Cek kuota indosat online dating

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cek kuota indosat online dating

myIM3 - Cek Kuota & Beli Paket Internet screenshot 1 myIM3 - Cek Kuota You can add multiple Indosat Ooredoo numbers to your app and manage them all in. Cara Cek Kuota Indosat Ooredoo / Im3Baik Indosat Ooredoo atau Im3 sama saja, anda bisa menggunakan beberapa cara dibawah ini untuk mengecek sisa kuota internet. October 31, Date Added, October 31, Version, Manage all aspects of your Indosat prepaid or postpaid number on the myIM3 app - check balances and usage, buy new data, call and SMS packages, and.

Depending on the reach of Indosat Ooredoo's network range Depending on both device and setting applied Depending on the type of pack and service used.

cek kuota indosat online dating

Depending on the condition of usage time and number of customers using the internet access on the same location. Depending on the size of the file being downloaded and the condition of the website visited. Depending on the location while accessing the internet inside buildings, height of buildings, and thickness of the building walls. Depending on the quota selected by the Customer.

cek kuota indosat online dating

The price of the Super Internet pack includes tax. For Customers using Indosat Ooredoo's postpaid telecommunication service "Matrix" only the Super Internet Unlimited and Super Internet Kuota monthly packs are available with price of Rp 50, or above.

Using Indosat Ooredoo's card while abroad will incur the applicable data Roaming tariff. The Customer takes full responsibility on the usage of the Super Internet service pack selected, including but not limited to, the internet service accessed by the Customer.

The Customer may exit the Terms and Conditions by quitting the Super Internet service pack, in which case Indosat Ooredoo and the Customer agree to set aside the application of Chapter of the Civil Law regarding the termination of the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions were made, set, and executed under the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia. If there is a disagreement or conflict, it will be resolved amicably. The Customer herewith allows and gives authority to Indosat Ooredoo to use the Terms and Conditions, along with all changes, additions, or renewals, including notes, information, or data related to the Customer in any form acquired from the Customer for Indosat Ooredoo's requirements and interests of any kind.

A few things to note in the usage of the Super Internet service pack: The Customer will be charged with the basic per KB tariff if accessing the internet before receiving the confirmation SMS.

Indosat Ooredoo will not send any notification regarding the quota switch.

Indosat Ooredoo is not liable for any losses incurred by the Customer by using the Super Internet service, whether deliberate or accidentally. Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Bali and Balikpapan. To see the full list of Indosat Ooredoo galleries, visit: This mean each customer might have different offer from the other.

You can get special price for every purchase of selected data packages via myIM3 app starting August 21, for Freedom Combo and August 24, for Freedom Plus Which data packages can I buy at promo price on myIM3 app? The data packages that you can buy at promo price are Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus packages.

Are all Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus available at promo price?


Yes, all Freedom Combo and Freedom Plus packages can be purchased at promo price. Please refer to the table below for complete information on the promo price of every package.

For postpaid users, you can purchase Freedom Plus packages at promo price. The Freedom Combo packages are only valid for prepaid users. Is this promo price only valid for myIM3 new users?

Super Internet

No, the promo price is applicable everytime you make a purchase of any Freedom Combo or Freedom Plus package on myIM3 app. But, when you extend the package, you will be charged normal price I have purchased the package at promo price. For renewal of package, can I get it at the same promo price? No, for renewal of package you will be charged normal price.

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The promo price is only valid for package purchases. You will receive a reminder notification to renew your package informing that you will be charged normal price for the renewal. What about the Gift package on myIM3, can I get it at promo price, too? See More What are the special offers available on myIM3?

All you have to do is download and install myIM3 app. What benefits can I get from Free 3 Days 3 Nights package? You can enjoy YouTube and Instagram apps without using your main quota. You can get MB quota with 3 days active period.