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free meetic dating

Meetic is an online dating service founded in November It became publicly quoted in October Meetic was founded by Marc Simoncini. onlineradiobg.infoes available to all is subscribed by 6 million members throughout free, members can make a profile and also. Meetic is a free online dating and friendship site and one of the largest in Europe having acquired in giving it an estimated 30 million members.

Profile pics of members may not be similar to the real member — there are photogenic ones and there are some who are not. One may search for members by using the following parameters: While membership is free and members can use most features, members can upgrade for: With members from over countries worldwide, Meetic.

Meetic - Dating app

What is encouraging about the website is that whenever a member logs on there are thousands of members online, while other online dating websites seem abandoned. Striking up a conversation at any time of the day in Meetic. It is easy for one to register at the site. It would also be an advantage for a member to complete their profiles as it means that they are sincere about dating.

free meetic dating

There are some individuals who keep minimal information; however, the more information is given, to more one is likely to represent himself. One can get an actual conversation with a fellow Meetic. Thus, they have to register for one or a few months. The website gives members various ways to communicate with other members. This can be via instant messaging or email. One can also request another member to contact him or her or vice versa. The one-month package is expensive.

The six-month package offers great value on the provided service. If one feels confident of finding in a short amount of time, the one-month package is ideal.

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If one needs more than a month, it is better if one gets the three-month or six-month package. Unlike other sites that claim to operate on an international level, the website boasts of a lot of members. However, it works for a reasonable rate and the travel opportunity to see new friends is a big determining factor for the dater. While the site has a wide international membership base, it is more established Europe.

Thus, most of the members come from European countries like Belgium, Italy, Spain, and France, among other countries.

Meetic Review: A Simplistic Approach to Online Dating |

Its membership base is somewhat exclusive. There isn't much you can do without subscribing to the website - which may be a waste of money considering that the site is not very stable and the selection seemed more centered on European patrons.

free meetic dating

Platforms and synchronization Meetic is a web-based application for online dating allowing nearly anyone with Internet access to browse the site - even if it's just for five minutes at a time. Screenshots Compared to similar apps As the stability of the website seemed questionable, there are far better alternatives that will allow users to actually remain on the system before logging out. As the same email address was used to register the account, there was no message detailing how duplicate email accounts were being used.

This is evidence that the email address was either being deleted intentionally or is not being saved by Meetic's website.

Meetic Review: A Simplistic Approach to Online Dating

As the address was legitimate, it is safe to assume that there is severe fault with the site. Pricing and license Although there was pricing available for membership accounts, the system closed the account before this amount could be ascertained. Perhaps other users may have better luck. Bottom Line Oddly enough, some of the links provided in Meetic. Unless you are able to remain in the system for longer than five minutes, not much information can be obtained.

Although there is support for American daters, the list of available people in the United States was negligible during the tests of zip codes fed into the system.