Nichkhun and victoria really dating 2013


nichkhun and victoria really dating 2013

Posted 06 April - AM (Edited by aaliya18, 06 April - AM.) People just need to stop thinking of WGM as a real dating show and Khuntoria had really great chemistry, that made their scenes enjoyable. Friday, April 4, FINALLY THEY ADMIT IT. KhunFany (2PM Nichkhun & SNSD Tiffany) dating news shocked all fans of both groups. didn't write the story because Khun and Victoria were still on WGM at the moment. “Ottohke? with my condition now, I perfectly can't force myself again. I have to vacuum from | Tags: khuntoria nichkhun romance victoria wgm.

But actually Gain was with Jo Kwon. Dated May 29, Nichkhun and Victoria become a guest on the show Star Kingcoincidentally the time that they were sitting side by side.

Nichkhun is often a guest on Star King that timebut the day on which he sat side by side at Viche tweets from many times he were in Star kingthe day that Vic was there what makes him most nervous.

nichkhun and victoria really dating 2013

Khuntoria first time filming early June, June 1 at the 63 Building. They get a nickname of " Foreign Couple" because they were the first couple who are both not from Korea. Nichkhun from Thailand and Victoria from China. Their favorite food is samgyeopsal. June 7, Nichkhun replied the tweet from U - Kiss Alexander who uploaded photos where there Vic was also there. Because Nichkhun mention the name of Vic wrong in one episode and even calling Vic as KrystalVictoria finally got a pet name for the Pabo Nichkhun Nichkhun stupid.

Nichkhun buy a caterpillar doll for Vic and was named Ireumi. And they think Ireumi as their son. Nichkhun 's youngest sister Cherleen Horvejkul is a big fan of f x. In fact, she often cover fx's dance in many competitions.

After the first kiss at wedding photoshoot KhuntoriaNichkhun tweeted " TS: Jus Right - Robin Thicke. It's right there on your lipsand it's right there in your kiss. Nichkhun was once a guest on Strong Heart and told public how he attended the same show with Vic and give message to Vic to be careful because the stage was very slippery. And Wooyoung who were also located in Strong Heart is very jealous because he slipped many times but Nichkhun was not paying attention.

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nichkhun and victoria really dating 2013

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2PM’s Nichkhun and Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany Confirmed to Be Dating

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nichkhun and victoria really dating 2013

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