Mrsa and dating

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mrsa and dating

The facts about MRSA from a Mayo Clinic specialist, along with tips for protection. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — or MRSA — has been a problem . Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of. 7 common sense guidelines for people living with someone who has MRSA. Is your family member, partner, spouse or husband an MRSA. Very thankful to the MRSA Survivors site for encouragement and direction. You may I have no dating life, and I am afraid of passing this on to someone else.

What can schools do to prevent MRSA infections? Athletic equipment and locker rooms should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. There's no evidence that spraying or fogging rooms or surfaces with disinfectant works any better than just focusing on frequently touched surfaces — such as wrestling mats, weight training equipment and locker room benches. What can athletes do to prevent MRSA infections? To help prevent the spread of MRSA infections: Use soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Clean your hands before and after playing sports, using shared weight training equipment, and changing a bandage on a wound. Shower immediately after exercise. Don't share items that touch your bare skin — such as bar soap, razors or towels. Cover cuts and scrapes with a bandage to keep germs out. Lay a towel down to act as a barrier between your skin and benches in locker rooms, saunas and steam rooms.

Follow the laundering directions on your uniform's label. Dry clothes completely in a dryer. Wash your uniform after each use. They continued after I left work. Because I am a Type 2 Diabetic, I was passing it off as my sugars crashing. I took my Metformin and felt fine. The next day was pretty uneventful until the evening approached.

I was visiting a friend when the chills came back. I drove myself home not what was happening. The next morning, I had an appointment back at the VA hospital.

Once I finished with the appointment, I went to the ER to get checked out. They did a culture in my nose. When they got the results from it, I was immediately told I was being admitted to the hospital. I had a degree temperature and tested positive for MRSA. I had no knowledge about the disease prior to that. But while in the hospital, I read up about the disease and learned about how deadly it could be if not treated in time.

I had 6 six different problems going on all at once including Sepsis, Myonecrosis, Cellulitis, Flesh-eating bacteria and Gas Gangrene. I witnessed seeing the skin tissue dissolving right before my eyes and viewing a portion of the tendon that runs between those two toes and back towards the rear of the foot, and a portion of the skin between the toes were turning black and blue from the Gas Gangrene.

I was placed on a triple cocktail of very potent antibiotics — Vancomycin, Cipro, and Flagel. It took some time, but it eventually killed the MRSA. I still had the wound to close up however. In the end when I finally got the wound closed, I only lost a portion of a digit from the toe next to Great Toe.

I was originally looking at losing both toes completely. My doctor consulted with others to get their opinion about my situation and they all were saying to amputate the toes.

I immediately said no to the idea. My doctor went with my wishes and I was glad he went with my mine. My thoughts about the possible amputation was that the gas gangrene could have continued to spread up my foot if that was done or worse. I know that since I have been found with this disease; anytime now that I am in the hospital as a patient, I will be designated as a MRSA patient and doctors will be required to gown up before seeing me. I am forever labeled as a MRSA patient now. Paul - 16 yrs - Connecticut I am 16 years old, thanks to God, my doctors, and my family.

I sat on the bench during the game and had ice on my ankle while it was raised. They the doctors quickly predicted that I had a systemic infection.

One day at work I suddenly was hit with a sharp pain in my chest. I thought maybe I had ingestion. Two days later I was paralyzed with pain on my left side and arm. I had three abcesses on my clavicle, i spent 43 days hospitalized and rehabilitation. I could not walk normal after surgery and still suffering from pain chest tightness, short of breath dizziness and nausea on a normal basis. I was confined to wearing diapers due to the irregular episodes of my stomach.

No one understands I am still fighting to get back just to walk a block without feeling faint. My Doctors go off how I look facially and not how I feel physically.

I don't go out only for appointments due to me getting sick.

mrsa and dating

I must have someone escort me everywhere. I can't work at this time because I cannot maintain being physically right for long periods. Im surprised to have found this organization. Darcia, Michigan - 45 Started on my belly where my pants rubbed. I assumed it was an ingrown hair. Then my arm started itching and more on my stomach and arms, and then one on my bottom. After a few days the burning, itching and the extreme tiredness finally took its toll.

