When did andy and erin start dating

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when did andy and erin start dating

Over time, the office workers found themselves dating each other and Although they did share some cute moments, this relationship simply had no legs to stand on. This ridiculous on-again, off-again relationship started with a messy . While soome fans wanted to see Erin's relationship with Andy work. In Season 6 the two start dating, only for Erin to dump Andy when she found out he was briefly Erin and Andy stay on good terms while Erin dates Gabe. It's official: The Office is getting serious about an Andy-Erin romance. In the March 11 episode, the couple-to-be will finally set out on their first date. but he finally does,” reveals Office co-star-slash-showrunner Paul Lieberstein. in the coming weeks as pieces of Erin's backstory begin to emerge.

She grew up in foster families and has said that when she was younger "my hair was my room", i. It is hinted that Erin was brought up in a very religious Christian household, as seen in " Nepotism ", when Michael argues with the staff about nepotism and defends it by saying the Person God sent to help Earth was His Son, Jesus Christwhich Erin claims is a "really tight argument", and another example is in " Dwight K.

Schrute, Acting Manager ", when she is shocked to learn Gabe is an atheistand is even more shocked when he states there might be a God, but he does not believe it is just some "guy with a long white beard. Dwight and Andy both admit to being attracted to Erin, as does Ryan. She admires Kelly's casual Friday outfit, commenting that she looks like J.

Loand the two restart Michael's Cafe Disco after he shuts it down.

when did andy and erin start dating

The two also ride to Pam and Jim's wedding together with Andy, both listening to their iPods in the backseat. Erin also tells Michael she used to work at a Taco Bell Express but could not keep up when they turned it into a regular Taco Bell. In a deleted scene from " Mafia ", Meredith tells Erin that the office will always like Pam better than her, saddening Erin as she does not like conflicts. She also accidentally ruins Pam's painting of the office building while trying to clean it.

Later when asking Kelly to help her fix the painting, we find out Erin has a seizure condition—because Kelly demands her medical alert bracelet as payment for her services.

'Office' spoiler alert: Andy and Erin make it official!

Season 5[ edit ] After Kevin fails miserably as Pam's replacement, Charles Miner hires Erin as the new receptionist, whose first name is Kelly but the office decided to call her by her middle name, Erin, to avoid confusion with Kelly Kapoor. However, Pam is at first somewhat impatient with Erin's enthusiasm for a job she never took seriously and often dismisses her requests for approval by saying "it looks great.

For the remainder of the season, Andy awkwardly flirts with Erin.

when did andy and erin start dating

Season 6[ edit ] In " Koi Pond ", Erin is shown to be self-conscious about being an orphanand is attracted to Andy, whom she calls "the coolest guy I've ever met. Erin accepts, but then is disappointed when Andy tells her later there was no real date. It was "just a part of the game", though both wanted to go out. Andy later begs to get Erin as his Secret Santa. He gives her gifts based on " The 12 Days of Christmas ". Unfortunately the first four gifts are all birds resulting in harm to herself, geese swarming her car and an incident where her cat ate one of the turtle doves.

Erin Hannon

She asks her secret Santa to please stop. When asked if it is him Andy brushes it off, but later Michael reveals him and he is somewhat surprised to see her legitimately angry at him. At the end of the day, Andy has twelve drummers appear at the last part of the song.

Despite the fiasco of the earlier gifts, Erin easily forgives him and is seen enjoying the drummers and smiling warmly. Erin finally earns Michael's respect in " Scott's Tots " when she points out the benefit of the promise Michael could not fulfill to a group of underprivileged high school students.

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She eventually figures out Michael's idiosyncratic habits such as having ants on a log served every day at 2: She also tells Michael that she would like to be an accountant someday, even though she is bad at math. After Andy's massive effort for Erin's Secret Santa gift, Andy thinks that the "ball is in Erin's court", while Erin assumes that after Andy's last spectacular display involving a band drumline that he will surely be the one to ask.

Andy, in " Sabre ", then awkwardly confronts Erin about her weekend plans, revealing that she has none. Andy exits with exasperation, hoping that his "hint" would be sufficient for her to ask. Later, in " Manager and Salesman ", Andy gives everyone in the office a card for Valentine's Day to mask his affection for Erin. Kelly takes this card to heart and believes Andy is in love with her.

Andy makes it clear that he does not love Kelly, and Erin begins to realize Andy really does have feelings for her. In " The Delivery ", Erin shows a knowledge of horse racing history as she names the Triple Crown winners to distract Pam before she goes to the hospital.

when did andy and erin start dating

Erin later has lunch with Kevin after Michael lied and told Kevin that Erin liked him. Erin feels sorry for Kevin because Michael told her Kevin had the heart of an actual elephant. Erin later confronts Michael and tells him that she likes Andy. Andy's response is to snoop behind plants and spy on Kevin and Erin.

