The Lazy Technique to Marijuana

7:00pm Healthy Pharms, Inc., Zoning Petition, c/o Nathaniel Averill, Executive Director, Healthy Pharms, Inc., to amend the Zoning Ordinance of the city of Cambridge in Section 20.Seven hundred Medical Marijuana Overlay Districts by creating an additional Medical Marijuana Overlay District (MMD-4). By creating more opportunity to open this business. 3:00pm Town Council’s Ordinance Committee and Health & Environment Committee will conduct a joint public listening to on a zoning petition by the town Council to amend Article 22.000 by creating a brand new Section 22.Eighty Urban Agriculture, “to set up zoning laws for the operation and institution of Urban Agriculture activities and also to offer framework for the siting, upkeep, and any modification of Urban Agriculture exercise that tackle public safety and minimizes impacts on residents in the town of Cambridge.” This hearing to be televised. 5:15pm Town Council’s Neighborhood and Long term Planning, Public Facilities, Arts and Celebrations Committee will conduct a public hearing to review latest bicycle security and transit infrastructure metropolis planning, including, (1) town’s brief term plans for flexpost protected and popup protected bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge Street, Hampshire Street, and Broadway; (2) the neighborhood dialogue and planning anticipated around protected bike infrastructure for Huron Avenue and Pearl Street and; (3) City of Cambridge’s strategy to proactive planning and implementation of the Bike Masterplan in general.

5:30pm The town Council’s Public Safety Committee will conduct a public hearing to debate the evolving applied sciences with which the general public and municipality interact regarding public works points and emergency events. 5:00pm The town Council’s Ordinance Committee will conduct a public hearing to discuss the Municipal Lighting Ordinance. On page thirteen corrections and clarification that had been in the Planning Board suggestions were made. Marcus Johnson Smith, 1536 Tremont Street, Boston commented on the zoning suggestions that have been made. Also present was Jeremy Thompson, 418 Massachusetts Avenue; and Marcus Johnson Smith, 1536 Tremont Street, Boston. 315, Kendall Center, at various road addresses including 145 Broadway, 250 Binney Street and 255 Main Street for which the applicant, Boston Properties Limited Partnership, is looking for special permits pursuant to Section 14.32.2, approval of Infill Development Concept Plan within the Mixed Use Development (MXD) District: Kendall Center for a proposal to increase the Aggregate Gross Floor Area (GFA) in the district from 3,330,000 square ft to 4,273,000 square toes by constructing two new business buildings and two new residential buildings, demolishing two current industrial buildings and converting the use of flooring area in some existing buildings in a fashion that affects whether or not or not it’s included in the calculation of GFA.