Ryan buell and sergey dating

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ryan buell and sergey dating

Lexi's POVRyan woke me up late last night and told me Sergey saw us. This is a story about Ryan Buell from PRS (Paranormal Research Society). John and Stacey are getting married so they are having a dinner tonight but I need a date. The one who doesn't ever talk or do much of anything except rub Ryan Buell's back when he's throwing up? His name is Sergey Poberezhny. Ryan Buell said on Facebook yesterday that he is getting married. been in a relationship with "Paranormal State" co-star Sergey Poberezhny.

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Inner Demons: The Sad and Frightening Fall of Ryan Buell

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They were angry, and they were fleeing. Over the last few months, Buell has begun to resurface on his Facebook page. In initial statements, he said that he understood that he had a lot to explain to his fans and that those explanations would happen very soon. And some of us waited. He would have made a politician proud with his wandering speech that never truly touched on any of the events of the last couple of years. Then, he posted that the following weekend, he would finally make the real statement and apology that his fans deserved.

There were no posts, and in my mind, this was by far his actions speaking clearly. We were getting no statements.

Ryan Buell And Sergey Poberezhny Dating - Ryan Buell Net Worth

There would be no apology. And perhaps, he thought we did not deserve one. And still, he continued to post that a statement was coming.

It was just never the right time. And then, a few days ago, suddenly I received a notification that Ryan Buell was live streaming from his page.

I quickly clicked on the video and was shocked by what I witnessed. His cheeks were sunken; his eyes were ringed; his speech was slightly slurred and he rambled in circles. In short, it appeared that Buell was quite high and had been for some time. I turned my attention, instead, to the comments on the live stream and there were two separate factions.

Some offered encouragement and told Buell they hoped he was healing and they were praying for him. No, he had stolen from them. Many confronted him and asked what had been going on, and once again, Buell deflected. This was not the time and the place to have that conversation, and by this time, many of us realized that the right time and place would never come.

ryan buell and sergey dating

Not, at least, until he was clean and sober and getting himself back on track. Over the course of a few days he would go live a few more times.

ryan buell and sergey dating

Each time he seemed to still be in a listless and drug riddled haze. Each time, it was a little more sad. And then, this week Ryan found himself in the news again. He had been arrested again, but this time the charge was assault. Buell was taken into custody and arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of simple assault.

And now I sit pondering what happened here and how I, personally, feel as a fan, a paranormal investigator, and a human being, and I have come to a few conclusions.

Ryan Buell Wiki, Bio, Married, Partner, Gay, Net worth, Height

For whatever reason, Ryan Buell is no longer the man we once loved and placed on a pedestal. He has broken countless promises and treated his fandom and colleagues with utter disrespect.

He abused his power, stole money from his fans, and has avoided taking any responsibility for those actions. I believe that Ryan Buell is an addict. I do not know his drug of choice, but it appears to be eating away at him and taking from him the very things we loved when we first met him on TV screens all those years ago.

Ryan Buell Wiki, Bio, Married, Partner, Net worth, Gay, Height

This is not surprising because that is what addiction does. Right now, the only thing that really matters to him is his next high. In a field like paranormal investigation, integrity is key. We face a veritable horde of skeptics and naysayers waiting to pounce on any example of wrongdoing and use it as evidence against us in our quest to prove that the unseen is real.

Each investigator is responsible for upholding this integrity and when even the newest among us fail in that, it affects the whole. When someone who is a prominent fixture, a name and a face that people know due to high exposure, the damage is multiplied a thousand times.

I hope that he does seek treatment and is able to address what has happened at some point. There are a lot of people out there who need closure and an explanation and I do not blame them one bit.