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Although I did ask on those all those dates and you turned me down, what of this?" Naruto said to her. Sakura knew something like this was. Ask to become staff or submit stories here: [email protected] yahoo. com. Sasuke's back, and Sakura couldn't be more miserable. Long over him, she hates . Itachi Vs. Sasuke and onlineradiobg.info will finally get the showdown he wanted and plus Tsunade is very I AM UP TO DATE WITH THE CURRENT MANGA.

For someone who sees colors everywhere, he believes it was dull and cold. OrochimaruSakura Naruto - Rated: After all, she was his masterpiece. What happens when a group of new kids arrive at her high school? Can one of them end the dares? SasoSaku Naruto - Rated: In the urban decay of Konohagakure, an unwanted meeting finds Haruno Sakura tangled into the dangerous company of two criminals of the Akatsuki: Deidara x Sakura x Itachi Naruto - Rated: The Unheard Voice by cord's cry reviews AU.

Will she be noticed this year T - English - Drama - Chapters: As thus, she promises not to simply escape Akatsuki, but to kick all of their ass and walk out the front door instead. However, certain complications arise. The Fortune of Mrs Sakura by KalliopeStarmist reviews Sakura goes to a fortuneteller, who offers to let her spend one day married to each of her potential matches.

Of course, she doesn't realize that Lee and Sasuke are just the tip of the iceburg. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Captive by Clyde-chan reviews Itachi Uchiha has been captured and is brought back to Konoha. They're boring when they don't move. A windmill that is not moving can be nice from time to time, but most of the time, it's not even worth looking at.

Now, I want to move the windmill with the wind called the Destruction of Konoha All things with a form will eventually perish. I have eternal youth. The body ages, but the mind is immortal. In the grand scheme of time, you're nothing more than a trivial footnote in the brief history of a cluster of huts called the "Leaf Village"!

In time, the Hokage Stone Faces will crumble and be worn down to nothing There is a limit to stupidity! The title of Hokage is a piece of crap. Only an idiot becomes one. I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world. That's how I feel when I look at you. The petty mock battles end here. Starting now, history is made! When everything that you know and love You know how the game of chess is played The best cure is always the hardest one to find.

It's human nature that people won't realize the true value of something unless they lose it. I can sense your fear and desperation When we meet again, I shall be a stronger man. I mean, he is so cool, he practically glows with cool!

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Your Sharingan is obviously a gift. Then why am I able to beat you? A dropout will beat a genius through hard work!

I do not try to hide or disguise my moves. I do not have to. Even if you can read them, you cannot stop them. You are too slow. Your eyes may be quick enough to stay one step ahead of me, but if body cannot keep up, what good does it do you?

I am the valliant green beast of the Hidden Leaf Village! As soon as I said I wanted to be last It is a natural law You can throw a stone at a telephone pole time and again and never hit it But the minute you aim to miss, you end up hitting the thing dead center. I did not really want to be the final act anyway! Facing you so soon Let's sweat our young sweat together! If I catch 20 leaves before they hit the ground, Sakura will begin to love me. Guy-sensei, please let this work!

I get an extra surge of power when I know that Guy-sensei is watching me. If I can't do push-ups I'll hit the dummy times! If I can't hit the dummy times, I'll do jump ropes! Don't you know it is impolite to stare?! Besides, underage shinobi should not partake in the consumption of alcohol! Let us work up a sweat in vigorous battle!

There are lots of Narutos. Did I get drunk again? Curry of Life thread Please be my girlfriend! I vow to protect you with my life! My name is Haruno Sakura. What I like is looks at Sasuke or more like the person I like is looks at Sasuke and my dream for the future is Looks at Sasuke and sqeals.

If I fail this I'll be separated from Sasuke. This is a test for my love. I guess that means On that day, you taught me that solitude is painful! I understand that so well right now. I have family, and I have friends, but if Sasuke leaves Don't worry about it Naruto. Next time, we'll do it together! All I've been doing is watching you two from behind Now, get a good look at my back! If you leave, then I'll scream!

It doesn't have a real meaning, but can be translated into "Hell Yeah" "Hell No" or "Dammit" depending on who is translating it. The English version has changed it into "CHA!

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My choice is the daffodil It's a persistent flower that shows its beautiful face even in the blaze of the winter My absolute love conquers all! It's not scary to die I always considered myself I said I loved Sasuke But it's all empty words. So, this time, everyone This isn't meant for you! Women have to be tough to survive. A ninja waits until the time is right. When the enemy sleeps and drops his guard.

When his weapons lie forgotten in the stillness of the night. That is the moment for a ninja to strike. A blond kid with a stupid face who is around my age together with a man with white hair? No matter what darkness lies ahead, I will pursue that path. No matter what, I will obtain power! I only share one bond - that of hate with my brother. Let me break those bonds! Why did you come so far for me? My only goal in life I've never felt better! I've got your back.

I'll show you the true strength of Sharingan. I don't want to die! You know what they say, don't you Naruto When two Shinobi are powerful enough They read each other's thoughts, simply through an exchange of fists. Without ever uttering a single word Do you know my thoughts?

Can you tell what's on my mind?! This place is called "The Valley of the End. The only one who's going to eliminate him I fostered my hatred for you all this time. I've lived my life for one single purpose: I never want to see another important person die in front of me again. What the heck to you know about it? It's not like you ever had a family in the first place.

You were on your own right from the beginning! What makes you think you know anything about it, huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties. How on earth could you possibly understand what it feels like to lose all that?! It's too late for me, Naruto It's just too late. I'm not the same as you. I'm traveling a path the rest of you can't follow. I know that the four of us have worked together, and for a while I thought I could take that path instead.

But in the end, I've decided on revenge That's always been my reason for living I'll never be like you and Naruto. Unfortunately, you're not quite as special as I am. Thank you for everything. I have no idea what scheme you sand-village clowns are pulling but i'll stop it, no matter what it is. I was determined to become stronger while you were away on your training so I could show you what I've learned and how strong I became.

The whole time I was thinking this could be the last fight for you and I was beginning to regret that I never told you sooner…I love you. I'm sorry that I didn't go on any dates with you when you wanted…I was afraid of what some of the people were going to say. I also felt like I wasn't strong enough to be with you because you have always been stronger than me. She looked up at him, but Naruto had lowered his head slightly and shifted his eyes to the left and began to speak.

Tsunade!!! vs itachi or sasuke?

I knew when you were worried, but what I didn't know was that you were really worried about me and not Sasuke. I'm happy that we finally got a chance to be alone and for you to admit this to me. Naruto lifted his head back up and the Two looked at each other and Naruto saw Sakura had streams of tears running down her face. He looked deep into Sakura's emerald green colored eyes.

He raised his arms and placed his hands on her face and wiped away her tears. During my fight with Nagato I lost the necklace, it shattered into small fragments.

My concern is what if I lose control of my emotions and begin to transform into the Kyuubi again? I…I just don't want to see you get hurt. She had never felt this emotional before and wasn't sure what to say. She had a hard time getting a reading on what her yellow haired crush was trying to say. She said the first thing that came to her mind.

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She grabbed his hands and pulled them down off her face and placed their hands on her lap. I don't want to be alone the rest of my life or spend another decade searching for someone when I have you right in front of me. Once was standing up offered her his hand. Sakura grabbed Naruto's hand and she got up. The walk back was silent between both of them. Although they weren't speaking out loud they were definitely thinking at a rapid pace.

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Sakura's view 'I really want to be with him. I do love him. I did what I could. Even if he doesn't accept it I'm going to win him over in time.