South african black and white dating

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south african black and white dating

You may be wondering why falling in love with a white South African warrants an article. Well a lot is said about black Womxn who date white. My name is Lebo and I am a young black woman working towards with so many white men, mostly foreigners and couple of South Africans. I'm white, and my partner is black. The blatant staring and incredulity can be boring enough to have to deal with day in, day out.

My matric year was the tipping point. I remember being told I look like a maid by one of the guys at the hostel.

south african black and white dating

The same guy used to bring biltong to dinner and give all the white kids. When I got to university it all made sense. The wall was racism. I was drawn into them.

I loved comprehension in school and I was good at it. So you can imagine being a first year reading Biko's truth, it was like a found gold.

south african black and white dating

Even at University white people socialised with white people and blacks with blacks. There were those exceptions but not so much. I remember breaking down in class during a video showing how black people were terrorised during apartheid. What hit me hard was the stories of political prisoners and just black people who were thrown off 6, 7 10 story buildings and families were told they jumped.

south african black and white dating

I stopped believing in the rainbow nation because black people are still marginalised and white people are still defensive about the fact that apartheid benefitted them. I started building my own wall, my wall was from anger, anger from generations and generations of trauma.

I had no reason to trust white people more so a white boyfriend. But the worst was believing they were out of my league. See even though consciousness was activated. I still battled inferiority complex. When I met my boyfriend, it had been a long journey for me.

How South Africa is learning to live with mixed-race couples

I had already graduated from University and became a black radical feminist. I had already befriended many white people by then. I just never believed I could date one.

Racial integration still problem in S Africa

See the personal is political and the political is always personal. When he contacted me, he was not looking for love and I most definitely was not.

Dating a white guy in post-apartheid South Africa

One thing we shared in common was our condemnation of racism. It came from two different views though and unlike me, he could easily just stop speaking or acting against it, as for me, I have to face it each day.

south african black and white dating

One day we shared voice notes after chatting on social media for a few weeks. If she brings home a black guy on the other hand, he will have to do some proving before he gets approval of the family the more high social status he is, the less work he will have to do.

He will however have to do much more work than the average white male.

south african black and white dating

I remember Khaya Dlanga wrote something similar about coloreds having this sort of mentality as well. I also logged on to the interracialdating central website and viewed some profiles from SA its a site aimed at creating interracial relationshipsI noticed that nearly all girls there list looking for a white partner and a significant number even state that they will date white exclusively.

This was looking through black, Indian, colored and a few Asian girls. The only ones who they will have difficulty approaching and successfully dating IMO are Muslim girls but then again so will anyone who is not-muslim. Cannondale reserves the official juicy couture online. We'll match you can be tough to know exactly who.

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