Sale brown and taurus dating capricorn

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sale brown and taurus dating capricorn

A Taurus and Capricorn relationship will satisfy both partners' needs. The two come from different perspectives as to where they are born in the. Some Taurus women can date someone for some time, and her partner feels everything is She is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces . . colors like cream, ivory, and khaki, accented by rich browns or luscious gold. The Taurus woman loves to shop, but not for her the rush and bustle of the sales. When Taurus and Capricorn come together in a love match, it's a practical, sensible partnership. These two Signs share a certain down-to-earth logic and.

To prove this to all the Taurus women and Capricorn men reading their own chapter, or any other curious Earth Sign couples, I offer the following example. I know a Goat named Steve not the Cappy jeweler mentioned elsewhere and a Bull named Debbie not the same Steve and Debbie pair referred to in the Libra-Aquarius chapter. The surname of these two is Atwell. Capricorn Steve and Taurean Debbie Atwell married and, to the average person, Steve and Debbie appear to be just a normal, ordinary, happy and contented husband and wife.

They are happy and contented, certainly, but their relationship has been more paranormal than normal, more extraordinary than ordinary. From the moment each of them was born, a cosmic plan was formed to draw them magnetically together—as happens with many lovers in the vibratory experience, whose Luminary and other planetary aspects are also harmonious.

Taurus and Cappy usually believe only what they can hear, see, smell and feel, tangibly.

sale brown and taurus dating capricorn

Yet, the Higher Angels of any two who are cosmically programmed to join, are quite persistent, and never stop their efforts until the starry mission has been accomplished. Like parachuters and astronauts, twin souls sometimes miscalculate, and land a few miles away from the astrally scheduled spot. Venus is troubled, but Saturn intones wisely—wait.

A couple of decades pass, as the lovers grow, miles apart, from boy and girl into man and woman. But no … stuffy, restrictive Old Man Saturn delays their union still longer.

Like love letters crossing in the mail, now the Goat has found his way to the city where his future wife was born—and she has found her way to the town where her future husband was born.

Yet they are still separated as before, except that their separation has reversed itself geographically. So Venus steps in, determined. For Venus has added a clever twist. Surely, now, the star-crossed lovers must meet!

The Taurus Woman

Alas, no … Saturn is ready to impose his cruelest karmic test. After delaying the meeting between the two for nearly another year how was Steve to know his boss was his future father-in-law? Saturn influenced Steve to leave. Saturn even tried to convince Steve at this time to move permanently to Alaska. Steve struggled with his strange restlessness Earth Signs are normally, nearly never restless and at last submitted to the melody Venus sang to him in his dreams at night.

Then, came the magical night of Christmas Eve, and the party. Yes, it was time.

Capricorn female Taurus male compatibility

Two shall be born…. An esoteric astrologer, carefully studying both horoscopes, could have predicted that unexpected Christmas Eve for the Goat and the Bull, when he was born, in Colorado—and when she was born, in Wisconsin. Only our Higher Selves possess complete free will over the control of events, which we may attain … touch briefly … only when we make contact, and thereafter communicate with—the Superconscious.

I trust this true example will loosen somewhat the esoteric sensoriums of Taurus women and Capricorn men everywhere who have this odd notion that they may exert some sort of sensible, earthy control over their love—its alpha and its omega—without heeding their dreams, which are the true reality, and listening carefully to the symphony of the stars. The natural chemistry between the Goat and the Bull, as with all influenced lovers, makes it appear that their romance will be velvety smooth and free of static.

The blessing merely bestows the gift of a relationship which can bear more strain and stress than most, because of the mutual sympathy of the Sun Signs. Tensions may be more easily resolved with less bitterness, the occasional hurts interchanged are less painful, and reconciliations are usually more frequent and successful. Taurus and Cappy are each motivated by the same thing—security. Emotional and financial security.

Yet, they do share a quality between them which is profoundly necessary to the strength of any human relationship—the quality of patience. And patience is a virtue which nearly always gives birth, eventually, to triplets—Devotion, Faith and Loyalty, those three magic wands of words that can turn a casual infatuation, based on chemistry alone, into the deeper and enduring emotion of love.

Another ingredient the poets and dreamers deem to be a requirement for the flourishing of lasting romance, is—sentiment. At first glance, the Taurean female may not appear to be brimming over with sentiment, but there are, nevertheless, sparkling wells of it within her for the right man to discover. Despite her surface practicality, it shows clearly in the strong attachment she has for home, her material possessions, old love letters, her children and her husband.

She will resist any major change stubbornly, even when she seems to agree. Nor does she easily adapt to minor changes in personal habits. For what is a desire for change but a lack of sentimental attachment to what already exists? Therefore, her resistance to it means the opposite—an excess of emotion for what is already, and what has been. And this is the quality of which sentiment is made. All right, so sentimental she is. But she is not soft-headed, this lady.

She knows what she wants, and will pursue it, in her own determined, yet outwardly unhurried and quiet way.

Why Taurus and Capricorn Are Attracted to Each Other

The Taurean woman is perfectly willing to wait, and not push things prematurely, a trait the Capricorn man finds irresistibly feminine. It embodies the ultimate in female sexuality—passivity—which hints to him of the subtle mystery of submission to the dominant masculine force. This will never fail to both please and emotionally turn on the always slightly chauvinistic male Goat.

Not to mention by her deep, throaty, musical voice—and her intriguing curves, all nicely rounded in the proper places, and designed for cuddling. Besides all that, this lady is usually a superb cook, and she has a marvelous sense of humor. But there are ways an astrologer can tell them apart. The Taurus woman will seldom burn up her carefully conserved energy in seeking either public acclaim or private approval.

Have they nothing better to do than live my life for me? Have they no lives of their own? They must be very frustrated and lonely. Conversely, the Capricorn man cares quite a lot about both public acclaim and private approval. Secretly, he wants to reach the top of his goal or dream, then move into a position of power, far enough away from the clamorous crowds not to be annoyed or contaminated by the childish behavior he observes all around him.

The quieter the Goat, the more intensely he inwardly yearns to get there first—with the most. Tell him that someone disapproves of him, and Cappy may shrug, like the lady Bull. But privately, he will frown, perhaps even frustrate himself into a good toothache or stomachache over it, crack his knee cap several times a week, or break out in nervous bumps.

Respect and admiration from business associates, friends, relatives and neighbors is vitally important to the Goat. Many emotions pass between this man and woman silently … unspoken, but no less deep and binding…. In their sexual relationship, she may sometimes unconsciously project a faintly condescending attitude toward him. The Taurus woman is better prepared for the intimacy of sexual union than the average Goat, because her highly developed senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching, in all areas of existence, also increase her ability to express her love physically in subtle ways.

His physical expression of love is intense and direct, and can cause the Capricorn man to be quick and unrestrained in his sexual desire, with little delicacy.

The Goat never finds it easy to express his strongest yearnings. A Taurus woman, when she follows her instincts, can help him free the emotions he shyly feels, and so very much longs to release. One of the unfortunate quirks of many Saturn-ruled, Capricorn people of both sexes is their tendency to expect love to be sad, somehow … … because of early romantic disappointments. Sex without love leaves the body cold.

Love without sex leaves the soul empty. Why should they openly display their hearts, or offer them for sale to the highest bidder? But when the Taurus woman comes along to tenderly touch his hand, and gaze deeply into his eyes, quietly … the Goat will give his heart away, willingly, to her. The Goats and Bulls reading this chapter have, I trust, learned not to scoff at Destiny and Fate, simply because they are intangible, unseen forces.

And this is far too frequently the fate of dogmatic Earth Sign men and women, in following the road to happiness. Darling had come in, wearing her white evening-gown. The practical side of a Taurus man will respond, with excitement as much excitement as a Bull can arouse to the practical side of the Capricorn woman.

Her affections are difficult to capture, for she does not yield her inner self lightly, or quickly. But he may not respond with the same fervor of excitement to her apparent lack of sentiment. Despite his feigned disinterest in mushy declarations of love, Taurus is the most sentimental of all the Sun Signs. It beats faster when he plays their favorite song, smells her perfume unexpectedly somewhere, or hears a laugh that reminds him of hers.

Her loyalty, in fact, is unmatched by any other female on the astrological wheel, once she finds a man she thinks is worth loving wisely and well. She can also be tender and funny and gentle and comforting, all those lovely, feminine things. After all, Capricorn is a feminine sign. But she does feel obliged to live down an action not based on good sense. To her, living it down, means taking her medicine straight, without whimpering. When she occasionally slips up, and allows her heart to rule alone, her head does not quickly forgive her.

She corrects her mistakes, then plods right on, along the rocky trail, seldom looking back. This woman is enormously practical, and imbued with a great deal of common sense. For example, very few Cappies become hookers or call girls, but their choice has little to do with sentimental morality. Because she is basically unadventurous, change can be a threat to her. She is more likely to get into a rut, preferring to preserve the status quo, so that any change that happens in her life usually comes from outside.

However, whatever experiences life brings to her she learns quickly from them and is unlikely to make the same mistake twice. Taurus is ruled by docile Venus, and is a passive, feminine sign.

Her appeal is luring, earthy sensuality and practicality. Her main challenge is to learn to share. Taurus in Love The bull loves treats and will respond to sweetness and light much better than to whips and shackles. A Taurus woman is true and steady and may appear a little undemonstrative. Nothing could be further from the truth! Remember that fiery temper of hers? There is passion lying underneath the calm and stable facade, she simply has not unlocked it for the entire world to see.

Taureans can sometimes be in love with blinkers on and be completely focused on their love life. Passionate and always tender, Taurus Woman is seductive and will pamper her partner both in the bedroom and out of it. She will take her time in a relationship and needs to be wooed. She wants to get to know her partner and will not commit until she is sure she has made the right choice.

She does get jealous, but only if really provoked. Affectionate and sensual, a Taurus woman enjoys the romantic thrill of courtship, but rarely rushes into a relationship. Her relationships may take quite a while to get off the ground, because she thinks carefully about all the ramifications of intimacy with her partner before she commits herself. Some Taurus women can date someone for some time, and her partner feels everything is going well, when in fact she may not have made up her mind. She is very generous with her partner, and although Taurus is known for being somewhat self-centered, she in fact often puts the needs of someone she loves above her own.

She is nurturing and cares for her loved ones in a surprisingly romantic way, given her logical way of dealing with the rest of her life. However, she has her limits, and her loved ones must learn what these are, and strive to never push beyond them.

The gentle, thoughtful demeanor they have grown accustomed to can transform into a driving force of fury. There is a composed, peaceful, and patient quality to Taurus that is unmistakable and irresistible to many.

In a pinch, Taurus will rarely engage in a messy argument, although she does have a legendary temper if completely provoked. Why fight with someone who seems above it all? She firmly believes that the best revenge is silence.

Instead, she seems to be a great listener. Taurus takes quite a bit of time to let a lover into her heart, but when she does, she can be unstinting. In fact, she comes alive when she needs to defend or protect a loved one. Taurus and Relationships There are few signs more committed and devoted than a Taurean woman. She would make a perfect partner for the right person.

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Taking it slow and easy, she will stay the course until the fruits of her labors blossom into the relationship she wants. This perseverance is noted in every aspect of her life, but it is with her lover that the Taurean will be most tenacious.

sale brown and taurus dating capricorn

She enjoys the closeness of relationships and thrives on affection and intimacy. The Taurus woman also loves being right and is usually too willful to change her mind about that, so you best practice the art of appeasement when required.

She is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. The nurturing ways of a Taurus woman make her a great giver in any relationship as long as her partner is committed to the union and makes her feel secure and protected. She can give the cold shoulder like no one else. She may seem quiet and subdued at times, but not when it comes to protecting what she claims as hers.

Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility -

Chances are, ten years down the line, those friends from high school who are still your BFF will be Taurean women. The bull takes friendships seriously, and she is constant, loyal, and devoted. In return, all she asks is that you remain as true to the herd as she is to you and all will be well. Taurus and Sex A Taurus woman is extremely captivating in the bedroom. Her lovers are often surprised by her virtuosity, expecting a steady, plodding physical relationship but finding an intense sexual being instead.

She likes her play times to be brightened up with conversations, and sly seductions. Taureans treat sex as fantasy land, a way of escaping from the more mundane aspects of life, and yet still manage to bring a whole lot of earthiness to the mix.

She takes pleasure in the warmth of physical contact, but her more adventurous side might require prompting. The Taurus woman knows what she likes and will make sure her partner knows exactly what that is! Passionate and always tender, Taurus is seductive and will pamper her lover both in the bedroom and out of it.

Sex with the Taurus woman is a deeply sensuous experience. Her appreciation of the simple pleasures in life, combined with legendary stamina, is a real plus.