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Later in the same episode, Andy gives Erin a fax which asks her on a date. After getting confrontational about it, Andy admits that he wanted to take Erin on a date, which she happily accepts. Patrick's Day ", Erin and Andy are set to go on their first date, but Erin gets very sick, prompting Jo Bennett to tell her to go home. Andy decides to see Erin anyway by showing up at her house. The two enjoy watching TV together until Erin's foster brother Reed comes into the room and steals Andy's spot on the couch next to Erin.

when did andy and erin start dating

Reed behaves with Erin in a way that makes Andy uncomfortable, but when Andy gets ready to leave, Erin kisses him on the cheek. In " New Leads ", after Michael distributes the sales leads to rest of the staff, Erin hides Andy's leads. At the end of episode, Erin offers a cold Andy her jacket in a landfill where they share their first kiss.

In " Happy Hour ", Erin and Andy tell the crew that they are trying to keep their relationship a secret because of Andy's aversion to drama. This continues as they go to the Happy Hour with the other members of the Office.

After several uncomfortable situations in which they continue to try to keep the secret and a rather animated argument in a photobooth, Andy declares to the entire building that he has been on "two dates with Erin Hannon and they went well and there will probably be more.

During the lunch, Michael reveals Andy's prior year-long engagement with Angela, a fact which was previously concealed from Erin. When Erin speaks with Pam at her desk, a Keystone College pennant is visible.

At the end of the episode, Erin informs Andy that she needs some time alone from him. Feeling bad over the whole affair, Michael smooths things over a bit with Erin and has a talk with her.

And in " Whistleblower ", while the characters have not resumed dating yet, Erin does express concern when Andy tells her he is afraid for his safety because of the fire-catching printers, though he does not directly tell her about them and she agrees to distribute the "demonstration video" he made with Darryl if anything happens to him.

Erin warmly pats Andy on the leg and tells him she thinks he did the right thing, after he is outed for leaking the printer story to a local paper and everyone else in the office shuns him. Season 7[ edit ] In " Nepotism ", Erin reveals that Gabe asked her out over the summer. She only accepted because Gabe was her boss but eventually the two began seriously dating, much to Andy's chagrin. Her relationship with Gabe has been presented as boring and lame, as highlighted by her unsuccessful efforts to defeat him at online Scrabble and avoid watching his favored horror films in " The Seminar ", his long-winded Valentine's Day surprise for her that consists mostly of her bonding with Andy and getting a hand-kiss gesture in " PDA ", and letting the staff know she and Gabe were late to work because he fell in the shower and had to be rescued by the fire department in " Todd Packer ".

Gabe Lewis Erin and Gabe started dating in Season 7. The relationship seems forced, as the camera crew keeps asking Gabe if he's still dating Erin. Erin herself admits from the get-go that the only reason she agreed to date Gabe was because she was afraid he'd sack her if she didn't.

Nevertheless, Erin seems to want the relationship to work, going as far as to invite Michael to Gabe's place so they can get to know each other better. Gabe grows increasingly paranoid around Andy, knowing that there are lingering feelings between him and Erin.

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Towards the end of the season, Erin tells Pam that she can no longer stand Gabe and wants to get away from him. Erin dumps Gabe so she can have some space to herself, causing Gabe to have an emotional breakdown. Erin, Pete and their exes Gabe later transfers to another branch before changing careers. When Andy decides to spite Erin for leaving him for Pete, he brings Gabe back, along with Pete's ex-girlfriend.

This leads to a lot of unresolved tension coming to the surface. Gabe doesn't make any more appearances after that, impying that his employment was just a contract job.

He develops a friendly relationship with both Erin and Andy, though there are several hints that there's more between him and Erin than either would care to admit.

Even though Erin was still dating Andy at this point, she has begun to see that Andy is fairly obnoxious and immature compared to the younger and more grounded Pete. Once Andy comes back, Erin confides in Pete that she doesn't love him anymore. Pete tells Erin that she should do what makes her happy, to which Erin responds by kissing Pete. The two have been dating ever since.

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Pete and Erin's relationship parallels both Jim and Pam's relationship in the early series, as well as Tim and Dawn's in the British series. Erin brings this up and suggests that they double-date, but Jim and Pam make excuses why they can't and Erin drops the subject out of embarrassment. Dwight Schrute and Ryan Howard have also shown an interest in Erin at various points. When he introduced ger to the rest of the office, Erin reacted immaturely.