. Mine was thrown through a hole in the ceiling along with the others. Several days later Tatsumi and Mine are saying farewell to Kyroch, where Mine tries to cheer Tatsumi up after Susanoo's death.

Tatsumi tries asking Mine what she wanted to say right before the battle but she quickly changes the subject. Mine kissing Tatsumii Several months later, Mine and Tatsumi are out hunting in the snow where she finally confesses her feeling to him however at first Tatsumi misunderstood her intentions telling her that he likes her too and that she's an important comrade.

Frustrated at his obliviousness she forcibly grabs him and kisses him. Mine tells him that she began liking him after he saved her.