Dating pathe records for sale


dating pathe records for sale

Posts about 78 rpm Record Dating Guides written by mainspring popular books (including Recording the 'Thirties and The Pathé-Perfect Discography, Vol. . for ads and other materials confirming that Victor was on sale in some. Pathé Records were based in France and were producers of phonograph cylinders. In they began to produce phonograph disc records as well. Sources / Resources. Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/ obsolete/public_html/wp-includes/SimplePie/Parse/ on line Catalogue Pathé. Find great deals on eBay for Pathe Phonograph in Collectible Photographs Buy It Now . Antique Phonograph Cylinder Record Containers Pathe Salon x 3.


Later shellac discs were more suited to bulk hydraulic press production methods although Pathe continued the pantograph copying even for discs into the 's. In this plush, up-market set-up, one could sample any of the current audio delights - for a fee of course!

Rows of comfy easy chairs faced polished wood cabinets each fitted with hearing tubes, a dialling device and coin slot. A coin was inserted, the desired choice dialled and within ten seconds the tune was heard.

dating pathe records for sale

Not exactly, for underneath this opulent room was a cellar stacked with cylinders and dozens of fleet footed staff to locate and play the required tunes! The daily take was in the order of francs! By now the catalogue contained 12, titles. After all, Pathe always did like to do things differently!


But usually better too! In England their discs were marketed at 9d old pence each, which was extremely competitive. An air amplified version had the dubious distinction of blaring out the National Anthem on the route of a state drive by King George V in By this time however brother Charles had branched out into yet another lucrative market - that of the cinema.

But that's another story They required a special sound head suitable for vertical movement, equiped with a spherical tipped saphire stylus. The discs were initially label-less, centre start and ran at speeds of 90 to rpm. The last vertical cut discs were deleted from the catalogue around The label gives no details about the producer or the reason for the issue, and no catalogue numbers. Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the image. Addison An independent label from the late s.

Thanks to Robert Girling for the label image.

Pathe Records

This extremely rare British label is also one I know little about, other than it is from the Vocalion stable like Beltona, Guardsman, etc. It may have been produced for export only, judging by their scarcity. Label scan kindly supplied by Richard Johnson, from an original record belonging to Steve Paget. I'm guessing it was made by Decca or Crystalate, depending on the date of the pressing.

Adprint Frank Andrews in Hillandale News reports that these are 7" children's records playing at 78rpm.

Records To Sell? Here’s How To Grade Them

They were produced by E. Studios Aeolian Vocalion Aerial An very scarce label, Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series. It would appear that only one issue of 6 records was ever produced, and probably only a small number of each was manufactured.

It is reasonable to assume these were made for a specific client, such a shop, but to date, who this might be is unknown. They were available from to aboutand used mainly if not completely English masters recorded in London.

My thanks to Derek Kell for the label scan.

dating pathe records for sale

These records date from - and were recorded and manufactured initially by Vocalion UKand later by Parlophone The catalogue series was in a range, irrespective of the record's size. The majority of the records were of piano music, graded to match the examination of the Associated Board of the Rouyal Academy of Music andthe Royal College of music. Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the label image.

As such, I would date it to the early s.

dating pathe records for sale

However, due to the usual problem with digitising gold-on-red labels, I have had to mess with the settings somewhat; in reality the label is a much deeper red, more like the Edison Bell Winner of the period. Catalogue numbers were in a series. Ajax It is not even certain that these records ever appeared. It is possible that there was a delay and that the outbreak of WWI in August prevented any records being produced, as it is believed the records would have bee pressed in Germany by Berolina.

John Abrahams was a director of the company see "Invicta". A label scan or details of any records would be most welcome! Albion A fairly scarce pre-first world war "British" label actually produced by the German Beka organisation fromalthough the label state "Manufactured in England". Some may be found as label paste-over on John Bull records. As you'd expect, there's no Dance Band material as the label pre-dates that style of music, though some Ragtime music may be found.

The catalogue numbers were in a series. Alexander A scarce label from pre-WWI. This one actually states "Made in Germany" though the labelling is all in English. The catalogue series are the same as the Beka discs from whence the masters are all derived.

dating pathe records for sale

They started at 1 or ; the highest known beingthe Beka issue of which was issued in late Alexander were not advertised in the rade journals of the time, leading to suspicion that it may have been a "tallyman" label, sold directly to customers, like John Bull records. Allegro A product of English Decca, made for export to France.


The example shown dates to the early s, but I don't know for how long this label was in production. American Odeon Made in the U. The records were obviously double-sided, but had face numbers but no catalogue number. At this price, it is not surprising they are scarce! Thanks to Norman Field for the label image.

Anchor Phonogram Another German import from These were 12" records, presumably the equivalent to the 10" "Anchor" record above. Recently, the second style was found in Hong Kong, but nothing is known about its origins, despite the "British Made" statement on the label. The example seen by Frank Andrews Hillandale News was a 10" shellac

dating pathe records for sale