Tovey and todd lasance dating

Who is Todd Lasance dating? Todd Lasance girlfriend, wife

tovey and todd lasance dating

Todd Lasance and Jessica Tovey photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Jul 15, For five years, Todd Lasance was beloved by Home And Away fans as bad Todd and girlfriend Jordan have welcomed their first child his five years starring as Aden on Home And Away, alongside Jess Tovey as Belle. Todd Lasance dating history, , , list of Todd Lasance relationships. I Love your on Home and away with Jessica Tovey as Belle and you paly Aden.

I never saw her emotionally unbalanced, either — she was a tough sort.

tovey and todd lasance dating

Eileen was always at our sporting events and had a sweet and gentle nature. She never hesitated to take care of us. She died five years ago.

Todd Lasance is wholesome change for Home and Away

My paternal grandmother, Hendrika, is Dutch and migrated to Australia with my grandfather Charles on a ship. Ma is still alive, and in her early days she was a nurse — a loving and caring woman. As a kid, I remember my grandfather building things in his shed. He made me a motorbike from scratch and my grandmother would come in, keen to see what we were up to in there.

My memories of my first kiss are pretty vague, but I remember it happening around the time I was in kindergarten.

tovey and todd lasance dating

It would have just happened quickly and been nothing much. As I got older I had crushes on girls at school which, looking back, were hilarious. I played every sport as a kid. The girls I found most attractive as a teenager were those who were outdoor types and active, like myself. I won't lie — I have always been a blonde man.

I went to a co-ed school [St Philip's Christian College, Gosford] and always felt comfortable around girls.

tovey and todd lasance dating

I guess having an older brother also helped because he introduced me to a broad group of male and female friends. It was just after year 12 that I had my first serious girlfriend — I was a late bloomer in that regard. We dated for three years. I had a very inspiring female teacher at high school called Mrs Pam O'Dea. I bumped into her a few months ago and told her how much influence she had on me.

She earned the respect of the students by giving it back to us. She always listened and talked to us like adults, and I remember being in awe of the way she approached everything.

Home and Away’s Todd Lasance reveals ‘harrowing’ fame game trying to make it in LA

If she had to discipline someone, it would always be with the right temperament. I never saw her lose her cool unnecessarily.

I remember telling my parents early on that I wanted to be an actor. Mum never hesitated and always encouraged me. There was talk of a back-up plan, but they just wanted me to be happy and follow my dream.

Mum knows how tough acting is. She once told me she nearly vomited when I performed in my first theatre show because she was so anxious for me. My mum always has my room ready and a cooked meal prepared for every night when I return to Australia from the US.

tovey and todd lasance dating

Then there was the sex-tape scandal involving Lincoln Lewis. The year-old filmed a sex act with a teenage TV starlet and showed it to cast and crew on his mobile phone. Has Home And Away's image been tarnished by the off-screen antics of its stars?

tovey and todd lasance dating

Let us know in the Poll Box below. Most recently there was the embarrassment of Jodi Gordon going missing after a bender with a member of a bikie gang. Gordon reportedly told police a quantity of cocaine had been consumed.

At the weekend, former cast member Bryan Wiseman alleged a drug-taking party culture existed behind the scenes of the show. So thank heavens for Todd Lasance and Jessica Tovey. Lasance's character Aden Jefferies is one of Summer Bay's most popular and his romance with Tovey's Belle Taylor has struck a chord with viewers.

Home and Away’s Todd Lasance reveals ‘harrowing’ fame game trying to make it in LA

Lasance has become so popular that he beat a strong field of contenders this year including Eric Thompson and Gyton Grantley to take out the Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor.

The year-old won widespread praise for his sensitive handling of a storyline detailing Aden coming to terms with being sexually abused by his grandfather. Aden only recently accepted and worked through his past to find happiness with Belle. In recent episodes of Home and Away, Lasance and Tovey worked through the drama of Belle's drug addiction and subsequent rehab.