Rules for dating my daughter shirt nzb (Noticeable Phenomena Of UseNet) Part 1/4

rules for dating my daughter shirt nzb

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Admin If money is no object you like the finer things in life and creating ex. Mostcreationist works do not produce all of the numbers only the oneswhose values are convenient.

Emery is a comprehensive survey of experimental results andtheoretical limits on variation of decay rates. And of course Strahler covers the entirecreationevolution controversy including all of the topicsdiscussed here in a reasonable level of detail and with lots ofreferences. The fact that the process is probabilistic andthe exponential dependence on time are straightforwardconsequences of quantum mechanics.

See the archived feedback for February and April for additional examples. These generally include constancy of decay rate and lackof contamination gain or loss of parent or daughter isotope Br Back to reference to this work.

Dating age limit in missouri

Unfortunately the age cannot be computed directly from materialthat is solely from the Earth. Below is a table of radiometricages derived from groups of meteoritesOne might wonder why creationist authors have found it worthy ofpublishing.

The regolith averages about fivemeters deep on the lunar maria and ten meters on the lunarhighlands. In order to obtain a young age from their calculations youngEarthers handwave away mechanisms by which helium can escape. As shown in the table there is excellent agreement on about billion years between several meteorites and by several differentdating methods.

The safety and smooth running site makes it easy to meet people and youll find the process can be enjoyable and exciting And Herman J. Petterssons calculation resulted in the a figure of about million tons per year. Unfortunately the age cannot be computed directly from dating well wisdom for single adults materialthat is solely from the Earth.

Detweiler and an anon. He's not been seen since from that address - but beware: The person posting to among other places news.

Boxx and Blacknet show up in tmp 's constantly-changing. Since netcom folks are allowed to choose their own IDs, there's no real evidence that "tmp" is any sort of a guest account as some have postulated. Posted maybe as tmp netcom. Keep yer eyes peeled, kids - he may be back at any time, in any disguise Hangs out in the sci. Otherwise NASA will lose its viability. That wee should not permit!

Has been interviewed by the BBC, and broadcast Isn't that how time flies or crawls? Well, if you knock Earth out of orbit, the sky's the limit. Although it would be a darn shame if I couldn't spend a comfortable retirement in Florida that's pending for me in, ohh, ? I should take up horticulture while I can How Soon They Forget tm.

Yes, he may have moved on to "reorbiting Venus to make it a born-again Earth", but he began on a smaller scale, closer to home. Abian's work in the Weekly World News from time to time. Yes, the bastion of supermarket journalism has indeed employed our own Dr. Abian for what nefarious purposes I can not remember. But ooh, it was a doozy! Serdar Argic What a bunch of turkeys: Greps for "turkey" much as Kibo greps for "Kibo", and follows up to many appearances thereof with long rants about Armenian genocide as practiced on Turks, or Muslims or was it vice-versa?

Usually crossposts to hell and back, also. Widely believed to have been a script for auto-posting for Some Time Now. Can be sighted on soc.

rules for dating my daughter shirt nzb

If you really wanted to. The real Hasan B. The manual reposting of files containing canned replies, preceded by a custom-written reply-specific insult, could have easily been coded into a program whether or not the two Mutlus were the same person. Whatever the name, the behaviour is obvious. For a while a running joke was a weekly Mutloids analysis done out of Australia, which tracked the infestations, ranked the appearance of file repostings, etc.

Traffic was considerably higher for the two weeks preceding the past two American Thanksgivings, also popularly referred to as you-know-what day. RooT from anatolia has shown up to protest the group alt. Other recent arrivals are meltem rahul. May actually be a small group of people who have taken over maintenance of the posting script.

Because this FAQ includes the word "turkey", it may well be followed-up to if it's ever posted, although cross-posting to a moderated group may slow it down a bit.

Minifaqs with a bit of info are available, as well as the alt. Argic" by one of the people railing against the Uunet petition. Can be emailed to at cosa gold. RooT" showed up on news. UUCP may actually start going somewhere bit-bucket, most likely. Posted from among others sera zuma. Posts long strange posts on physics, consciousness, and metaphysics, many of which do not make much sense to practitioners of the above fields.

NZB - All News Items - Top of The South News with Jenny Pomeroy

Used to crosspost to hell and back. Can be seen in the sci.

A small collection of posts is available. Also posts on and off to sci. Jack Sarfatti is a physicist who posts on sci. He believes in faster-than-light communication through quantum effects and backwards-in-time communication due to the existence of advanced solutions of wave equations which exist mathematically, but I post to sci. He has done similar things to a number of people [note: I am not immensely fond of him, so I was amused when Kibo picked up on a recent post of Sarfatti's in which he mentioned the notion of "beables" as an alternative to the usual concept of "observables.

One has to read alt. Says that the rationale for the letters as mentioned in the Contrib. Hannu Poropudas Wanna see gifs of my daughter's theories? Posts theories about space potatoes, made up of combinations of positive- and negative-matter neutrinos, in sevens, to the sci. Had a leave of absence, due to his sysadmin responding to protests about his changing his userid with every post so people couldn't killfile him; he says it was actually because he told Scott Chase sci.

Has been "harrassed" by Ludwig Plutonium q.

Net.Legends.FAQ (Noticeable Phenomena Of UseNet) Part 1/4

Posts as haporopu freenet. The original UseNet "let's post Nazi revisionist junk in quantity and never reply to debunking, except by reposting the same stuff" person. One is reminded of the IHR people who attempted to take out ads in college newspapers across the USA, succeeding once [I believe; I may have this confused with the CODOH and Bradley Smith's ads, which have been placed successfully several times and laughed down many more times].

For a while, long ago, posted under a multiplicity of identities; retreated to only the Gannon one only when finally caught out. A mini-faq of gannon rebutting this entry, and several others rebutting Gannon, is available; eerily reminiscent of the "main event", without the negative connotations thereof Made 7 on the list of "most evil net.

Can someone give me a clue?? Gannon and the now dissolved organization he patsies for, the IHR, maintain the following thesis: That there certainly were no mass killing operations, no gas chambers, no gas vans, no mass executions in Nazi Germany during the period For example, they completely deny things like the Einsatzgruppen who wandered the countryside in Eastern Europe executing Jews and others, and certainly deny events like Babi Yar.

How over 30, bodies got into the same ravine, dead, in a few days is to them merely one of life's great mysteries, perhaps they all tripped and fell They assert that the massive deaths in concentration camps and similar both did not occur e. See, their theory is that it was Allied bombing that caused food shortages, typhus, perhaps the noise made SS guards' guns go off into lined up prisoner's backs, it's hard to know.

But it was all the Allies' fault, they're guilty of all the supposed Nazi war crimes. And no one died anyhow. How this happened years before any bombing of Nazi territory occurred is never quite explained.

Gannon and the IHR are closely allied with bona-fide Nazis and white extremist and virulent anti-semitic individuals and organizations. For example, when Gannon is not busy claiming contradictory rewrites of history he is often found typing in long tirades about how the Jews are responsible for every conceivable evil that's occurred in western history, including but not limited to the souring of milk and rain at picnics.

Seriously, it's your typical jews control the banks, jews control the media, jews control all major western govts, etc. Some of the folks he likes to quote have written such notable works as "The Hitler We Loved and Why".

He's also promoted the typical "Blacks have smaller brains than Whites" kind of garbage. There's more, but that should be enough for anyone who isn't two tacos short of a combo plate. Started posting again from maynard banished.

I am NOT a Nazi!!! This has been a Net. Collated from various people: Riley, alias Riley G. Although one of my personal favorites, especially after Bob Ingria over on sci. Most of the sci. He sounded like he must have gotten his brain from Acme, that's for sure.

He used to post letters ostensibly from The Amazing Randi and then flame, flame, flame away about them the letters certainly sounded like Randi might have written most of them -- they certainly took Riley apart.

Why Riley posted stuff against his own position just so he could make badly written! They're not really at odds. Also, Riley posts purported information about people both to show off and, in the first few times he did this, to imply he got the information psychicallyand to serve as an implied threat see his comments to me that he could pay me an unexpected visit because he knew my phone number.

rules for dating my daughter shirt nzb

It's the bully syndrome: And realizing that they can do him must drive him even crazier than he already is. Posts from psicop pipeline. What's this about James "Trashcan" Kirk? Generally crossposts, as a clue, to alt. Hangs out in a. A perennial high-number-of-posts stat-list inhabiter. Posts as thf2 kimbark. However, in typical afu fashion, our one recurrent loon is made up of two posters, who are rather harmless when separated, but who attain critical posting-mass when both have net access simultaneously Charles isn't a bad person, except for a few annoying traits.

Unfortunately, each of those traits has led to incredibly long flame wars because he will never, ever, ever admit he was wrong or allow a subject to drop. Thinks that decades begin and end when he declares them to have begun or ended.