At the hospital, they first thought it Ebola since I work in a restaurant and the boils were so red raised and boils the size of a golf ball. They put me in isolation and wore suits. Masks and scalpel in hand they cut them open, poked long looking cotton swabs in them for culture then drained them.

The pain was beyond even giving birth. I was wrapped bandages IV all the stuff you see on tv and more. There I stayed with IV dripping for 5 days. Doctor tells me I had it so bad that another 10 hours I would have fallen asleep and not woke up.

Needless to say, I created a super bug in my home they said. This is the most horrifying controlling and scaring disease. No one know what it is by me. I exercise and eat right. Take turmeric and other natural herbs. I eat garlic and kale. But never the less it still makes its way into my life.

Nothing more can be worse.

mrsa and dating

Please be aware wash your hands and be responsible. Terrie — 44, Tulsa After reading some of the stories I feel very lucky!! I developed a hard lump on my buttocks on a Saturday. I asked my spouse what it was and he told me it was a bug bite, to stop scratching it. Tuesday I met up with a few friends, one of which is a doctor. I showed her the lump and asked what she thought it was, she said it could be a spider bite or an inflamed hair follicle and would call in an antibiotic the next day.

By Wednesday afternoon I was in so much pain I could hardly move. It was all I could do to make it through work. I went straight to urgent care after work and found out I had fever. They cut into the abscess and packed it, gave me an antibiotic and pain medication and told me to come back in two days. I went back Friday and had the packing changed, although very painful, it was uneventful. We went to the same urgent care, my temperature had climbed to They changed the packing, gave me Tylenol, and told me to get to the ER.

The doctor at the ER gave me IV antibiotics and pain medication. After almost a week of the painful process of changing the packing material she irrigated the abscess and told me it no longer needed packing. The wound is still open and oozing a little but slowly getting better. I now live in fear of my next outbreak, especially since I have no idea how I got it. It rapidly became worse. After four ER attempts my husband was airlifted from one hospital to the next.

He remained in ICU for three weeks, underwent a surgery to insert a chest tube that drained one infection pocket that was near his heart. He was diagnosed with internal MRSA that spread throughout his whole body. It was in his bloodstream, all organs and in his spine.

He had infection pockets literally everywhere. There was no signs of external boils or infections. He remained in hospital for three months on Daptymican. His first time discharged we arrived home pulling up in our driveway and he was septic again. Once again, by ambulance he was back in hospital with a secondary infection. Two weeks later he was discharged. Now we are in September.

We learned to administer his IV medication by gravity flow and he remained on Daptymican until November To date March my husband has permanent spinal damage resulting in chronic pain everywhere.

mrsa and dating

He has endocarditis inflammation of his heart valves and still urinates blood. He lost 40 pounds and suffers from speech delays and memory loss. He was also having TIAs mini strokes for sometime. To this day we have no idea why and where this came from. There was no point of entry found. It has changed his life and now suffers daily….

Thank you for this site, I like to read other stories and connect as survivors. I had no clue why it just randomly appeared. Because by the next morning I felt worse than I have ever felt in 20 years on earth. I had no appetite, no energy, my face had covered in what looked like blisters over night and every muscle in my body ached and screamed with pain every time i moved.

For the next few days I attempted to just sleep it away. Barely moving and never eating or drinking. By day 4 I felt like dying but forced myself out of bed and into the world. Nothing had ever impacted my emotions and pushed me so close to suicide. This diseases messes with you mentally just as much as it does physically.

I cried every day for no other reaon than that i felt so sad. By day 7 my body had erupted into a canvas of tiny dots that looked like zits. I idiotically ignored them. Figuring they were skin problems that I caused by lying in bed depressed all day. However by day 10 the tiny red dots had grown into what looked like giant boils.

Still I stayed in bed, too sad to care. By day 12 the boils began to leak and ooze and shoot out blood and pus. Any movement was torture. My body was absolutely covered in sores. Mainly on my hips, inner thighs, and butt. I thought they were just boils, boils are common. For days i simply layed on my stomach, the only area unaffected, and wished I would die.

My family brought me food and water and forced it into me. They begged me to go to the hospital. And I almost let that kill me. DO NOT let this happen to you. By day 16 my immune system had given up. My mother found me on my bed unresponsive, barely breathing. She rushed me to a hospital where the nurse took one look at me and declared my condition an emergency needing immediate attention, or I would be dead in hours.

All i can remember is coming into consciousness every once in a while to a doctor draining my infected wounds or changing my bandages and administering morphine. I was in the hospital for weeks on a constant strain of powerful antibiotics before they even considered releasing me. It took me almost a year to fully recover from the trauma that this disease wrecked on my body.

After an experience like this, all i can really say is to please be careful. Never take any health issue to be a small issue. I thought I had a boil on my buttock that I ignored until the pain was so great I could hardly stand.

After finally going to the emergency room on a Sunday morning and spending six hours screaming while a poor intern from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX, cut into me and tried to excise and drain my wound. He wrote a script and advised me to visit my PCP two days later. I did and they called an ambulance. I spent six days in isolation with four surgeries in three days. I became the patient every doctor wanted to see. I awoke from one surgery to see an older man sitting in the chair next to my bed.

He looked like an undertaker, and introduced himself as Dr. William Furlong who is a resident of Virginia Hospital Center. I felt like a bug caught in a net. Long story short, I turned out to be one of the few survivors of that outbreak. When I went back to work, my colleagues were frightened of me when part of my tubing slipped out of the long sleeve blouse I was wearing.

When my supervisor came back from lunch, everyone had a bottle of hand sanitizer on their desk. I felt like an outcast, and for months people avoided me. I had a recurrence in April Now I am waiting on my second surgery after fracturing my cervical spine on July 4th last year. The final one will be in May. MRSA has made me feel my mortality, and my ongoing nightmare in the daylight.

But I will always have hope and will never give up or give in. Thanks for allowing me to share my story. The moral of my story? Never ignore your symptoms and talk to your doctor. MRSA is blind to age, gender or anything else that makes us unique.

I had mrsa 3 times while in the army. The first time I was in the field and I thought it was a spider bite on the lower left part of my stomach. I was so medicated I had no clue were I was eventually the truck command was frustrated he just drove pass me and parked. When I find them he told his guys to not talk to me like I was trash for not being able to stay and train. To be fair the hazing stopped once they seen how bad the infection was.

A couple months later after returning home during winter I was getting sick like I have never been sick before and then an infection on my arm popped up ,when I got it looked at the next day I was told it was mrsa. I explained that I had it before and they took samples from the infection and my nostrils.

It took a few days to get the test back. I rushed to one of my friends next door and had him take me to the hospital. There I was told that I had bronchitis and that my bandages had something to do with swelling. I was given a steroid shot and was taken home by my squad leader aka kinda like my first line boss. I hope there is nothing permanently wrong with me but if there is something I should be concerned about please let me know.

I hope this story helps or at least shows that people are not a lone when it comes to fighting mrsa. KylieTexas It was winter break of my sophomore year. I had told my mom it was a spider bite so when we told the doctor he completely agreed with me. He cut the wound open and sent me on my way. After a day i still could barely walk and the next morning i was having trouble breathing.

So i went again to the ER and i had developed an abscess. Which the doctor had also tested me for MRSA. The test came back positive. I was put on multiple antibiotics and painkillers because everyday my parents had to drain pus and blood out of my back.

It lasted for a total of 3 weeks and it was healing. I went to my normal doctor and she said it now had to heal from inside out so she packed it 6 inches deep into my back. After that healed i forsure thought it was over.

Boy was i wrong. They say it has caused her to have a mild stroke also they say she hasa small amount of vegetation in her heart. I just hope want her my mother Michele dukes in whoever may be reading this. On April 30, i was back in the emergency room with unbelievable pain in center of back. Kylie It was winter break of my sophomore year.

I worked as a janitor at a local factory. I cleaned bathrooms and took out trash, always wearing gloves. I washed my hands constantly. My doctors told me that my immune system was down because I kept getting colds and so forth but when your taking care of four young children and your husband works third shift seven days a week it is really hard to find time to take care of myself.

One day while at work I got sick at my stomach. That night I ended up with fever, took Tylenol and went to bed. I woke up at three am that night with a fever of and uncontrollable chills. I went to my doctor and he gave me antibiotics. The next few days after that I barely remember. I kept the fever and chills but also had developed severe stomach pain and a headache. My doctor called in a pain medicine which did not touch any of the pain I was in.

When my husband got home later the next day he said that I was incoherent and hallucinating. He checked my temperature and it was a little over He called my grandfather and they had to carry me to the vehicle to take me to the hospital.

I got to the hospital and they checked me in, they got me back right away and thought I had pancreatitis and gall bladder problems until I could not breathe on my own anymore.

Survivor Stories

I do not remember any of that time until I woke up with a breathing tube down my throat and a pic line in the artery in my neck. For the next three weeks I was isolated in ICU and put on two different antibiotics. I was on a breathing mask until they drained my lungs of fluid.

They then noticed my heart rate was up and they did a TEE and discovered that I had vegetation on my tricuspid valve in my heart. They then put me on two more antibiotics. I became allergic to the Vancomycin, so they switched it. They finally let me go to a normal room without so many machines or nurses soon after that.

At the end of that three weeks they did more blood cultures and they came back negative. I was relieved but I was not home free yet. They let me know right away that I would have to recieve IV antibiotics and by mouth antibiotics from home for the next six weeks. So I went home with a pic line in my arm and with the knowledge that I still had six weeks.

I got through it and just went to my last check up with the infectious disease doctor. They checked my lungs and heart all clear. Then they did blood cultures again and I am still negative but live in fear that it will come back.

It was on the side of my knee, and I was at the doctor 4 days out of the week because of it. I had no idea what it was. It started out as a small red itchy bump, very tender, then it got bigger. It turned yellow, purple, and white. On the 4th day I went to the doctor, they lanced the wound and let it drain and put me on the first antibiotic.

All of the boils have been on my face besides 2 of them. All the other 14 boils have popped up on my face. The next resort is putting a pump in my stomach to have medicine pumped through throughout the day. I pray for everyone who has suffered or is suffering from this horrible disease. HenryTN I had an aortic bypass surgery in because of blockage, they ran an artificial vein down the center of my body, down to my groin.

I was doing well, recovered from the surgery and then suddenly 3 years later I began to be sick again. When the doctor finally got me into the hospital for exploratory surgery he found my gut was filled with this mess! I was life flight end to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. They told my wife I probably would not make it thru the surgery! They found a quart of MRSA in my gut, drained it, keep me unconscious for a week, with my belly open to help me recover.

It was a long road back, lots of antibiotics thru ports and shots and! But I got thru it. Then in I began to feel bad again, my man made artery became clogged and the Vanderbilt doctors admitted me again and cleaned the veins out they did this like 4 times in the years between my first encounter with MRSA. The doctors said the only way I could survive was to remove a portion of my skull so my brain could swell.

They did that surgery and I began to recover. I had to wait about 12 wks before they would attempt to put my skull back. They had to remove the skull again! We waited another weeks and they tried to put an artificial skull they had made on my head. Not even a week later it was infected also so it had to be removed! I refuse to let they do surgery on me anymore.

I cannot go thru that again! Do I look strange, yes, a third of my brain is gone, part of skull but the MRSAa is either gone or dormant…. I will settle for that!

Living with someone who has MRSA - 7 key facts - MRSA Guide

I had just given birth to my first son via c-section. The hospital stay was great. I came home with my bundle of joy happy as ever. After a week I walked outside and the most unbearable pain hit me. I covered up and my feet were freezing. We checked my temp and it was Went to the ER and was told it was bronchitis. He took tweezers and took out one stitch and all u heard was gushing and the smell was horrible. He rushed me to the hospital across the street. Here I am with a child barely over a week old.

Come to find out it was MRSA staph. I was in the hospital for a week on antibiotics. I finally get released and I have wound care to go to. Plus home health that come out 3 times a week. Having to pack the incision and unpack the incision. That went on for 4 months. Finally got over it but still have regular staph flair ups at least 3 times a year.

All I heard the Nurse respond was that the Dr. Be safe everyone and May God watch over all of us International. Fred- 56, Michigan I had a total knee replacement in at 56 years old. I recovered fully and returned to officiating high school and college basketball.

Without any warning one day my knee became sore and within a few hours my temp soared to The next morning my original surgeon cleaned the titanium knee replacement, by scraping out the infection and replacing the plastic parts.

Five days later, while still in the hospital the infection returned. The doctor performed the same operation again. I began IV antibiotic treatment Rifampin and Vancomycin through a port and returned home but the infection quickly came back.

This time the doctor removed the knee entirely and put in a cement spacer. During the next eighteen months that same doctor went in, cleaned the joint and replaced the spacer seven 7 times. Each operation was followed by weeks of IV antibiotic treatment. I had several serious discussions with my doctor about permanently fusing my knee or amputating it above the knee.

It was very difficult on me my wife and my very dedicated doctor. However, two years after my artificial knee was originally removed, my doctor successfully replaced it. Incidentally my infectious disease doctor recommended that I stay on a daily antibiotic as a precaution but after five years of doing that I have stopped.

He now says that my risk of MRSA recurrence is no higher than that of any normal person. Together with a capable doctor and the right antibiotic, a determined patient should give it every chance to clear up before deciding to take the drastic step of a knee fusion or amputation.

I realize that every situation is different and in patients with a complicated medical history or other types of illness perhaps amputation becomes the best choice. In my case however I came within days of giving up but persistence and prayer can won out in the end. Tabby — TX My life was changed in November My daughter and I were by the water fountain at the community center park.

MRSA: Understand your risk and how to prevent infection - Mayo Clinic

All of a sudden red ants started attacking us from the ground. There was no mound, they came from flat ground. My daughter had bits and I had about 10 bites. She is closer to the ground. I cleaned her wounds and took her to the doctor, not even thing about me.

She was fine, but a few days after I had a little pain at the site of the bite. It was a pin dot size. I cleaned it but thought nothing of it. By the net day it grew to a dime size and more painful. I cleaned it and but ointment on it. Buy the 3 day, It hurt walk and it had more then tripled. I went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic injection and oral antibiotics. I was also given topical antibiotics.

The next day, it had taken over the top half of my thigh and I could barely walk. I went to the ER and was hospitalized for 4 days on IV antibiotics. To complicate thing more, I have chronic pancreatitis and had an attach in the hospital.

After I was released, I was on 2 antibiotics for a total of 21 days. I took care of her used gloves when changing bandages and cleaning, frequent hand Washing.

A week after that, I came down with a staph infection again. Did the whole protocol. It has only been about 6 weeks and I am once again battling yet another infection. The first infection they cultured after I was released from the hospital and did a nasal culture.

It showed MSSA and no staph in nose. They do not drain my abscessesthey just give me antibiotics and let it open up on its own. So no cultures done since the first infection, to see if it may be MRSA. I shaved everyday and swam in the pool and ocean daily. I had tiny razor nicks below my right knee. We came home and the area became very angry looking, knee was stiff, shin hurt, pin began to travel up my knee. I cleaned wound with peroxide and antibiotic cream. Went to doctor on Saturday, drained the abscess.

Doctor was surprised at depth of wound and the amount of pus extracted. Repacked wound on following Monday. Foot swelled like crazy on Thursday, emergency room visit for lymphoma in that leg.

I was out of town for New Years weekend. The emergency room in San Antonio confirmed that I did not have the flu, and I would get immediate admittance. They told us 2 days later that if we had waited until daylight 6 hours later I would have probably died.

The pain by the time I was being admitted from the abscesses on my colon, and lungs was tremendous. My heart was in Afib, and my white blood count was up to 41, and the doctors still were not comfortable I would live. They told me that I was so far gone that any movement could burn energy that I did not have. The days went by, I could not get hungry or eat and did not care.

I lost 50 lbs. After 2 weeks the World Health Organization was brought in and their help with the antibiotic cocktail slowly tuned things around. I spent 11 days in the rehab hospital where after 2 days I became anemic with I am 16 and got it for a military camp I went to a year earlier. There has to be some hope. I true to remain hopeful. One day there will be a cure.