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pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

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pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

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In Brazil's case, as the century has gone by, the coastal zone of the country has been the target of diverse forms of aggression as a consequence, principally, of the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental transformations resulting from the discourse of development. Notably on the northeast coast, vaunted as the "Brazilian Cancun" Spinelli,the strength of tourist activity as an instrument of development has become even greater, especially due to the extraordinary natural potential, geographic location, climate conditions and even due to the natural hospitality, which is so characteristic of this region's inhabitants.

This reinforces the argument of Endresp. The wake of this false logic occurred along the coastline of north-eastern Brazil, beginning in the s with a "boom" in the implantation of numerous hotel undertakings targeted on the leisure segment of "sun and sea". With the majority being incentivized by public financing, attracted by tax incentives and other benefits offered by government authorities, as well as by the low cost of land and labor.

This territoriality of tourism, according to Coriolano et alwas profoundly marked by resorts. Starting in the s a new "boom" began in the domestic tourism market, particularly along the northeast coastline of Brazil, by way of undertakings denominated here as Tourist Real Estate Complexes TRECs. Following this line, new spaces have been continuously constructed and reconstructed to attend to socioeconomic necessities and interests SELVA, Large international groups, principally European, migrated their investments to this new modality along the strips of the north-eastern coastline.

These groups found paradisiacal beaches and low costs when compared to the prices offered on the Old Continent, and an environment highly favourable for this type of investment, particularly because of the widespread use of this in the European market, due to the ever-increasing socio-environmental requirements on that continent, and the natural risks hurricanes and tsunamis of the Caribbean and Asia similar destinations and competitors to the northeast Brazilian coastline. Currently, all the states in the northeast have at least one tourism real estate investment being advertised.

This increase in value of coastal areas is characterized by tourism for the elite, resulting in diverse social, cultural and economic contradictions CORIOLANO et al, However, the surging forward of a new standard of tourism can now be observed, with it no longer occurring by the intermediation of traditional and residential tourism on an isolated basis, but now beginning with the union of these two models of tourism.

This new model, represented by the TRECs, considerably increases the possible financial return of the investors. However, in virtue of the results that have been observed, it also contributes, in a preoccupying way, to the aggravation of the socioenvironmental impact that occurs with the native communities, who are the traditional occupants of the spaces consumed by tourist real estate activities.

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According to Selvathe urbanization process that is a result of this type of expansion can be viewed as a process for turning environments artificial by way of the commercialization of natural elements, thus promoting a transformation of space. As much for Marcelino ; Silva et alas for Coriolano et al this development model rooted in the touristificationi of space can be seen as a form of social segregation as it expels native groups of people from their original places of settlement, promotes considerable price increases in property, and provokes opposition between the centre and the periphery, thus providing for the emergence of cultural, social and economic contradictions.

In this way, the incompatibilities between the socialization of the production of the space and its private appropriation are heightened.

The dynamic of the social and spatial segregation provoked by this tourist activity belongs to capitalism. According to Santosthe territory organizes and reorganizes itself many times, and in various ways, so as to attend to the production requirements of which it is the backbone.

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Methodological procedures Ample bibliographical and documental research in public and private files was undertaken using the transformation of tourist real estate in the Brazilian Northeast as the starting point. Consequently, a meticulous exploratory survey was carried out, having been identified 53 tourist real estate complexes present in the nine states of the Brazilian northeast.

Two states were designated for the on-site visits. Simultaneously with the field research into communities affected by the TRECs, photographs were taken, together with the undertaking of non-systematic observation and semi-structured interviews.

pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

Amongst those interviewed were: In total, people were interviewed in four stages. The approach that was chosen was qualitative-quantitative.

Pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

Residential tourism According to Demajorovic et al residential tourism was one of the main forms of tourism in development during the second half of the last century, principally in the Spanish part of the Mediterranean beginning in the s. Strapp demonstrated that this model of tourism was neglected by American and European researchers for some time.

Due to the dynamic character of second residences, and in particular the change in relationship between first and second residences, it has become difficult to measure and identify what in truth is a first or second residence Coppock, This conceptual difficulty of measurement justifies, including internationally, the countless conceptualizations and multiplicity of terms used in the relevant literature, for example, "second homes, "vacations homes", "seasonal homes", "weekend homes", "cottages", "recreational homes", "huts", etc.

Both studies were very limited. Vila, inand B. Pons, ineven though it was through a broader approach that did not focus on second residences. During this period, together with this change in the way that the theme was being approached, there was an intensification in more critical investigations, bringing to light the extremely aggressive way that the urban panorama of Spain was being altered by the rapid development of residential tourism.

According to Roca and Oliveira-Rocawho both highlighted the work of English geographer John Terrence Coppock, the study of spatial distribution and the conceptualization of second residences is not very common, adding to this investigative logic besides Coppock some important studies as can be seen in the following citation. Barkewho analysed the spatial distribution of second residences in Spain during the s and s; Deffner et al.

pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

Meanwhile, when the studies are developed from the viewpoint of the emitters, the majority come from England and Germany, who are the biggest purchasers of second residences in Spain. Researchers of other countries have also investigated second residences, such as: It is important to highlight the special attention given to the Spanish studies in this article, because as well as the fruitful production that has occurred on this research theme from this country, A Tourist Real Estate Complex TREC The term "tourist real estate complex" began to be used very recently in Brazil with the goal being to denominate the mega-undertakings that have begun to spring up through the association of the resort segment with the tourist mode well-characterized by "sun and sea" destinations second residences.

For this reason, it is common to see the wrong utilization of the term residential tourism or real estate tourism, or even second residence tourism, as a way of denominating Tourist Real Estate Complexes TRECs. According to Fonseca et alwhat principally differentiates tourist real estate and tourism in its strict sense, is the form of circulation, as much physical as that of capital, within the tourist business chain.

With it being common to have commercialization of the scenery, the utilization of the environment as a financial asset, and the consumption of space in a seasonal way. In this way, the TRECs can be conceptualized as conglomerates that, within their systematically organized structure, unite resorts, residences, golf courses, marinas and other leisure equipment in just one tourist product, and which complement each other to attend to the necessities of leisure and spare time, as much as those of the traditional tourist, as those of the residential tourist, assuming in this way, a fusion between the tourist element and that of real estate.

It should be observed, however, that residential tourism enters with one of the fundamental components for the existence of a TREC, namely a resort, which on the majority of occasions includes golf courses, water sports and a diverse infrastructure of services. Nonetheless, it can be affirmed that the necessity for the commercialization of second residences is the main origin of this new model of touristic undertaking, motivated principally by the constant and growing expansion of the real estate market for new types of business that are more profitable and attractive, particularly during the times of apparent crisis, as can be observed in the following citation.

The instability of the civil construction sector The necessity for the migration of capital from one sector of the economy to the other, as a way of guaranteeing its reproduction in moments of crisis, is one of the trigger factors for the marriage between contractors and the activity of tourism.

The model represented by the TRECs considerably elevates the possibility of the financial return of investors from this new segment. It is the association between resorts and the tourism of second residences that turns the TRECs into undertakings so highly desired by investors and entrepreneurs from the real estate and tourist industries. According to Canteras, Vasquez and Mourathe major difference between a tourist real estate product and a pure real estate product is the leveraging of value afforded by an element that has its own life, whether it is a hotel, or more frequently, a composition of diverse facilities like golf, tennis or a theme park.

The layout represented in figure 1 demonstrates how this leveraging of value functions in a TREC. The relationship for the leveraging of value in a TREC However, as Silva et al affirm, the environmental impact is considerable in this type of tourism, being produced by the exacerbated consumption of water, the extrapolation of the cargo capacity of the natural sites and the alteration of the surroundings.

pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

Due to the differential that tourist real estate activity has over the development of resorts and second residences on an isolated basis, the model has become hegemonic in the development of tourism in traditional destinations. According to Aledothere are three reasons that explain the rapid growth of the tourism-real estate model in Spain the country seen as the most important reference point in the world and where the model can be found in a well-advanced part of the development process: The second is the impossibility of finding land near the coast owing to the case of total urban contamination of the coast.

In other words, a mechanism that is characteristic in capitalist economies that allows for new ways to accumulate capital.

pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

According to Harveythese new forms of accumulating capital are a result of expansion and geographical concentration efforts, which easily explains the important participation of foreign capital principally, Portuguese and Spanish in the Brazilian northeast in this new type of investment. Evidently, after the crisis of there was a retraction of these complexes and "a reduction in the number and quantity of foreign capital inputs" SILVA et al,p.

TRECs - The New Large Estates of Northeast brazil The experience of the results with tourist real estate undertakings in Brazil is still in the very early stages of development, bearing in mind that until recently there had still not been any completely finished.

It is a milestone in Brazilian tourist activity in virtue of the amounts invested, and the repercussion and impact as a result of its implantation. Consequently, the northeast region has turned itself into one of the most sought after destinations in the world for the development of this new touristic model, namely of Tourist Real Estate Complexes.

In accordance with what can be observed in table 1, 53 TRECs were identified as to be implanted, or actually in the implantation phase in the northeast region of Brazil. Forty-seven of these provided information in relation to the area acquired for the implantation of the undertakings, amounting for In relation to the amounts invested, nine undertakings did not release this information.

pensamiento mercantilista yahoo dating

Of this total, Aerial view of the Ecocity Project, in Piaui. Every north-eastern state has at least one undertaking to be implanted, reinforcing the previously mentioned tendency for the migration of tourist real estate market investments to this region. Paralysation of the construction of the Aquiraz Riviera undertaking and the cancelation of the environmental licenses conceded for its installation and for other undertakings that incorrectly occupy dunes, both fixed and mobile, as well as the deflation plain in the Aquiraz municipality, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza.