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Explore Leslie Schassen's board "Harry Potter - Ginny, Neville, Luna and the rest " on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Harry potter world, Harry potter fandom. Apr 6, Evanna Lynch explained why Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom would not have lasted. May 1, Neville and Luna's First date and the happenings that take place afterward. . After seven months of dating, Neville had ended things with Luna. "Neville, I still enjoy your company and could never stop being your friend.

That boy was Neville Longbottom. Since the end of the war, Neville had grown into a handsome man, though he was only 18 years of age. He was in his seventh year, having come back to finish his schooling after the war was over. He had filled out, obtained a haircut suited to his face, and his teeth had finally straightened out, with the help of Hermione's dentist parents.

It wasn't these changes that caught Luna's attention though. She had fancied Neville since the year she joined the DA, since the year she had been able to spend so much time with the brown haired boy she was so fond of.

Neville, though having grown so much, was still oblivious to Luna's feelings. She would shyly watch him, and make small talk with him every chance she got.

neville and luna dating services

It was a beautiful Saturday and she decided she would finally make a move. She walked over to Neville, who was sitting at the Gryffindor table with the trio and Ginny. Luna sat next to Neville, who had become fidgety and nervous since her arrival at the table. His stuttering was gone, except when Luna was around, but no one seemed to notice that.

She loved the pond that she and a few others had discovered at the beginning of the Forbidden Forest. They had been swimming in it several times. It seemed magical in that no matter the temperature outside, the water was a comfortable lukewarm temperature. They had gotten special permission from the professors for admission to the pond and were even allowed a small boat, which had been built by Harry, Ron, Dean and Neville.

They all used the pond for different purposes. Hermione and Ron loved to go swimming and she would read and study in the boat with him paddling it around. Harry and Ginny had taken many dates there and loved to lie in the grass simply holding each other. Dean and Lavender went at night, after curfew and lay in the boat watching the stars. Luna and Neville had been there several times, but only in groups; never alone. This would be a first, if he said yes.

I'll meet you at the pond at noon. Bye Neville, bye everyone. I packed a cooler and a change of clothes Lets jump in, see how far it goes At She wore her bathing suit under her clothes, hoping they would get to go swimming. She had brought towels and a blanket to sit on. When she got there, Luna noticed that no one else was there. She had no clue that Ginny had heard her ask Neville to the pond and threatened everyone who attempted to bother them with a bat bogey hex, which she was famous for.

Luna laid the blue blanket on the grass, set the picnic basket on it and slipped off her shirt, revealing a yellow bikini top. It had pink polka dots all over it.

She laid back and allowed the sun to pour over her pale skin. She had hoped that this year she could darken her skin a bit, so she took every opportunity she could to come down to the pond and sunbathe. Ten minutes later, Luna heard footsteps getting a bit closer to her, and she leaned up, knowing it was Neville.

He had a certain pattern to his steps that she had recognized long ago. She seen him about 25 feet away, and her breath caught in her throat. He was wearing maroon swimming trunks and sandals.

He had no shirt on, and Luna seen the shadows from the muscles in his chest. He wasn't built, he didn't have a six pack, but he was toned. She thought he looked amazing. He had a gold towel draped over his right shoulder, and a small parcel in his right hand. You got my heart in your daddy's boat we've got all night to make it float Neville walked over to her and sat down on the towel.

Luna was amazed at the confidence he exhibited since the war. She supposed when you kill a giant snake with a sword, you have to feel a little good about yourself. I thought it might be nice to hang out without every one else. We never really get to do that. I think some hanging out is long over due.

How about we go for a swim before we eat? She slid her feet out of her flip flops and slithered out of her jean shorts, revealing the bottoms of the bikini. She didn't see the look Neville had on his face. He was in utter shock. Normally when she was here with everyone, she wore a one piece bathing suit. He had never seen her in a bikini, and was glad no other guy had.

Luna, not unlike Neville, was very well toned. She did have a six pack stomach, with a very thin waist. He had never noticed it through their school robes or the one piece she normally wore. I am too embarrassed to wear it in front of everyone else, but I figured this is a special occasion.

You look great in it. She noticed Neville hadn't moved, so she turned back toward him. She was standing very close to him, and had to look up to see into his eyes. He was looking down at her, his eyes filled with the same look Harry gave Ginny, and Ron gave Hermione. The whole world could change in a minute Just one kiss could stop it spinning Luna felt flustered when she realized he was leaning in toward her.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the touch of his lips on hers. Just as she felt his breath lightly brushing over her face, they heard a rustle in the bushes. They jumped apart, looking for what was causing the noise they heard. Looking around, they seen a bird fly out of the bushes and Luna giggled at the paranoia that clearly haunted them both at that moment.

She looked over to Neville whose face was a brilliant shade of red. He noticed her looking at him and turned toward the pond and jumped into the water. Luna made her way over as well. She couldn't stop smiling, knowing how close she came to getting the kiss she had wanted for so long.

We could think it through but I don't want to, if you don't want to The friends swam for a bit and then climbed out of the water and dried off. Luna sat on the blanket, followed by Neville. She opened the basket and passed him some of the food, and then took some for herself. She had brought them some sandwiches, fruit and some pumpkin juice.

She barely nibbled on her food, too nervous thinking about their near kiss. She wanted so bad to feel his lips on hers, but wondered if she ever would. She thought about it for a moment, and decided she needed to get her feelings out into the open.

It's not as if she couldn't handle it if he didn't feel the same.

Introducing Luna Lovegood - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

She had been through much worse with her years of enduring the other students teasing. We could keep things just the same Leave here the way we came with nothing to lose but I don't want to, if you don't want to "Neville, can I tell you something and have you not laugh at me?

I would never laugh at you. She had been staring down at her hands, fidgeting with the hem of the blanket they were sitting on. You are a very likable person. She realized that she would have to be more blunt about it.

I mean, I really like you. Even with his looks having improved, he still didn't really have girlfriends, nor had he ever had a girl approach him as Luna was. Neville stood and pulled Luna up, facing him. He slowly stepped closer to her and felt a thump in his chest at the closeness of the two.

Luna bowed her head, embarrassed of her admission of liking this man in front of her. She felt on of his fingers under her chin and felt him raising her face to look at him.

Her eyes stared deeply into his and found his eyes looking deep inside her soul. His eyes held the same look as they had earlier. Again, she felt him leaning in, and again she closed her eyes.

Their lips met and within that moment, a blur of emotions filled both of their minds. Luna felt her hands wrap up into Neville's hair and his hands wrap around her waist. He pulled her into him and felt the bare stomach pressing against his.

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They shared a moan at the contact and melted deeper into the kiss. They pulled apart slowly, and Luna fell into a meaningful embrace.

According to Luna Lovegood, here's why Luna and Neville were never a couple - HelloGiggles

She laid her head against his chest and felt the warmth of his body wrap itself around her. She knew that she could never get closer to heaven on earth. I got your ring around my neck and a couple of nights I don't regret After seven months of dating, Neville had ended things with Luna.

His explanation was lame to say the least. She recalled it word for word. I need some time to figure my life out.

She never understood what he meant, and he never elaborated. All she had now was the promise ring he had given her.

neville and luna dating services

She didn't feel right wearing it on her finger, but couldn't bear to not wear it at all. She slid it onto a silver chain and around her neck. Still, there are certain characters that she has a special affinity for and connects with the most.

Rowling has made it clear how similar Hermione is to her, which makes it all the more interesting how much she enjoys writing Luna Lovegood. While she's just as clever as the bookish Hermione, Rowling herself has noted that Luna is quite the opposite of the hyper-organized Gryffindor. Hermione's so logical and inflexible in so many ways and Luna is likely to believe ten impossible things before breakfast.

That admiration came before Lynch even filmed a scene. While Rowling had nothing to do with the casting, she did meet Lynch after she nabbed the role. The actor had plenty of competition, however, before she finally secured the part. Not a bad consolation prize. Rowling considers her "big seven. Luna quickly moves from curiosity to part of the gang when she joins Harry and his friends as they attempt to invade the Ministry of Magic and find Sirius Black.

There, she helps the crew battle the Death Eaters. Her knack for getting straight to the point allows the two character a rare bonding moment.

neville and luna dating services

The Potters were actually quite fond of naming their kids after loved ones, as all three of their children share first and middle names with friends, family, and one former enemy. Interestingly, Luna is the only living person to give a Potter child their name. Harry Potter fans, like most passionate fandoms, have developed a number of theories surrounding the franchise.

The first was the idea that the initial series would end with Luna getting together with fellow outcast Neville Longbottom. Though this would certainly have made for an interesting twist, nothing about it really added up, even before we met Xenophilius. For one, Luna and Snape couldn't be more opposite.

neville and luna dating services

While that could make for some interesting scenes, the theory never really had legs, as Luna tells us about her father running The Quibbler shortly after we meet her. That said, it's entertaining enough to spawn some good fan fiction.

Both the books and the films have shown us that Luna has a very unique sense of style. Both the last two and the first are also notable as they were made by Luna herself. One of the earliest interesting items Luna is shown to wear is a pair of Dirigible plum earrings. Looking like odd, orange radishes, Dirigible plums are said to enhance the wisdom of those who wear them, and also keep away any pesky Nargles.

When Lynch appeared in Order of the Phoenix, she wore a version of these earrings that she'd made herself. K Rowling used the characters of Hermione and Luna to analyze the permutations of intelligence. Her positive portrayal and agency have led to her becoming a hero and inspiration for many on the spectrum, allowing them to open up about their experiences. Either way, art and stories often take on a life of their own in the hands and minds of audiences.