I think he decided on this stance after he said that "The Battle of New Orleans" song came out in the 60s. When somebody pointed out that it was released inrather than admitting his mistake, he redefined the 60s. Unfortunately, snopes will also not let the famous "snopes vs.

Lasner" flame wars drop, so I usually end up dropping both of them in my kill file for a month or so when these things crop up.

Ted Frank is thought to be contemplating countermeasures. Mikkelson and cjl maestro. Ludwig Plutonium This newsgroup is contained inside a plutonium electron: A classic crackpot in the scientific sense. Believes that the element plutonium has a special significance in the universe, as well as existing as one atom at the center of his brain. Floats around the sci. Entertaining, once you get used to his style; his songs are actually singable although I wouldn't really want to try.

Is apparently employed as a dish washer, and has limited himself to 3 posts per day to the Net; is slowly posting "Ludwig Plutonium, the Chosen One" his massive autobiography to his newsgroup alt. Was off-net for a month or so for allegedly posting some sort of Jewish slur against someone who complained to Dartmouth, but apparently this has been cleared up, and he's merrily posting away again. Has Ted Holden got net access back yet?

He lost it when someone on talk. For those unacquainted with the Tedster, his hobby-horses were: God has been playing billiards with the solar system during the last few millenia. What really set Ted apart was the invective he indulged in against those who asked him to provide any scientific evidence for his claims well, actually, mostly just 1, there was some sympathy for his views on 2and the tired list of "astronomer jokes" he used to post.

Up until then he was quite a hoot. Now that Ted has to pay for net access, he apparently has no desire to post mega-messages anymore. However, no critique of Holden, the man, would be complete without an examination of his own considerable programming talents, as demonstrated in this truly impressive bit of code that he actually had published as part of an article in support of Velikovsky's theories: Holden and the C programming language Date: Tue, 13 Oct Ted has denied ever writing this code in this form, but admits the "while" loop; Peter insists that this is what got published under his name, at least, in Aeon.

Last I heard, both of them had retired from the fray to furiously dig through boxes of old magazines to try to find the Aeon issue in question The lurking horror at the bottom of the TCP-IP protocol; where the bits go after they hit the bitbucket.

I know there's more, but my backups seem to have evaporated However, by his behaviour and general cluelessness, it would be difficult to call him "larval stage", never mind "wizard". When he got roundly flamed over that, he changed it to "C and Lisp Wizard", and promptly demonstrated just how little he knew on either of those topics.

His sig mututated to several other "14 year old xxxx wizard" variants.

rules for dating my daughter shirt nzb

As well as the self-proclaimed "wizard" title, he always had eminently warlordable signatures - and the worst thing was that they promised to add his ham packet radio id later, as if this sig really needed something extra to make it just that much more terrible. I think he eventually got the hint and stopped calling himself a "wizard", but not before the phrase "14 year old xxxx wizard" became a catch phrase on alt.

Like all catch phrases, it had its lifetime, and now it's over, ok? No longer than a couple of weeks. Which is about three or four eras in Usenet. Drucker could go into the net. Where the normal response to flames is more flames e. Have to respect him for that. And Danny, er, Daniel, was only clueless for a week or so after someone first jumped on him. He'd been just fine for the previous month, during which nobody objected to his participation.

It was an interesting situation, sociologically speaking. A photo of him may be found at the URL ftp: Posted from xyzzy panix. This in itself would not distinguish him, but he frequently crossposts "interesting" articles from those groups, or from Weekly World News, or from aliens from the future who have travelled back to talk to him, into alt.

This if nothing else qualifies him for "legendary" status. Likes or possibly believes! I'm sure he's signed a couple of times as "John Winston", even if he was normally just "John F.

I've seen him posting to alt. Okay, we're ready for "John" I always love a mystery and there is one I would like to check out in New: Here is some information about it I took Spinich for two years in High School and a year in college, so I never have a problem getting around Mixico City or the Axetek ruins nearby.

Taos is best known to travellers for its excellent: Yet there's something strange going on, hidden behind the artsy galleries,: Whatever it is, it's in the air. Especially at night when the town quiets down: It is an ominous, low-frequency buzzing sound. The sound permeates businesses, houses, walls, windows and brain cells. Well then, "John", you'd fit right in. No one knows what's causing the buzzing and no one can tell where it is: The sound is everywhere and cannot be traced to its source.

Thinking that it might be part of a secret Air Force project, the town's: