Best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

24 Too Funny Ex-Girlfriend Memes You Need To See |

best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

Check out the best ex girlfriend memes on the internet and laugh at your with their ex, or to bore their friends by continuously badmouthing the ex. see our ex dating other people and not joining a monastery after dating us. However, they are mature enough to be best friends me with my best friend dating my girlfriend - 1. At all ex boyfriend and i still has anyone. And how about when your bf or gf breaks up with you on your birthday; This meme's so good, we all wish we had thought it up ourselves, but it came straight . 9 When an ex ruins that song your friend used to love . You could care less at this point who they're dating and what they're doing with their life.

Dodging your ex in public is an art not to be taken lightly. Many have tried, but few have mastered it. Not everyone has the reflexes of an alley cat or can squeeze themselves under a booth in Denny's. Count yourself lucky if you've managed to successfully ex-dodge.

Tumblr Often the result of Facebook stalking gone right, sometimes you find out your ex's taste has significantly decreased since being with you.

Not to toot your own horn or anything, but you're pretty great and this new person they're with is a serious downgrade. If you were a nice, solid seven, this new guy or girl is like a five, and that's being generous. What's with their hair? And those eyebrows have got to go. Did they get that purse at Walmart or something? Seriously, though, what does your ex even see in them?

OK, so looks aren't everything, but they are something and that's better than the nothingness you felt inside when you were dumped. It's ok to judge people once in a while, especially when it means you get to feel better about yourself.

Anything for a little self-esteem, am I right? Tumblr The pain on this monkey's face speaks volumes. We've all been there. They'd play it when they wanted to get in the mood. They'd slow dance in the middle of a crowded mall when it came on. Your friend even thought it'd be the first song they'd danced to at their wedding, but then it all came crashing down around them.

Just like that, they were dumped like a sack of old clothes at a Goodwill. And now, every time Ed Sheeran's voice comes warbling through the radio, you need the strength of 1, men to subdue them.

It's like they get spontaneous PTSD upon hearing the first few notes of the song and just completely lose their minds.

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But, being the good friend that you are, you comfort them with ice cream or alcohol and let them have a good, long cry while simultaneously banning that song from their vicinity. Featured Today 8 When you get that booty call text Via: You've been broken up for over a month and then you get that dreaded two a.

Let me break it down for you. That's a booty call text. Any phone calls or texts after 10 p. Don't you dare answer! Your best bet is to turn your phone off to avoid the text notifications and go back to sleep. No one wants to backslide and fall back into an unhappy relationship, or even worse, become "friends with benefits.

Meme Creator What did I just tell you?! You didn't turn your phone off, did you? Nope, you answered that booty call anyway and got drunk with your ex. Things got a little hazy after your fourth shot of tequila. There may have been some strip poker happening, but that might've also just been the tequila talking. One thing led to another and then suddenly, you wake up, it's morning, and there's your ex, lying butt-naked next to you.

best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

As you try and piece together the events that led you up to this unfortunate moment, you make yourself some coffee and throw a blanket over their exposed body.

Life's full of moments like these when you don't practice self-control. Chalk it up to a learning experience and move on as quickly as you can. Now if you could only figure out how to get your ex out of your life as fast as you got them into your bed. Imgrum There are so many ways to get revenge on somebody, but most of them are terrible, terrible ideas.

The best way to stick it to an ex is just by living well, which lets them know you didn't need them anyway.

Ex Girlfriend Memes To Laugh At That Succubus

Don't mope around and let yourself go. Take care of yourself: Flood your social media feeds with positivity and all the progress you're making as you become a newly improved version of yourself. Sooner or later, your ex will peek their face back into your business again as they see how well you're actually doing without them. Some people are just full of negativity and want to drag you down to their level. They may even regret your break up and try to get you back.

Most people don't realize what they have 'till it's gone. Rub it in their face by simply being the most awesome version of yourself you can be.

best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

This is the ex that said she never wanted kids because she had a messed up childhood yet poked holes in all your condoms. Luckily, you insisted on getting the condoms out yourself and doing it with the lights on or you might never have noticed. This is also the ex that slept with all of her guy "friends," as well as a few of your former ones. Finally breaking up with her was the best decision of your life.

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Somehow, she managed to give 'crazy' new meaning. You really dodged a bullet there. Now she's pregnant and all you can do is laugh yourself silly with relief that it's not yours. That's what freedom feels like.

  • 24 Too Funny Ex-Girlfriend Memes You Need To See

Life is sweet, although you can't help but feel sorry for the poor sap that fell under her spell. Memepile There's always that one ex who just completely messes you up. No matter how long it's been since you broke up, the mere mention of their name drives you to drink without fail. You could just be minding your own business, socializing at a party when—bam!

Someone asks you how your ex is doing, not realizing you've broken up.

best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

You can see the horrified looks on your close friends faces as they struggle to hide the rest of the alcohol from your desperate clutches. No matter what they do, though, eventually someone will take pity on you and hand you a beer.

It's all downhill from there. Whether you thought your ex was the one, they cheated on you, or they just completely ruined your life in one way or another, alcohol is the only cure for what ails you. You could just take shots until you pass out or down a big ass bottle of Belvedere vodka like the guy in this photo.

best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

Relatably Let's face it: Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what you're feeling when all the blood in your body is rushing to your loins, especially when it comes to an ex. Were you even in love or was it lust? Sure, she was hot, but did she stimulate you mentally as well as physically?

If it's been a while, all of that doesn't seem to matter anymore. There comes a tipping point of desperation when you just want to be with someone, anyone, even your no-good ex. Anything to feel the warmth of another body against your own. It's a confusing place to be when it's been a while and your ex was the last one you slept with. Ex-Boyfriends, i broke up we barley talk to. San francisco school board president drops pledge of ex husband.

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best friends dating ex girlfriend memes

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