Online and traditional dating essay

Traditional Dating Vs Online Dating | It Still Works

online and traditional dating essay

In basic terms, online dating (in contrast to traditional dating) can be defined as . View this term paper on Online Dating vs Traditional Dating. Online dating does indeed have its own pitfalls As a matter of fact no approach to dating can be "Online. Online Dating Vs. Meet and Greet Online Dating vs. according to the web page sponsored by Media Wiley, “traditional dating has Show me the full essay.

Indeed, in the words of Hammerp. For instance, there are those who are concerned that this new trend in relation to dating will lead to "the demise of face-to-face interactions, widespread loneliness and alienation, and millions being lured into dangerous liaisons by unscrupulous people" Hammer,p. It is however important to note that based on the arguments I present in this text, the above fears are largely unfounded.

Some of the most popular dating sites include but they are not limited to Match. Satisfaction in Dating Using Online Means vs.

online and traditional dating essay

Traditional Dating Methods In some cases, finding love can turn out to be a frustrating and lonely experience. This is more so the case when individuals seeking love are faced with the prospect of rejection.

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Now, thanks to the Internet, individuals can approach their ideal soul mates in a friendlier and perhaps more familiar online environment. In such an environment, inhibitions and interruptions associated with traditional dating are conveniently nonexistent; meaning that even the most shy amongst us have an equal opportunity of finding love.

Next, it is also important to note that there is a need to accept life's changing realities. Unlike a couple of years ago, people are finding it difficult to engage in meaningful face-to-face interactions due to time limitations. Due to the need for career progression and other obligations of a familial or personal nature, people are no longer investing in meaningful interpersonal relations.

Indeed, face-to-face interactions which would have ordinarily offered individuals a perfect opportunity to interact and build meaningful relationships are becoming a rarity. This should not however be seen as a reason to avoid dating. Given the convenience online dating provides, individuals who do not have much time on their hands to engage in traditional face-to-face interactions can still find their soul mates online.

online and traditional dating essay

All that is needed to successfully date online is an Internet connection. Individuals in this case can therefore "link" late at night, in the early morning, or even during the lunch break.

Traditional Dating Vs Online Dating

Such a level of convenience is not available in traditional dating. According to eHarmony, a popular online dating platform, online dating is best suited for those who claim to be too busy for traditional dating eHarmony Staff, With online dating, even the busiest professionals can now date on their terms. The availability of personalized profiles in online dating platforms is yet another factor that makes online dating even more interesting. In this case, individuals are provided with an opportunity to set up detailed personal profiles spelling out their likes, dislikes, location, profession, etc.

Other pertinent information that can be derived from personal profiles includes the personal tastes of individuals ranging from hobbies to TV shows to favorite dishes. Unlike traditional dating, online dating takes romantic relations to another new level where interactions are not solely based on physical attraction. Indeed, thanks to online dating, individuals can now "vet" their prospective partners more vigorously before investing emotionally in a relationship.

Online dating sites are also improving their ability to correctly match individuals Joinson, Programs as Joinsonp. This is a process that would not only be complicated but also erroneous in traditional dating. It should also be noted that unlike traditional dating, online dating does not have numerous barriers in relation to the scope of people an individual can date.

As McKenna and Bargh as cited in Hammer, point out, thanks to the Internet, people's connections with each other are no longer separated by physical infirmity or even geography. Indeed, to some extent, online dating can be seen as an equalizer of sorts when it comes to dating.

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In some instances, common venues in which prospective soul mates meet are highly restrictive; that is, they largely limit the number of different kinds of people an individual can possibly meet. For instance, there is a limit as to the number of people an individual can meet in a church setting.

Further, those in an individual's existing circles may not possess the ideal qualities the said individual craves for in a soul mate. This is a challenge that online dating has effectively overcome. As it turns out, most of those who fear trying out online dating simply succumb to myths peddled around in an attempt to discredit online dating.

Others resort to giving weak excuses in an attempt to avoid trying out online dating. Some of these excuses have been explored in detail by eHarmony.

For instance, the dating site encourages those who would rather meet their significant halves organically to embrace new approaches in their search for love eHarmony Staff, Further, those who are fearful of disclosing their personal information to all and sundry are advised to opt for paid accounts which are less likely to make use of public profiles eHarmony, Measures Individuals Should Take to Make Online Dating Fruitful It is important to note that just like is the case with traditional dating, individuals must exercise a certain level of caution when it comes to online dating.

Indeed, many of the measures I spell out in this case also apply to organic or traditional dating. To begin with, individuals must exercise caution when revealing personal information on Internet dating sites Hammer, This would help protect against instances of identity theft.

Next, an individual should only agree to face-to-face meetings after being convinced of the character and personality of their preferred soul mates. Just like is the case with traditional dating, initial face-to-face meetings should ideally be held in a public place. Ideal public meeting points include but that are not limited to restaurants, public parks, movie theatres, etc. Information availed by people via their online profiles should also not be taken at face value.

One should attempt to verify such information by amongst other things asking the profile owners indirect but deliberate questions in relation to the info they have on their profiles.

online vs traditional dating essay

As Guadagno points out, it helps for an individual to look for inconsistencies in his or her prospective partner's communications. In the final analysis, it only takes a minimal level of caution to make online dating work out. It is only then that its full benefits over traditional dating can be fully realized.

Indeed, as Carter and Snow as cited in Gackenbach,p.