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Library and tools to access the Microsoft Outlook Nickfile (NK2) format - libyal/ libnk2. Version, Author, Date, Comments. Date site proposed as SCI: Date site confirmed as SCI: Date site designated as SAC: No data. National legal reference of SAC designation. But, if I look at the modified date on onlineradiobg.info2 file, it has not been modified since 12 /3/ My first inclination was that maybe he had reached his.

The backup is made in the same folder of the NK2 file, with. Added more accelerator keys. Add new command-line option: The main window lost the focus when the user switched to another application and then returned back to NK2View.

How Do I Populate The AutoComplete Name List In A New Outlook Profile? - Intermedia Knowledge Base

Added support for saving as comma delimited file. Added new save file type - 'Tab delimited file - for Outlook import': Added new option - Add items from address book.

  • How Do I Populate The AutoComplete Name List In A New Outlook Profile?
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Added support for delete option. Fixed bug in reading some. Just copy the executable file nk2view.


If you want to view the AutoComplete list of other profiles, simply use the 'Open. If there is no name for this email, the email itself will be displayed in this field. Email - The email address that you sent. In order to view the real email address, select the desired item, and press F9 Open Item Details Window. Type - The type of the address: This value is internally used by Outlook to identify the address record. Index - Numeric value the represents the order of the address records in the.

NK2 file The first record is 1, the second is 2, and on Recipient Type - To, Cc, or Bcc. This value is updated according to the last time that you sent a message to the specified address. Delete AutoComplete Items Starting from version 1. After you delete the items, Outlook won't display them in the AutoComplete combo-box. However, before you make any delete action, you should always backup your. NK2 file, so if something goes wrong with the delete, you'll be able to restore the original AutoComplete list.

Also, while you use the delete option, Outlook application must be closed. Add AutoComplete items from your address book Starting from version 1. In order to use this feature, close your Outlook, choose the "Add Items From Address Book" from the File menu, and then select the items that you want to add.

Some users complained that their. Go to Start and type in: Arrange the items by name and by date. When prompted, overwrite and start Outlook with all of your autocomplete data.

How to Import NK2 Files into Outlook

NK2 file in the new Outlook profile. You may need this in the following situations: You re-create the existing profile. You delete the old profile and create a new one with another profile name on the same computer for the same mailbox. In general, you need to do the following: NK2 files and rename the new file with the name of the old one. Move AutoComplete cache to a new profile for the same mailbox on the same computer: Exit Outlook before starting the following procedure.

The names will be included in AutoComplete when you restart Outlook.

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This file may be hidden, so please make sure you are searching among hidden files and folders as well. You will see two. NK2 files, for your old and for new profiles. NK2 file for the new account to something different.